The Music Feels Better With You (Niall Horan fan-fiction)

Bella Jones is an ordinary 19 year old…Wait…Ordinary? Bella Jones is a 19 year old worldwide famous actor, singer and dancer. Not so ordinary. Bella was born in America but has lived in London most of her life. And being one of the most famous girls in the world at the time, keeps her life full of excitement. But things only start to get even more exciting after she meets the famous Niall Horan in a smoothie shop. Will it be true love?


3. Prologue - First time we met

June 17th 2013   *Niall's Point Of View*   I left my house and walked to the smoothie store that was down the street.  It was about a 10 minute walk but I had nothing to do really, so I decided that it would be nice to get a smoothie or an ice cream. When I finally arrived I waited in the line as a bunch of thoughts were whirling through my head.  I gave the guy at the counter my order, then paid for my drink and walked to the other end of the counter to wait for it to arrive.   I started looking around the shop looking for a place to sit when my eyes landed on this beautiful girl sitting next to he window.  She was drinking her slushy and looking at something on her phone. I instantly recognized her, that was Bella Jones, probably one of the most famous girls in the world at the time.  I couldn't help but stare, she was even more beautiful in person.  I always watch her movies, TV shows, the dance show she is on and all of those things.  Even before I was famous, I would always watch the shows and movies she was one.  She is an amazing actor and dancer and has a beautiful singing voice.   Yes, she is my celebrity crush, and she always has been, but I don't know if I'm the same to her.   My thoughts were interrupted when I saw her look up from her phone and start to look around the room, probably having a feeling that someone was staring at her.  Yes, that would be me, but how can I not? Then, her eyes came in contact with mine.  Oh man! She saw me staring at her, she probably thinks I'm a creep now.  But thankfully she didn't.  She smiled at me.  She has the most beautiful smile that could light up my world no matter what.  She raised her hand and gave me a small wave. Well, do something Niall!  She waved at you, wave back!  I copied her actions and gave her a smile and a wave.  Then she looked back down at her phone. I looked behind me and saw the guy put my smoothie on the counter.  I thanked him and walked away with it.   Walk up to her, come on do it!  This is your one chance!  You have nothing to lose just go for it.  I inhaled deeply and walked over to her.  When I got to her table she looked up at me and gave me another one of her amazing smiles.   "Hi." I greeted her returning a smile.  "Hey." She replied.  Go ahead ask her! "Can I sit here?" I asked pointing to the empty seat.  I tried my best not to stutter, I always stutter when I talk to attractive girls.  She smiled even wider. "Sure!" I could hear the excitement in her voice which made me chuckle.  I sat down and she put her phone in her pocket.  Talk to her! "Bella, right?" I asked her the same time she asked me "Niall, right?" which cause us both to laugh.  She had an amazing laugh which made my heart skip a beat.   "Your Bella Jones, right?" I asked again, she nodded "Yup, and you're Niall from One Direction, right?" I nodded "Yeah, are you a fan?" I asked curiously.  She smiled again "Yeah, I have to say I'm quite a fan of you guys." She said. "Well, I'm quite a big fan of you too, your really talented." I told her.  Her checks went red, she had the most adorable blush.  "Thanks." she said shyly looking down at her lap.   "You guys are also amazing, I love your songs." she said looking back up, I smiled.  "Thanks, that means a lot coming from someone like you" I replied.  She blushed again. "So what are you doing here alone?" I said taking a sip from my smoothie.  She shrugged "I don't  really know, I have to go back on set soon so I thought I'd come by here for a drink." She explained. "I love this place, it's one of my favorite place's in town.  It has smoothies, ice cream, slushies, snacks and almost everything you could think of.  If I didn't have a job I would probably work here." She continued  "Yeah, it is very nice." I replied. "Do I talk to much? Because my friends always say that sometimes I talk to much." I laughed "Don't worry about it, I think it's cute." I told her, she blushed again which made me smile. She looked at me and furrowed her eyebrows.  "Niall?" She said to me, I loved it when she said my name, it sounded so beautiful when she said it.  "Yeah?" I replied. "Are you ok?" She asked me.  Why would she ask me that? "You look kind of nervous" Oh man, she noticed! "Yeah I'm fine" I reassured her "I'm just, not used to talking to girls like you." "You mean like, famous girls?" No "Yeah…well sorta." "Well I'm sure your used to it, I mean, you do it all the time, right?"  "Yeah, I do, but they aren't like you." Her checks turned red and she tried to hide her face.  "It's cute when you do that." I said. "Well what about you?" I asked her. "Do you always hang out with famous people?" I asked.  She nodded.  "I basically grew up with them." She replied.  "I was on TV show's and movies since I was about 10, then I was on a dance show since I was 13.  So most of my friends are famous.  I do have a couple other friends though that went to the same school as me, so we became close there too. So I'm pretty much used to it by now.  But sometimes I still get nervous when I meet some famous people, because just because I'm famous don't mean I'm not a fan of others right?"  She explained.  I nodded. "Thats true." I toke another sip from my smoothie.  "So what school did you go to?" I asked her. "I went to The Performing Arts School of London for middle and high school.  Lots of famous people that were related to Music and Drama went there.  Others also went there but its kinda hard to get into it.  Most of my friends went there too."  I nodded. "I talk way to much" she said embarrassed.  I laughed "Don't worry about it.  Its cute.  And I get like that sometimes too." She smiled. We both continued to talk and laugh for what seemed like half an hour.  We both got to know each other a little, we had so much in common and she was even more amazing in person. I was about to say something when I heard a 'ding' and 'You gotta it!' coming from her side, I laughed at the funny ringtone .  "Sorry." she apologized and toke her phone out of her pocket. "No problem." I told her.  "Is that Derek?" I asked recognizing the voice of the ringtone.  She nodded "Yeah, you know him?" "Yeah, we're pretty close friends.  What about you guys?" "We're pretty much like one of my best friends, we have been ever since we were around six years old.  He's an idiot, but he's still an amazing friend." I nodded "Is it kinda weird that he's dating your sister?" She thought for a moment then shook her head.  "Sometimes, but I knew it was going to happen eventually, besides, I think their cute together."  I heard another 'Ding' she looked at her phone then turned it off and put it in her pocket. "Sorry Niall, I gotta go." "Oh, no worries." I replied.  We both got up and threw our empty cups in the trash.   Go ahead, ask her! The worst she could do is say no! Come on this is your chance! Go for it! "Um, Bella?" I asked shyly. "Yeah?" she answered.  "I know we just meet but, do you wanna, um, do something tonight?" I asked nervously while scratching the back of my neck. "You mean, like a date." I hesitated for a second then nodded.  A smile formed on her lips "I would love to Niall." She said.  I felt a bunch of weight lift of my shoulders.  "Really?" I smiled.  She smiled back and nodded.  "Where do you want to go?" She asked me. "How about a picnic at the beach or something?" I suggested.  That was my idea of a perfect first date, and I wanted to have it with the perfect girl.  "Sounds amazing." We exchanged numbers and walked outside.  "I'll pick you up at 5:30" I told her and gave her a wink.  "I'll see you then." she said walking to her car.  I opened the door for her and when she got in I closed it behind her.  She started up her car and opened the window.   "I'll see you tonight" I said.  She smiled "See you tonight" she repeated. I winked at her before she drove off.  This day was turning out to be perfect.   *Bella's Point Of View*   I closed the window and drove off, I started driving towards the set.  At the red light I rested my head back against the seat and smiled.  'What just happened?' I thought.  I have a date tonight with Niall Horan.  Yes, I will admit I am a fan.  And yes, he is my celebrity crush.  Well how can he not be? He's cute, funny, adorable, nice and just amazing.  This day was turning out to be perfect. I pulled up at the set and parked the car.  When I got to the door I punched in the code and the door unlocked.  I walked to the main set which is the living room of our house in the show and saw the other four, Ally, Jade, Erik and Derek, sitting on the couch behind the cameras while everyone else was getting set up and ready. "HELLO!" I screamed happily and started jumping on the couch.  