The Music Feels Better With You (Niall Horan fan-fiction)

Bella Jones is an ordinary 19 year old…Wait…Ordinary? Bella Jones is a 19 year old worldwide famous actor, singer and dancer. Not so ordinary. Bella was born in America but has lived in London most of her life. And being one of the most famous girls in the world at the time, keeps her life full of excitement. But things only start to get even more exciting after she meets the famous Niall Horan in a smoothie shop. Will it be true love?


4. Prologue - First Date

*Niall's Point Of View*   I looked in the mirror satisfied with my appearance, I made sure to look extra good for my date.  I looked at the clock that read 5:22.  I grabbed my stuff from the table and the picnic basket from the kitchen and walked outside to my car.  I drove to the address that she texted me earlier, which was only about a five minute drive or a ten minute walk. When I arrived it was 5:28, I was still early, so I waited in my car.  When the clock struck 5:30 I got out of my car and walked up to her door.  I toke a deep breath and rang the doorbell.  After a few seconds I heard footsteps and then the door swung open.  I saw a beautiful girl smiling at me. She was wearing a floral dress that went down a little bit bellow mid-thigh, matching TOMS and a flower necklace, bracelet and earrings.   "Hey." She greeted me with a smile. "Wow." I breathed.  "What? Is it to much you think?" She asked me.  I shook my head. "No." I replied "You look beautiful."  She blushed again and looked down at her feet "Thanks." she said, then I remembers the flower in my hand.  "Um, here." She looked up at me "This is for you." I handed her the rose and she took it with a smile.  "Aww.  Thanks Niall." She sniffed it. "Its beautiful." I smiled. "So, are you ready to go?" I asked her.  She nodded "Yup." she closed the door and locked it behind her.  "Shall we?" I offered her my arm, she laughed "We shall." I hooked arms with her and lead her to my car. I opened the door for her and she got in.  Once she did I closed her door and went in my side. On the car ride then we talked and laughed, told stories, jokes.  We were only about ten minutes into the date and I was already having a great time.   *Bella's Point Of View*   Soon enough we got to the beach and he parked the car.  He got out, ran over to my side and opened my door.  He offered me his hand so I toke it and he helped me out of the car closing the door behind me.   He was such a gentleman.  It was really cute though.  He took the basket out of the trunk then locked the car.  "After you." He said gesturing for me to go first.  I giggled and started walking towards the beach with him by my side.   When we got there we chose a good spot and put the blanket on the sand.  "Ladies first." he gestured again, I giggled and sat down on the blanket, then he followed my actions and sat down next to me. He took out the food from the basket and set it down on the blanket.  My eyes widened at the amazing selection of food, I heard him laugh. "Your hungry aren't you?" He asked me, I nodded. We both talked and laughed as we ate.  I didn't have a great time like this for quite a while. When we finished eating we put the stuff away and decided to go for a walk.     *Niall's Pont Of View*   We were walking and talking for what seemed like 20 minutes, I was having a great time. Come on Niall just ask her!  If you don't do it now your going to miss your chance.  Go for it! you've got nothing to lose!  I stopped walking. "Umm, Bella?" I asked, how was I going to do this?  What if I blow my only chance? It was worth a shot at least.  Go for it!  She turned around to face me.  "Yeah?" I took her hand in one of mine and took a deep breath. "Look, Bella, I really like you a-and your beautiful, funny, nice and just amazing.  And honestly this is a dream come true, I never thought that this would happen." I said nervously.   "What are you saying Niall?" She asked confused.  I took another breath.  "Will you be my Princess?" She was silent for a moment but then a small smile appeared on the corner of her lips. "I would love to be your girlfriend Niall." She said.  She wrapped her arms around my neck.  I stood there in shock for a second.  She said yes. She said yes! I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist. When she pulled away we both continued walking hand and hand. As soon as we got to our old spot I saw the sun start to set.  I let go of her hand. "Wait here." I instructed her.  I quickly went to the place in the back of the beach where we left our picnic basket.  I took the blanket out of it and ran back to her.  I set the blanket down on the sand. "After you." I gestured for her to sit down.  She giggled.  It was adorable when she did that.  She sat down and I sat down next to her. The sun slowly started to set.  Go for it, do it! put your arm around her! she's already your girlfriend!  That voice in my head kept talking to me, telling me what to do around her.  Like my own wingman.  Well, considering that voice got me this far, I should probably still listen to it.  But what if she doesn't want to? What if she thinks we're going to fast? It was worth a shot at least.   I lifted up my arm and wrapped it around her shoulder.  I was expecting her to pull away or something, but she didn't.  