Alone ~ harry style fan fiction ~

"Hi" i said as i walked over "my names harry styles" she was beautiful i couldnt stop staring at her beautiful brown eyes.

"Um.. Kathy but i perfer Kat," she spoke with a shy voice.

"So can i sit?" She gave me a small nod. I walked over and sat right next to her. "So what have yo-"

I cant belive it i didnt belive what i saw. I was speechless.

"Im sorry" kat said her eyes were filled with water and soon they dropped.

"K-kat I-i" i couldnt speck i put my feet to my chest and hugged them i layed mu head down and started tearing up.


1. Hey!!

Hi!!! So if youve read the blurb yey!!

Um so I dont know if i should continue with this story? Or should I?

Id love it if youd all comment!!

Well thank you!!

Enjoy the first chapter!!


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