The Last Hunt

Late one night the Winchester brothers get a call from Cas saying that he is in desperate trouble. They pack up the impala and head out to help. They figured that it would be difficult but they never thought that it may just end up being their last hunt.


3. The Prison

They kicked and screamed trying to fight of the demons holding them but it did no good. They were dragged to the back of the factory towards into an old walk in freezer there was no power going to it so it was just a large solid metal room. They were thrown in and the heavy metal door slammed shut. They heard the door lock with a click from the outside they were trapped in hear with no escape route. 

            The first thing they noticed in the practically empty room was Cas lying motionless on the cold metal floor. He looked dead but there were no wings scorched into the metal floor. He was still alive, Barely. Dean rushed to his side “Cas Please wake up, Please” he shouted panic in his voice. He Shook Cas’s shoulders attempting to wake him but Cas stayed unconscious his breathing heavy and shallow. That was when Dean noticed the blood seeping through Cas’s raggedy old trench coat that he practically never took off.  He pulled the coat away from the source of the bleeding to see a large gaping stab wound going through his jacket and shirt deep into his flesh. His vessel was bleeding out and his grace was leaking out of the wound in a bright stream of glowing energy and light. “Some bastard stabbed him with an angle blade” Dean muttered under his breath. He turned to Sam “we need to get out of here now or he’s not going to make it” Dean said looking at his brother. Sam headed towards the door to try to pick the lock. They needed to hurry to save him because he needed to be healed fast this was beyond a hospitals care and he couldn't heal himself especially if he was unconscious. Dean tried to pray to the other angles for help he tried Balthazar, Gabriel, and Every one they knew. They had lost contact with all the angles about two months ago but he figured they were desperate anything was worth a try. 

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