Long lost twin

When Jessica gets pulled into a one direction concert and meet and greet by her best friend what will she find out does she start to develop a crush on one of the boys or does she still hate them read to find out!!!!!


2. chapter 2

My best friend is making me go to a one of there concerts.

It was so boring but the curly haired one kept looking at me!

"Know let's go to the meet and greet!" I glared at Daisy. I groaned but followed her any way! We got back stage. Daisy chatted with all of they tried to talk to me but I denied to talk to any of them I'm still mad at Daisy for not telling that we have a meet and greet.

When we got in. I saw my other best friend the one I have known longer than I have know daisy I've known her all my life "Tay" I shouted Tay turned around her eyes wide and she shorted Jay. Daisy looked at me and said Jay I looked back at her and being me I said only Shantez can call me that I then introduced then "daisy this is Shantez" "Tay this is daisy" they gave each other a death glare oh no this can't be good.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we chatted with the boys for a long time we got the phone numbers and they said we should meet up. There not as bad as I thought.

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