The Girl I used to know

A girl lost in drugs, smoking, no family, and no help. Suffocating from all of the lies, drugs, and wounds. She finds her longs lost best friend. Can he save her? Or will she give up on life and die young from old habits?
16+ Viewer Discretion IS Advised


1. Growing Up

"Harry! Stop that! It tickles!!" I was laughing uncontrollably! Then he looked into my eyes and we kissed. He was my first kiss. I remember it like It was yesterday. Fourth of July at the park by the old museum with Harry styles in fourth grade. His parents wee in a car crash the night after. They both died and he was sent to an orphanage. I never saw him since then. I'm fifteen now and my mom is screaming at me just because I got a newly button ring. "It's not that big of a deal mum. I mean, you over reacting about NOTHING." "Nothing?! You just ruined your whole stomach by putting that there! You are a disgrace to this family." "Yeah well I don't give a shit." And I slammed the door in her face. I was so innocent in 4th grade. I hit 7th and went mad for some reason. Maybe it's because of hormones or maybe I was thinking about Harry a lot and finally I just gave up and let live guide me. I put on some jean booty shorts that were torn up, a belly shirt reaves long my belly ring that hung over my shoulder, slid my blue spray painted high tops on, then straightens my kind blond hair and slipped on a beanie. I also put on some really dark eye shadow. I walked out the door and ignored every word they said. I heard my dad say "Never rea turn until your not a slut!!" I laughed at this because I'm a vigin....that is....for now.....

Thanks for reading!! Sorry it was so short there's more where that came from! I will add more on friday! Bye my little munchkins!!

-In Love With Harry

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