I make you stay cause if you go i'm nothing but a goner
(a harry styles dark fanfiction)


3. //chapter3//

It's been 3 weeks and i'm feeling much better i can finally walk and there is no sign of scars in my face or body exept the cuts that i myself caused them they are still there my fathers death made me hurt myself like hell and i need time to get better i have already taken a shower and dried my hair i do some make up cause i don't want to go to school looking pathetic i use some mascara ,blush and finally my pink lipgloss and as i'm done i check myself in the mirror my make up is ok and my hair is in it's natural waves  i look kinda good comparing las 6 weeks i look great but i still need some long sleeves to cover my scars the last thing i want to have is some school drama and getting bullied because of them so i just wear a tank top and a black short leather jacket and my skinny black jeans i grab my pures and head downstaires to find my mom laying on couch with an empty bottle of vodka beside her this is what she does when she can't find some one to fuck she gets wasted. She spoils my appetite and i get out of the house without breakfast . The wheater is cool and i decide to walk to school instead of waiting for the bus to come. Ground is coverd with authum leaves and it makes me want to cry here i'm walking in my father's favourite season when he's not here to talk about how perfect the orange leaves look when they are falling. I look up and see 3 guys staring at me the blonde one makes his way to me "where are you going this fast honey"i ingore him and walk faster but the other guy jumps to my way"i think he asked you a question"he looks at me with a evil smirk on his face i'm regreting why i didn't waite for the bus i turn around trying to escape  but the third guys grabs my wrist "where you think your going,?"he smirks and grab my chin pushing me against the wall and starts kissing my neck i try hard to set myself  free but it's nothing but a wast of time my tears immediately fall "let her go"a familliar raspy voice calls the boy stops and turn to face him i look over and i find the curly angel faced guy "let her go or you don't have the chance to regret"he says through his teeth "oh yeah?what are you going to do if i don't?"he chanllengas him he turns to face me but as he does my curly hero punch his face he falls down one of the guys comes near to bit him but he punchs him and the other guy runs away i'm still shocked he grabs my hand and takes me to his car i just look at him as he opens the passanger door and throw me in the car and close the door again i'm still shocked he starts the car and the speed is geting faster and faster now i'm afraid i look at the road and him "what are you doing?" his eyes are bloodshot and i can tell he's beyond angry " if you go on with this speed your going to kill both of us " i nearly scream he takes a deep brith and slows down the car and then stops the car he jumps out of the car and i follow him he is runing and his head is in his hands he is like a timebomb " stop your scaring me"i ask and he turns and walk towrds me fast and angry " what the fuck where you doing alone in that fucking street?"now his face is right in front of me and his skin is red  " why are you so angry?" i say and i barely can hear my voice " don't answer my fucking question with another question " he shouts at me and i can't hold the tear as it falls "i..i..i was going to school" my voice shakes and i realize my tears are falling nonstop " if you don't have a car couldn't you just take a taxi or wait for a bus?" he's still shouting but this time he's less angry " your overacting " i finally say a word without breaking " do you know if i wasn't there what could have happend to you ?" now he's not angry he sounds pissed i look at my shoes and wipe my tears away " get in the car" he demands as much as i want to reject him i don't have the energy to fight so i do as i am told after a few seconds he is in the car as well " where do you want to go?" he asks too calm i don't want to go to home and face my mom ans her hangover and i don't have enough time and energy to go to school eighter " i don't know " i honestly answer " have you had breakfast?" i shake my head " me eighter so let's go to a cafè or something" he  starts the car and i look at him i'm confused "why should i have breakfast with you i mean i don't even know your name" i say and he rolls his eyes " yeah like know yours that i helped you"  he sounds annoyed he looks at me and sighs " harry,harry styles "he says as he looks at the road once more "lisa evans" i tell him my name and he nods slightly "how old are you?"he asks " 17 " i answer not looking at him " here we are" he stops the car infront of a small but really cool shaped cafe "here is great trust me " he says and i nodd when we go in a cute blonde guy smiles and comes towrds us "hey there styles" he says to harry with his cute accent and i can't help but smile at him " oh who is this pretty young lady ?"he says looking at me " i'm lisa " i bring my hand to him"hey lisa i'm niall and it's seriously nice to meet you"he shakes my hand " i'm starving horan finish this bullshit please" harry says and niall rolles his eyes " i'm not stealing your  pretty girl man i'm just greeting don't worry " harry looks at me and then niall " hell no she's not mine" he rolls his eyes once more "oh so now i should try"niall says and i blush harry grabs my hand and makes me follow him to a table he orders for both of us and niall takes our order and leaves " mmmm....may i ask why you where so angry at me earlier?" i'm a bit unsure about my question harry closes his eyes and takes a deep breath "i think i should have just left you there and let them fuck you easily"i look at him with teary eyes and a ball growing in my throat damn it why i always cry in this kind of situations niall brings our breakfast and as soon as he sees me his charming smile deaspires and he frowns "any thing else horan?" harry says with annoyance in his voice niall gives me a meaningfull look to make sure that i am fine i gusse when i nod he leaves  i grab my purse and stand up to leave "sit down"he orders who does he think he is?"who do you think you are ?"i try to sound strong but my voice betrays me "for gods sake sit the fuck down lisa" he put his face between his hands and i feel like i should sit and i do he looks at me and i can see the sadnes in his eyes "i was angry because 3 years ago some random dicks had raped my sister"his usually tough voice sounds really brittle "i didn't know i'm sorry " i nearly slap my self for reminding him that " it was dark and she was coming back from work i was supposed to pick her but my damn car was broken and i was late when i arrived i saw her in the corner of street with her ripped cloths and she was trying to cover her naked body with them she was sobing and people where looking at her those fucked up people where looking at her instead  of helping her she never talked again since then and i hated myself for being late "a tear falls from his green eyes and he looks down i stand up and go near him and wrap my arms around him.he looks shocked but at the same time he's comfort "but i never let that happen to you" he murmurs to my arms thinking that i can't hear him "hey lisa i'm still starving" i chuckle and go back to my seat " how did you know that i was there anyway?" he spits his orange juice back to his glass and he looks afraid ************ Hey guys thanks for reading and please tell me your ideas
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