Alone ~ harry style fan fiction ~

"Hi" i said as i walked over "my names harry styles" she was beautiful i couldnt stop staring at her beautiful brown eyes.

"Um.. Kathy but i perfer Kat," she spoke with a shy voice.

"So can i sit?" She gave me a small nod. I walked over and sat right next to her. "So what have yo-"

I cant belive it i didnt belive what i saw. I was speechless.

"Im sorry" kat said her eyes were filled with water and soon they dropped.

"K-kat I-i" i couldnt speck i put my feet to my chest and hugged them i layed mu head down and started tearing up.


3. Chapter 2

Kats Pov

"Baby, did you harm yourself?" He said. I felt vison going blurry, my cheeks were pink i didnt want to answer him.

"Come here" he pulled me into his arms and hugged me his left hand was on my back rubbing up amd down while his right was holding my hand.

"Baby did you hurt yourself?" He paused "i-" i cut him off before he could continue.

"Yeah" i said i felt a drop of water fall on my hand. I looked up and his face, he was crying. "A-ar-e y-you crying?" I turned my body to face him he looked at my arms i hand cut up my harms down to my wrist. I had blood all over me, the grass was stained red.

"Kat" he paused but didnt say anything els. "Look at me" i shook my head "kat, look at me"

I looked up at his beautiful face "why?" He said "why would you do this? Who caused this to happen? Why you?" His voice cracked.

"I-i. I" i couldnt find what to say so instead i said "its okay. Im fine dont worry"

"What the fuck do you mean dont worry!" His voice rose a little bit. "Kat you are beautiful smart funny so why would you? Please i want to help you"

I sat there quiet not knowing what to say

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