The Last Hunt

Late one night the Winchester brothers get a call from Cas saying that he is in desperate trouble. They pack up the impala and head out to help. They figured that it would be difficult but they never thought that it may just end up being their last hunt.


1. The Call

         Dean and Sam Winchester sat in their old rundown motel room in Ashville North Carolina. They had just finished hunting a small nest of vampires that had been hiding out in a portion of the many abandoned buildings in the outskirts of the city. They were going to rest for the night then pack up and set out for the bunker early in the morning. Sam was sound asleep and Dean had just gotten out of the shower when the motel room phone started to ring an annoying shill repetitive tone. Dean didn't recognize the number flashing across the dully light caller id screen but picked up the phone anyway. Before Dean could even manage to make out a hello Cas’s voice came over the line sounding hurt and scared it cut through the silent hotel room like a bullet. Dean had never heard him like this ever before Cas was Strong and didn't break easily if at all. Cas was an angel making him practically indestructible. Only two things can kill angels that are known of Holy oil, and an angel blade. Cas spoke in a quite whisper tone filled with pain not wanting to be herd by somebody. All he was able to say was a set of coordinates and a wounded “Help” before he let out a loud pained scream and the phone line went static for a split second then died. Dean held the phone near to his face even after the line had gone dean trying to process what just happened. after a few seconds he slowly placed the phone down on the receiver and turned to face Sam . 

            Dean bent down text to Sams bead shaking Sam awake by the shoulders. “Sam, get up something’s up with Cas” Sam groggily opened his eyes yawning propping himself up on the bed. “Come on can’t this wait tell morning I haven’t slept in days.” Sam said with a groan “No come on we got to go now he’s hurt bad” Sam scrambled out of the creaky motel bed his tall lanky form causing him to stumble. They both got dressed and threw on their jackets and started packing up the impala they didn't have much to pack they traveled light they had to. They threw extra clothes into their duffel bags and stashed weapons in their pockets and waistbands. They threw their bags into the trunk of the Black 67 Chevy Impala making Sure that the fake trunk holding their weapons and tools was secured in place. Dean slid into the driver’s seat and Sam slid in beside him just before the engine started up with a satisfying roar and they started heading down the dark road away from the motel. 

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