I make you stay cause if you go i'm nothing but a goner
(a harry styles dark fanfiction)


4. //chapter4//

harry's pov she wraps her arms around me i'm shocked but it's so comforting that i can't stop her i put my head in her arms smelling her perfume she smells like jellygum "hey lisa i'm still starving" she chuckles and goes back to her seat i don't know what is wrong with me after what happend to holly i didn't talk to anyone about it and now here i am talking with a girl that i crashed 3 weeks ago and all i know about her is that her name is lisa and her mother is a heartless bitch and i was chasing her for 3 weeks "how did you know that i was there any way?" she asks just like she's reading my mind i spit back my juice back to my glass and i look at her pretty eyes oh cause i am a creep who is chasing you since 3 weeks ago "just bye accident" i chose to lie "oh.." she simply answers " is your house around?" she chews her egg god why does she have to look so gorgeos "yeah kinda" i murmur "what do you mean KINDA ?" she asks lots of questions "it's about 4 kms from your house" she looks at me confused "how do you know where my house is?" god damn my toung " the day that i crashed you i chased you"i say trying to stay calm and not look at her eyes "what?why?'' she giggels where is the fucking humor that I can't find? " because your mother was acting like she's going to leave you in the bin " her smile fades "you were heard her didn't you?"she sounds ashamed "don't worry i know how does it feel the diffrance is your mother is a bitch and my father is a dick" i half laugh " i loved my dad a lot" her eyes are getting wet "is he dead?" she nods " 2 mounths ago" she gives me a smile and eats the last bit of bacon "you haven't eaten anything" she points at my plate "i'm fine" i leave some money on the table and stand " are you ready to go home?" she looks at me and then at ground "indeed i don't want to spend the day with my mom"she murmurs "you can go thanks for the breakfast " she gives me the prettiest smile i have ever seen in my life " do you wan't to see something ?" her smile grows wilder and she looks at me "yeah?" she stands and i lean her to my car i open the passenger seat and she gets in the car and i do the same "so where are we going?" she says her silly but still gorgeos smile doesn't leave her face " be patient love " i grin wait did i call her love? what the hell is going on "well i'm a bit curious " her soft voice fills the car "are you in university or something"she asks "not actually" i try to hide my fear one more time "so what do you do?" oh honey indeed i bit the shit out of people and rich people bet on me and if i let them win then they pay me alot nice job isn't it? " i'm a couch ....kinda" i chose to lie once more "oh wich sport?" mmmm....hitinf people untill they can't stand up "boxing" i somehow lie this time "oh....so your dangerous i think " i know she's joking but in reality i know that she's right "here we are" i stop in front of louis' house "and where is here" she asks a bit afraid " don't worry i won't bite" a big smirk apears on my face and she rolls her eyes we climb out of the car at the same time i text lou to open the door knowing he won't hear me if i knock "open the door" itext after a few seconds he texts back "comin mate" the door opens and a messy sweaty louis apears behind it " hey " he gives me a grin and looks at lisa " if i knew your bringing such a pretty girl i would wear something better" he looks at his messed up shirt and his ripped jeans , louis and his hippster apearance " your pretty " lou says to lisa "nop, i'm lisa" lisa says with a silly smile god even when she is acting silly she is extremly gorgeos " ok....now can we come in or what?" louis shakes his head and lets us in " are you practising?" i pet lou's shoulder " yep next week we are performing" lisa looks confused " lou is in a band" i say and her mouth falls to the ground " really?cool...what type?" she looks excited " pop rock" the way that lou looks at her is just like he wants to fuck her right here and i want to punch his face " wow...amazing" lisa walks faster towards lou and jealousy is boiling my blood " that's why i brought you here to see them practising" i tell her " really i can?" she jumps and covers her mouth i don't know what's the big deal "yes love why not?" LOVE??? god damn it i kill him i know it he takes us to a room and his bandmates are there waiting for him "look whos here " carrie says and she jumps with a smirk i had fucked her couple of times but she thinks that there is somethinh between us " guys meet lisa" lou introduce lisa and carries smirk fades and it comes to my face "let's start cause harry's girl really wants to see us " my heart drops to the floor as he says harry's girl i look at lisa and she's looking at me but nighter of us say anything they start and lisa is enjoing like she is in queen's concert but i didn't have a clue what were they singing i was looking at lisa and thinking about what lou said harry's girl i wan't it i don't know why but i wan't her to be my girl i don't even know here but she is pretty she's hopefull and inocent lou and his band finish their job and lisa claps her hands together i smile at her and look at my watch the time had flew it was 6 in the afternoon " lisa i think we should go " i stand " what? this soon" her smile fades " honey it's 6" i giggel "what?" her eyes are wide and her face goes white " so....w...we really should go" why did she panic we say goodbye and head to my car " oh harry why didn't you tell me it's getting late?" she looks so nervous " it's not late it's just 6" i am confused as hell "6 is late " she sounds like she wants to cry i start the car and the entire way we're in an awkward silence after 30 minutes we arrive at her place " thanks" she looks at me and i nodd " really it was aw...." i push my lips against hers **************** so guys tell me what do you think about it do you like it or you think it's boring tell me eighter way please =)
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