My roomate ... Is a bad ass


7. 3

I woke up with Luke beside me .

His arm was at my waist.

I tried to slither from his arm when I almost got up Luke pushed me back in the bed .

" stay babe " he mumbled

" no !''

" please babe "

" I'm not your babe "

I stood up and walked to the mini kitchen .luke pushed me to the wall

" yeah you are " Luke got closer and we were face to face " and you're mine " he whispered and had a smirk .

He kissed me and I kissed him back .

My arms slither at his neck

His hands were at my waist .

He kissed my neck . I let out a moan .

He smirked

He pulled my shirt off and pushed me at my bed .

I pulled his shirt off .

He kissed my neck and then started to leave love bits .

I moaned

By then I was in my bra and undies and he was in his boxers .

When he was about to take off my bra I realized what the hell I was doing

" Luke stop "

" what why ?"

" I can't do this ."

" why not ?"

" I hardly know you !"

" so ? I hardly know you too ."

" I'm sorry to disappoint you but I just can't ."

I grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom because I had to shower .

I put my tank top that said ' act like a lady perform like a boss 'with jeans and converse

" hey Jen let's go to a party tonight "

" are you crazy ? I'm not going to a party "

Just then he pushed me to the wall

" yes you are babe " he started kissing my neck

" Lucas let me go "

" not until you come with me to the party "

" no "

He started to give me more love bits ! I can't let Niall see these

" okay I'll go !"

" that's my babe "

" we leave at 8 " he winked and left the room

I went to the bathroom .

Love bits

Great ! Now I have to cover them again !

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