Guide to Movellas

Are you new to Movellas? Don't have any fans? Where to go to your profile? How to write a movella?
Well you've come to the right place!


1. Signing Up

Well. You have stumbled upon a website. Not any ordinary website. An AMAZING website. Anyways I am going to take you through some steps on how to sign up, though you probably already have......Anyways......


Step 1 -

You can either click Sign up or Join the Community. I clicked Sign up when I first joined.... Your choice! :) Continuing on.....


Step 2 - 

Note: when you enter your birthday, be honest because movellas has many movellas of different ratings...more on that soon. :)

And Bam! You have an account on Movellas! Let the fun begin! XD

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