One-Shot Wonders

Seeing as I have a few one-shots on here, I'm going to make this a collection of my one-shots. Enjoy!


5. Zeki - "Learning to Cook"

A/N: Or trying to, anyway.

A Zeki for ya all!!! I finally got around to writing one, yes. Feel free to shower me with praise.

So, I wrote this for 'Chelber's Writing Competition', prompt 2. Okay, maybe it's not exactly what she was looking for, but hey! I still wrote a ZEKI!!! XD

Well, enjoy! Peace out!


“Ouch!” Yuki yelled, clutching her hand. The Chairman came running in, eyes wide. Zero just stood to one side, watching.

“Yuki!” The Chairman cried, running over. “What happened?”

Yuki shook her hand in the air before stopping and blowing on it. The skin was starting to turn red.

“Ow ow ow ow ow…” She gritted her teeth in pain. Zero sighed and took her non-burnt hand and pulled her over to the sink and turned on the cold tap. He forced Yuki’s burnt hand under it. Yuki inhaled sharply at the sting of the water but then sighed in relief.

“Be careful when you handle hot water,” Zero told her, going back to the huge pot of soup. “You can easily burn yourself.”

Yuki laughed nervously. “Sorry, Zero…” She smiled. “I guess cooking just isn’t my strong point, is it?”

“No, I don’t think it is.”

The Chairman gave a small smile and exited the room again.

Yuki looked down at her hand. It was still red, but the pain was lessening, thanks to the cold water. “How long will I have to keep my hand under the water?” she asked.

Zero picked up a wooden spoon and started stirring the soup. “At least ten minutes.” He replied.

“Ten?” Yuki said in surprise. “Oh, okay.”

“Why are you always hurting yourself?” Zero asked. “You should be more careful.”

Yuki gave a shaky laugh. “I’m sorry, Zero.” She said. “I know I should, but these things just keep happening!” She smiled.

Zero looked sideways at Yuki, at her small smile. His heart gave a small flutter and he focused his attention back to the soup.


“Dinner’s ready!” The Chairman cried gleefully, and came out with three bowls on a tray. He set one down in front of Yuki, one in front of Zero, and then put one where he was going to sit, sat down and dug in.

Yuki gave a laugh and picked up her spoon. She gulped down a mouthful of soup and sighed happily.

“Wow, this is amazing!” She said, and ate some more. Zero smiled briefly started eating as well. Yuki looked at him. “This is way better than it would have been if I tried.” She said through a mouthful.

“How’s your hand?” Zero asked.

Yuki held it up. It was now bandaged tightly and she waved it in the air. “It’s fine now, thanks.” Without another word, she continued eating.

Zero couldn’t help but smile.

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