Yes, I am very loud, but I don't regret that.  "What's up with you?" Derek said confused.  I stopped jumping "What do you mean? I couldn't be happier! This is an amazing day isn't it!" They all gave me confused looks. "Its a boy isn't it?" My best friend Jade said.  'Ohhhh' the boys went, they are such perverts.  "What makes you say that?" I said ignoring the boys "You knew me long enough to know that I'm always either happy or angry most of the time." Which is true, I get mad really easily, but I'm also really happy and energetic most of the time.   "Yeah, but I've never seen you this happy for quite a while." "Not true!" I protested.  She rolled her eyes "Ok, whatever." she mumbled. I jumped on the couch one more time and sat on it as I came down with a 'hmph' sound "So…." she said scooting closer to me.  "So…." I mocked her scooting away from her.  "Who is he?" she asked with a smirk.  "Nobody." I said.  I didn't want them to know just yet, if it all works out then I'll tell them.  "Oh come on! your not going to tell your best friend?!" She exclaimed. "I will if it works out, I have a date tonight with him and if it works out then I'll tell you." I have been on a couple dates before, but they were just a dinner or something, I never really had a boyfriend before, so I was hoping that this time it would work out.   She sighed  "Alright fine." she agreed.  "Come guys lets go!" The director called.  We all stood up and walked to the set.  I couldn't wait for tonight.   *Niall's Point Of View*    I walked home with the biggest smile on my face.  Once I got in a closed the door, I let out a loud cheer of happiness.  "What's up with you?" I heard a deep british accent say.  I screamed and feel to the floor.  When I looked up I saw a huge mess of curls and green eyes.  "Harry you scared me!" I said getting up.  "I scared you? Mate, your the one that walked into this house screaming." "I wasn't screaming….I was cheering." I corrected him as I stood up.  He furrowed his eyebrows. "Why?" he asked.  "Because today is an amazing day!" I exclaimed with a huge smile on my face throwing my hands in the air.  "Um, guys?" Harry said to someone other than me, I guess the others were here too.  "Niall's scaring me." he said taking a step back.  I chuckled and walked into he living room where I saw three other people sitting on the couches.  "HELLO!" I yelled happily.  They all jumped "Everything ok Niall?" Liam asked. "Ok? Everythings PERFECT! Today is the best day EVER" I plopped myself down on the couch next to Liam who scooted away when I did. Louis chuckled "It's a girl isn't it?" I didn't answer, I just blushed and looked down on my lap, when I looked back up I saw four pairs of eyes staring at me. Then, as if on que, they all started asking me random questions at the same time. "Guys! I can't understand you!" They all quieted down. "Whats her name?" Louis asked.  If I told them her name then they would instantly know who she is.  "I'm not telling." I said.  They all whined and I laughed. They kept asking me questions but I refused to answer most of them. "Where did you guys meet?" Zayn asked.  "At the smoothie shop down the street." I answered. "When are you planning on seeing her?"  Liam asked.  "We have a date tonight." I replied. "AWWW." Louis exclaimed "Our little Nialler has a date!" he said pinching my cheeks.  When he let go I rubbed my throbbing cheek softly.  I put my hand back in my lap. "And guys?" I asked, they all looked at me.  "I know you guys won't do this but please don't blow this for me, I finally have a shot at this and I want to make sure everything goes fine." I said to them.  They all smiled and I knew that wasn't good.  They all attacked me in a hug group hug.   They pulled away after almost a minute. "Don't worry Ni, we won't do that." Liam reassured me.  I smiled "Thanks guys." "So when is your date?" Harry asked me.  "5:30" I answered.  "Where are you going?" Louis asked. I opened my month to talk but then I hesitated "I'm not telling you" I crossed my arms over my chest.  "Why not?" he whined.  "Because I know you guys are just going to spy on us during our date." They all groaned. "Ok now, go, go, I need to get ready" I said. "Alright, alright." they all said and walked out mumbling goodbyes.  "Have fun." Louis said in a singsong voice.  I rolled my eyes and pushed him out the door.  I couldn't wait for tonight.
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