Alone ~ harry style fan fiction ~

"Hi" i said as i walked over "my names harry styles" she was beautiful i couldnt stop staring at her beautiful brown eyes.

"Um.. Kathy but i perfer Kat," she spoke with a shy voice.

"So can i sit?" She gave me a small nod. I walked over and sat right next to her. "So what have yo-"

I cant belive it i didnt belive what i saw. I was speechless.

"Im sorry" kat said her eyes were filled with water and soon they dropped.

"K-kat I-i" i couldnt speck i put my feet to my chest and hugged them i layed mu head down and started tearing up.


2. Chapter 1

Harrys Pov

"Harry? Are you in the kitchen?" I heard my mum call.

"Yeah mum i down here" i paused waiting for a reply. No answer i quicklet got my phone and ran up stairs to her room. "Mum?"

"Harry *cough* can you *cough* go to the *cough cough cough* ge-" i cut her off knowing she wanted her pills.

"Um.. Mum?" I said quietly as i looked for the pills. "Where a- nevermind" i took them there were only too left enought for tonight. I grabbed a bottled water and handed her the pills.

"Thank you harry *cough* i dont *cough* know what id do without you" she said.

"Mum ima head down to the pharmacy and get more pills you just ran out" she noded "Gemma!" I yelled

"Yes hazz?" She quickly came to my mums room .

"Will you watch over our mum ima go to the pharmacy" she gave me a warm smile and enterd the room. I walked over to my mum and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead "youll get better. I promise"

I was out my mums room before i heard "haz? Be careful okay?" I noded.

I walked down stairs and grabbed my keys along with my bottled water. Then walked out the door closing it behind me. 'Snif' smells so good out here. The sun is shining so bright todays gunna be a good day.

I walked towards my car and opened it entering to drivers side. I put the key in ignition "shit!" I cussed "not today" my car died.

'Hey i might be home a little late my car just died and i guess ima have to walk to the pharmacy' x.h

'Ha ha today is just not your dayxD'

'O by the way mum fell asleep N she doesnt need another pill till tommrow so why dont you go out.'

'Me go out? With my mum sick nd all? Ha no thxs' x.h

'Comon hazz ill take care of her.. Plud u hvnt gone out in a week go have fun ill take care of her. Promise'

'Okay thxs!!' X.h

I then took my phone and presse on contacts, clicking on lou ring ring ring

"Hey mate whats up?" Lou said

"Can i come over?" I asked

"Ha. Wow thats wierd we were 'bout to call you and ask if youd wanna hang out. But yeah come over!" Lou said

"At your place?" I asked

"Yeah niall and liam are already here" he said

"Where's za-" i shut up i looked across at a medow i had a beautiful view i remember going there once when i got upset.

"Mate?" Lou said

"Ill call you back ima check something out" i heard lou chuckle thinking it was a girl.

"K mate call me later okay?" Lou replied

"Yeah bye" i hing up and put my phone in my pocket. I waled over to the tree "dam the view is exacly as i left it" i chuckled.

"Who are you?" A stern voice said

"Shit." I turned around "oh god you scared me"

"Who are you?" She asked again

"Um harry styles?" I smiled and extended my arm

She looked at my arm but didnt shake it "styles huh?"

"Yup" i said proudly

"Well styles what are you doing here?" She asked

"Just came to visit" i said

"Well dont" she rushed

I turned around and moved by the tree, she looked a bit unconfortable. "Is something wrong miss?"

"Move. Away. From. The. Tree" she said

I stood up and put my hands up in surender. Soon i saw her gaze fall to the ground near the tree. I looked at the tree towards where she looked there was blood?

"What the fuck?" I spat "what happened?!"

"Go. Away" she said calmly

"But.. D-did Y-you k-kill someone?" I managed to get the words outa my mouth

"Um? No" she said

I walked toward her grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her ledding outa the meadow.

"What do you think your doing!" She spat

"We need to leave comeone" i pulled on her wrist

"Ow" she whinced

"Omg im sorry i didnt mean to hurt you" i said

She looked at her wrist and she soon looked scared. "Its fine"

"No im sorry i didnt mean to hu-" i got cut off

"Just leave it" i couldnt notice that she wont stop looking at my hand

"What ate yo-" i looked at the palms of my hand "b-blood?"

She looked at the ground she looked ashamed. I walked toward her and we were face to face i pulled her chin up to meet my gaze. She looked sad tired and hopeful.

"Baby, did you harm yourself?" I asked

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