The World Of Laughter

Had a bad hair day? Feeling down? Get cozy here because this is the world of laughter! Here at the world of laughter, we are sure to make you laugh!


2. How to annoy....

Okay these are just some ways to annoy people. I've made some up ( I think...) and some are from google, and if you have any suggestions tell me!!!

Okay? Okay.  "quoted from TFIOS" :) :) :) That it. LOVE ITTT!!!! IT IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!

Sorry 'bout that. 


Ways to annoy Pizza hut - 

- Call Pizza Hut and ask them what's Dominos or Hells Pizza's phone number.

- Order the catering service for 100 (or more if you can..) pizzas and tell them to deliver iyour address. When they knock on your door tell them you didn't order anything.  (Would that even annoy really don't know....)


Ways to annoy your teachers -

- Outsmart them e.g if any student asks a question answer it in a very scientific way.

- Never listen and always talk in class (that always works.. XD)


Ways to annoy people in an elevator - 

- Press random buttons on the elevator 

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