Hugs, drugs and lies

Tasha is a drug addict and Tony is an alcoholic. Brought together by chance, feelings start to develop between the two. The only thing that stands in the way of their happiness is Tony's relationship status. But he's unwilling to step out of his comfort zone and tell both girls the truth. After all, you can't date two girls at the same time, can you?


9. Chapter eight: Tony


What the hell was going on in my mind that day? Getting drunk, smoking joints and kissing Tasha. I’d never done drugs before and I had a girlfriend for fuck sake. I didn’t want to break Maisie’s heart. At the time she was the rock that kept me alive. In my head, I thought to myself ‘Tony Stevens you are going to put as much distance between yourself and Tasha as possible, it’s for your own good!’

So the next day I went to school and acted as if nothing had ever happened, no matter how hard Tasha tried to tell me otherwise. Do you know how hard it is to ignore an attractive girl whispering constantly into your ear when your other option is to listen to the details of a very boring two hour maths lesson on trigonometry? I’d take Tasha’s voice over that of Miss Charles any day. It’s a shame that Tasha can’t teach me the whole syllabus, that way I’d have no trouble passing this class. Tasha is a very determined girl; no amount of arguing would make her change her opinion of yesterday. At the time I thought I had done nothing wrong. Hello Tony you just cheated on your girl and put your whole relationship at risk, are you sure you did nothing wrong? Anyway, I was sitting in maths trying to concentrate on taking notes about what Miss Charles was saying. (Just so you know I am in bottom set for maths as it is not my best subject. I prefer art as I enjoy drawing). Tasha was nattering on and on in my ear about how she enjoyed yesterday afternoon.

“When can we do it again?” she asked. I turned to face her and whispered:

“You are not to mention yesterday’s events to anyone. Yesterday was a one-off, OK! I have a girlfriend if you remember.” But still she slipped me her address and winked knowing I would come back into her awaiting arms. It was only then that I realised it was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t got Maisie anything. Whoops!

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