The Music Feels Better With You (Niall Horan fan-fiction)

Bella Jones is an ordinary 19 year old…Wait…Ordinary? Bella Jones is a 19 year old worldwide famous actor, singer and dancer. Not so ordinary. Bella was born in America but has lived in London most of her life. And being one of the most famous girls in the world at the time, keeps her life full of excitement. But things only start to get even more exciting after she meets the famous Niall Horan in a smoothie shop. Will it be true love?


1. Before Readng

Hey guys so, this is my first Fan Fiction and I know it will suck but just bear with me I PROMISE it will get better later. Just a few pointers before you read: In this story I have added a lot of other characters that you might find unnecessary, well I need them so the boys and the girls aren't the only characters in the story Next, this story will contain a lot of songs and music so if you think that I have to many, then don't complain, just stop reading. If you have any songs or singers that you think might fit in the story, just go ahead and ask, I would actually prefer if you give me some ideas cause my songs aren't the best I will be posting this story on quotev and wattpad.  (Wattpad link: If you have any questions just comment your question and I will answer it, and if it was because something wasn't clear in the text, then I will probably go  back and edit it. I will update twice a week.  If I don't then thats probably because I'm REALLY busy but that probably won't happen. Also, if you don't like something in the story, please don't complain or ask me to change it, just don't read it. Some notes about the characters: Zerrie is dating but they are not engaged  Sophiam doesn't exist here Some of these characters are based on real people that I probably know.   Well thats all for now, make sure you read all this because its probably important as you go on. Thanks! ~Zainah :)
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