The Music Feels Better With You (Niall Horan fan-fiction)

Bella Jones is an ordinary 19 year old…Wait…Ordinary? Bella Jones is a 19 year old worldwide famous actor, singer and dancer. Not so ordinary. Bella was born in America but has lived in London most of her life. And being one of the most famous girls in the world at the time, keeps her life full of excitement. But things only start to get even more exciting after she meets the famous Niall Horan in a smoothie shop. Will it be true love?


6. Prologue - Meeting The Boys

Prologue - Meeting The Boys   *Niall's P.O.V.*   I just got back from my amazing 100th day anniversary date with Bella, we have been dating a little over 3 months now and each day is better then the last.  As soon as I closed the door I was attacked by four other voices throwing questions at me.  I just chuckled and sat down on the couch. "Come on!" Louis whined "You've been dating for over three months now and you're still refusing to tell us who she is!" Yes it's true, I still didn't tell them.  Why? Well at first it was just to see if everything was going to work out, but now, considering they still don't know, I decided to just see how long I could go without them knowing. I didn't answer.  I just turned on the TV and started flipping through channels.   "Alright fine." He said plopping himself down on the couch.  "Be that way." He crossed his arms over his chest and remained silent as I continued flipping through the channels on the TV.  Wait for it…. "Oh come on!" He exclaimed throwing his arms up in the air in frustration. There it is. "Just tell us!" Harry exclaimed joint the conversation.  I continued flipping through the channels until I passed by one that was showing Bella's new music video.  I put the remote down and started to watch it. "Pleeeeeeeeease?" Louis begged.  I didn't say anything. "Pleeeeeeeeease?" Harry begged adding on to it. "Pleeeeeeeeease?" Zayn begged adding on to the other two. "Pleeeeeeeeease?" Liam begged along with the other three. And after a couple seconds the only sounds in the world were the 'pleeeeeeeeeeease's that were  getting closer and closer to me. Soon enough it was so loud that I could barely hear myself think.  It was about to get louder before I stopped them. "Oh my god fine if it will make you shut up!" I yelled.  They all high fived each other knowing that their plan worked.  I sighed. "But you're not going to believe me." I warned.   "Why wouldn't we believe you?" Liam asked. I sighed again.  "Alright." They all scooted closer to me being the creeps they are.  I inhaled. "It's Bella Jones" I blurted out.  It took exactly four seconds before they all burst out laughing.  Some of them even feel to the floor.  What's so funny?  Maybe they thought that this was all a joke.  I mean, me dating one of the most famous girl in the world? And to be fair we are all pretty big fans, but we never got the chance to meet her.   They were all still laughing while I stared blankly at the screen just waiting for them to get their little fit over with. Once they got control of their laughter they all sat back down. "That was a good one Niall, now tell us who she really is." Louis said.  "I did." I simply replied.  "I'm dating Bella Jones." I said firmly. "You're joking with us right?" Zayn asked.  I was about to shake my head but was interrupted by Harry.  He nervously chuckled.   "Um, guys…he's not kidding." He said showing them the screen of my phone where he pulled up a picture of Bella and I together.   "Wait…" Louis said.  Man, could that boy ask questions.  "So you" he pointed at me. "and her?" He said pointing at the TV screen.  I nodded. "Niall why didn't you tell us?!" Harry exclaimed.  I put my arms in the air in defense. "I told you she was famous." I protested.  "Well yeah but you never said she was that famous." He said pointing to the TV screen where her music video was still playing. "Well you do know that we are going to have to meet her someday." Liam said.  "I know, I know." I replied. The rest of the day pretty much ended in the boys asking me an endless amount of questions, and we decided that tomorrow night we are all going to have a dinner with Bella.  This is going to be interesting.   *Bella's Point Of View*   I looked in the mirror making sure that I looked extra good for tonight.  Niall said that he finally told the boys about us and that tonight we were going over to his house to have dinner with them and to tell the truth, I was really nervous, I mean what if they don't like me or they think that I'm not good enough for Niall? My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the doorbell ring.  I quickly ran down the stairs and opened it revealing a bright smile and sparkling blue eyes.  He came in then I closed the door behind him. I was about to say something but I felt his lips crash onto mine.  I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist.  After a couple seconds he pulled away.   "You look beautiful princess." He whispered into my ear.  I blushed and buried my head into his neck.  I loved it when he called me that, he only started using it a couple weeks ago but I still thought it was cute.  The first time he called me that I didn't know he was talking to me at first.   "Well you are my princess, and I need to make sure you know that." He said that day. "Thanks." I whispered back as he pulled away.  "Are you ready to go?" he asked.  I nodded. He offered his arm out for me like he always did.  I chuckled and hooked arms with him as he led me out to his car. As soon as he started driving one of his hands came off the steering wheel and slipped into mine.  I smiled as he intertwined his fingers with mine. The car ride was silent, but not an awkward silence.  And before I knew it, we were at his house.   *Niall's Point Of View*   As soon as we pulled over at my house I looked at her.  She wasn't smiling, she looked more nervous then happy.  "Are you alright princess?" I asked concerned.  She looked at me and nodded.  I frowned "You know you can tell me right?" I told her.  She sighed. "I'm just nervous." She said. "About what?" I asked.  "What if they don't like me Niall?  Or what if they think I'm not good enough for you? Or what i-" I cut her off by pressing my lips against hers.  Once I pulled away I looked into her eyes. "Don't worry Bella." I told her softly.  "They will love you.  I promise."  I kissed her forehead.  "But not as much as I love you." I whispered. "Thanks Niall." She smiled.  I smiled back and we both got out of the car. "Just be yourself." I told her before I took her hand in mine and opened the door. I was greeted by four loud voices.  "Hi!" I said.  They all looked at me and smiled "Ello!" Liam said.   "Ok so, guys this is my girlfriend Bella." I told them.  She gave them one of her huge beautiful smiles. "Hi." She greeted them.  "It's nice to meet you guys." He put her hand out for them to shake but instead Harry just opened his arms and walked straight into her wrapping his arms around her. She looked shocked and confused for a second but then she awkwardly hugged him back. "Oi!" I yelled. "Back off Styles this one's mine!" I said pulling back her into my arms.  She chuckled and he put his hand up in defense. "So your the girl that stole Niall's heart." Liam said, she blushed. "AWWWWWEE." Louis screamed causing all of us to jump.  "YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!!" She smiled, I could tell that she wasn't as nervous now.  "I know right." I replied causing her to blush again. "I'm Harry." Harry said shaking her hand. "I'm Louis!" "I'm Liam." "I'm Zayn." They all introduced themselves to her. "It's nice to finally meet you, we're pretty big fans honestly." Liam said, she smiled.  "Thanks.  I'm quite a big fan of you guys myself." They all smiled.  "Well that means quite a lot coming from someone like you." She smiled again.  "Thanks." "So lets sit." I offered causing everyone to laugh.  We all took a seat on the couches.  As soon as Bella sat down next to me I wrapped my arm around her causing everyone else to smile. "So Bella, tell us about yourself." Liam said.  "Umm ok.  What do you guys want to know?"  "What's your favorite color?" Harry asked.  "Purple!" She answered.  Liam gave her a high-five "Do you have any siblings?" Zayn asked.  She nodded.  "Yeah.  I have three sisters and a brother." "Older or younger?" "Well, theres Erika who is 20, Marie who is 15, my twin sister Ally and my eight year old brother Flynn."  "You're from America right?" Harry asked.  She nodded again.  "Yeah, I'm from California.  And so are all my sisters but Flynn was born here." "How long have you lived here?" Louis asked.  She thought for a moment. "About…fourteen years I think." We all continued talking for quite a while, just asking questions and stuff, we were having a great time so far.   *Bella's Point Of View*   "So where did you two meet?" Zayn asked.  "At the smoothie shop down the street." Niall answered.  I smiled as the memory of that day came back to my mind.  "Where did you guys have your first date?" Harry asked.  "Oh like you don't know." Niall said sarcastically.  I furrowed my eyebrows "What?"  "Nothing!" Louis and Harry said at the same time.  I crossed my arms over my chest as they sank down in their chairs. "Ok fine!" Louis exclaimed.  "Um, we, um, sorta, um, spied on you guys during your date…." he said tailing off at the end.  My arms feel back to my sides as my jaw dropped.  After a few moments of silence he spoke up.  "Who wants to eat!" he exclaimed.  Everybody agreed but before they could get up I stood up and walked over to Louis who had a scared expression on his face.  I bent down so we were face to face.  "Listen Louis, I once dyed Derek's hair green just for taking my chocolate.  So you better watch your back." I said to him before sitting back down next to Niall.  It took a couple seconds before everyone but Louis and I burst out laughing.   "Niall" Louis whined "She's scary."  We both smiled proudly.  "I know." He said putting his arm around me.  "You have no idea." I said. We all continued to talk for a couple more minutes, I was having a lot of fun.  All of my worries soon just flew away.   "Can we eat now?" Niall asked.  I was about to say something but then my stomach made a loud grumble.  Everyone burst out laughing.  "I'll take that as a yes." He pulled out his phone and went to the kitchen, probably to order pizza or something. When he came back he sat down and put his arm around me. "So are you always busy? I mean when you were in school with all the concerts and interviews and the movies and TV shows and recordings and-" Zayn said but was cut off by Louis covering his mouth.  "She gets it." He said putting his arm back at his side.  I laughed.  "Well a lot of people actually think that but the truth is that I had a lot of free time.  You would think that I would have a packed schedule but really I had a lot of down time." They all nodded understanding. "So what did you do in your free time then?" Liam  "Um, well I had a lot of clubs that I went to in my free time." "Like?" "Like karate, extra language lessons, instrument lessons, bow and arrow lessons.  Well there are a lot of them actually." "You do karate?" Niall asked.  I nodded.  "Since when?" he asked surprised. "Since I was about 6." I replied.  "I didn't know that." He mumbled.  I chuckled. "Wait so what belt are you on then?" Zayn asked.  I thought for a moment. "I'm a third degree black belt." I replied and smiled innocently. "Woahhhh." They all went. "I told you she was strong." Niall said.  Then the doorbell rang. "PIZZA'S HERE!!" They all yelled.  Niall ran to the door and came back with four large pizza's.  My jaw dropped as the other boys cheered.  Well all ran to the kitchen and started eating as we talked loudly.  Niall and I both ended up eating six slices of pizza. "Wow." They all went.  "What?" Niall and I said at the same time. "You two are like made for each other." Louis stated cause everyone else to laugh. "I know right." Niall said.  Louis let out a very loud and dramatic gasp.  "What?" Liam asked him. "LETS GO OUT FOR ICE CREAM!" He screamed.  We all agreed and walked to the ice cream store that was near my house.  Niall and I smiled as we walked in remembering the time we meet here a couple months ago.  He pecked my lips and pulled me in for a hug. "So many great memories here." He whispered in my ear.  I giggled and nodded as I pressed my lips against his. "OH MY GOD MY EYES YOU GUYS PLEASE WE ARE OUT IN PUBLIC!" Louis screamed causing us to part and a couple stares.  We blushed and joined them at the counter where they were ordering. I tried to pay for my own ice cram but Niall wouldn't let me.  Every time I tried to pay he would just take my wallet.  When we got our ice creams back he smirked and gave me my wallet back.  We all sat down at a table and continued talking about random topics. I was about to put a spoon of ice cream into my mouth but it instead smeared on my nose instead.  I tried to look at it giving me a cross-eyed look.  Niall laughed and kissed my nose. "Ewwww." The boys went.  "You guys are just jealous." Niall said as I wiped the ice cream off of my nose. "NU-UH!" Louis whined "I have a great girlfriend!" "So do I!" Zayn added in.  "Well I do too now." Niall said and stuck his tongue out at them.  They mimicked his actions and stuck out their tongues at him. I laughed and Niall wrapped his arm around me.  When we were finished we started walking back to Nialls house.   "So do you live around here?" Harry asked.  I nodded and pointed at a house that was only a couple steps away.  "I live there."  "Oh so you live pretty close." Liam asked.  I nodded. "Oh so what you're saying is that Niall can come over in the middle of the night and-" Louis said but was cut off by Niall "Shut it Lou!" he exclaimed.  Everyone but Niall burst out laughing and I just blushed. Soon enough we got to Niall's house and decided on watching a movie.  We all toke our spots on the couch while Liam slipped in the DVD and dimmed the lights.  I cuddled into Niall's chest and he wrapped his arms around me.  The movie finished at around 10:30 and I could hardly open my eyes.  I yawned as I stood up. "Tired?" Niall asked.  I nodded and he chuckled. "Aww you're leaving?!" Louis exclaimed.  I nodded. "Yeah I think so, I have to get up early tomorrow."  They all nodded understanding. They all gave me hugs and said goodbye. "Hey." he said pulling away and looking at me.  "Take good care of him ok?  You're really special to him." I smiled.  "Don't worry Lou." He gave me another quick hug before walking to the boys.  We said our goodbyes and Niall walked me to the door.  "Do you want a ride home?" he asked. "No its fine, Its just a couple minutes walk." I replied.  He nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow ok?"  I chuckled "Of corse." "But until then.." He gave me a quick but passionate kiss before opening the door. I'll see you tomorrow." he whispered.  "See you tomorrow." He pecked my lips one more time before winking at me then closing the door behind him.  I smiled to myself and started walking home.   *Niall's Point Of View*   I closed the door and turned around only to be greeted by four boys with smirks and smiles on their faces.  Here we go…. "What?" I asked. "YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!" Louis exclaimed.  I chuckled "Well I'm going to sleep.  Good night guys." They all mumbled a goodnight and walked out.  I went up stairs and changed into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.  I turned off the lights then crawled into my made bed.  I unlocked my phone and texted Bella. 'Hey princess, did you get home?' In a couple seconds I got a reply. 'Hey Niall, ya i did ;)' 'Ok good :)) I'll see you tomorrow ;)' 'Kk, see youuu  ❤' '❤' I turned my phone of and went to sleep.
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