She scooted closer to me and put her head on my shoulder.  I smiled as we watched the sunset. "Isn't the sunset beautiful?" She asked still staring at it.  "It's nothing compared to you." I replied softly.  I saw her blush deeply.  I chuckled "This night is perfect." She whispered.  "Beyond perfect." I whispered back.  She put her head on my chest and we both continued to watch the sunset.     ******   We reached her house and I got out of the car.  I opened her door for her and closed it behind her when she got out.  We walked up to her door, she unlocked it but stood outside facing me and leaning on the door.   "I had a lot of fun today Niall." She said smiling.  I smiled back, "So did I, we should do it again sometime." "I'm sure we will." "I'll see you soon Niall." "See you soon."  She quickly pecked my check then waved at me and went inside her house.  I stood there in shock.  Did that just happen?  I actually have a girlfriend, my dream girl is my girlfriend.  I smiled widely and went back in my car.   *Bella's Point Of View*   As soon as I closed the door I leaned my back on it.  I exhaled.  I actually have a boyfriend.  My dream boy is my boyfriend.  I smiled widely and walked into the living room.  Where I saw four pairs of eyes staring at me. "Sooooo…." Jade asked.  "How'd it go?" I sat down next to her. "Fine." I answered. "Fine?" Derek repeated, I nodded. "Ok, so you walk in her with a huge smile on your face for a date that went 'fine'?"  "Alright fine!" I exclaimed. "It went amazing and it was the best date I've ever had! Happy?" "Very."  "When do we get to meet him?" Jade asked.  "Soon." I replied. "But Jade and I leave in two days!" Erik exclaimed.  "I won't be able to meet my baby sisters boyfriend." he pouted.  Yes he was just like an older brother to me.  Ever since the day Jade and I met.  For a couple reasons actually: One, he's my best friends brother.  Two, he's my older sisters girlfriend, And three, he's been one of my best friends ever since I was little, along with Derek too. "I know, but you'll met him when you guys get back." "But what if you guys break up while we're gone?" Jade protested.  "Why would you want to meet a guy that I will break up with?" Ok this was getting confusing now.  "Is he famous?" Ally said suddenly joining the conversation.  I nodded.  She sat back and Derek put her arm around her reminding me of tonight when Niall put his arm around me. "Ok, now leave, I'm gonna go to sleep." They all groaned.  "But I don't wanna walk all the way home." Derek whined. "You live next door" I reminded him.  He huffed and got up.  It is true, we all live next to each other.  If you are looking at the front of our houses the order would be Erik, Derek, me, Jade then Ally.  They all walked out mumbling goodbyes.  Then I walked upstairs to get ready for bed. Today was a perfect day.   *Niall's Point Of View*   I walked into my house as happy as ever with a huge smile on my face when I saw four pairs of eyes staring at me.  I opened my mouth to say something but they all just started throwing random questions at me.   "One at a time!" I yelled.  "How did it go?" Harry asked. I sat down.  "Fine." I answered.  They all crossed their arms. "Alright fine! It went amazing! We had a great time!" They all smiled. "What?" "AWWWEE! NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND, NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!" Louis started singing at the top of his lungs.  "Oh and by the way."  I stood up.  "I knew that you guys we're spying on us during our date." I said crossing my arms.  Zayn and Liam put their hands up in defense "It wasn't me, mate I swear." Liam said.  "It couldn't have been me I had a date with Perrie." I turned to face Harry and Louis who were slowly sinking down in their chair.  I started tapping my foot impatiently.  "Alright fine it was us!" Louis exclaimed.  "But she didn't see us and we couldn't figure out who she was, so theres no harm done really!" He protested.  I sighed "Fine." "But we took a really nice picture.  Do you want to see it." Before I could answer he took his phone from his pocket and started pressing the buttons on it.  He showed me the picture and my jaw dropped.  "Are you sure you took this picture Lou?" he smiled proudly.   It was beautiful, It was taken from behind us.  We were both sitting on the blanked watching the sunset.  My arm was wrapped around her shoulders and her head was on my chest.  You could see the sunset in front of us which made the picture look 100 times better.  I smiled. "Thanks guys.  It's beautiful." I gave him back the phone. "Ok now go, I wanna go to sleep." "Alright, alright fine." They all mumbled goodbye and left.  I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.  It was a text from Louis, I opened it and saw it was the picture he took. ':)' I sent him before locking my phone and going up stairs. Once I got changed and climbed into bed I turned on my phone and sent the picture to Bella.  I soon got a response: 'Aww, thats a really cute pic.' 'Ya, I thought it was amazing' 'Thanks again for tonight Niall, I had a lot of fun' "So did I, I can't wait to do it again' 'Me neither' 'I'll see you soon' 'See you!' 'Goodnight' 'Goodnight :)' I locked my phone and went to sleep with a huge smile on my face. Today was a perfect day.
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