Hugs, drugs and lies

Tasha is a drug addict and Tony is an alcoholic. Brought together by chance, feelings start to develop between the two. The only thing that stands in the way of their happiness is Tony's relationship status. But he's unwilling to step out of his comfort zone and tell both girls the truth. After all, you can't date two girls at the same time, can you?


5. Chapter four: Tony


I was late for school that first Monday back, not that I was in any rush to get there. Dad offered to give me lift. Normally I would have refused but he looked so old and sad that I said yes. He had 5 days worth of stubble on his face and a collection of bags under his eyes. I do have a heart you know. A very small heart, but a heart nonetheless. He swiftly bundled me into his old banana yellow Volkswagen. It is in the scrap heap now but at the time it was still working. I let him drop me off right outside the school’s iron gates. I didn’t mind because we were running so late that no-one was there to laugh at me. Even the late comers would have arrived at school by now. I slowly got out of the car, trying to buy time so that I miss the whole first period. No such luck. Dad nagged at me to hurry up because I had made him late for work that day.

I had arrived in my first period maths class. I walked in the open door and stopped dead. There was someone sitting in my seat, with their stuff on my desk. It was her! That girl from the alley. The druggie.

“What are you waiting for Tony Stevens, Christmas?” Miss Charles barked, emphasising each syllable in the word ‘Christmas’.

“There is someone in my seat Miss.” I replied. I already knew what her reply would be.

“Well sit next to her then. I can assure you she doesn’t bite” She barked in a sarcastic tone. So I rolled my eyes and trudged slowly to my seat. Well I say my seat; I actually mean the one next to it since my usual space is rudely occupied by the new girl. She introduced herself as Tasha Woodlyn, like I wanted to know. But it turned out that I did want to know. That day was a bad day. If I could turn back time, I would like to relive that day so I can un-meet her.


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