Do You Want to Smite a Demon?


1. so this is only one chapter because it's a song tht I wrote so tell me if you like it or not please


Do you wanna smite a demon?

Come on lets grab a blade 

I never see you anymore 

Come out the door

It's like you've gone away

We used to be hunt buddies 

But now we're not

I wish you would tell me why 

Do you wanna smite a demon?

It doesn't have to be a demon

*go away castiel*

Okay bye 

Do you wanna smite a demon? 

Or ride the Impala all over town?

I think so company is over due

I've started hunting with Sammy all the time 

Watch out Sam!

It gets a little lonely all these borrring hunts

Just watch the blood fly by

Please I know you in there

Crowley is asking where you've been 

He says I'm ugly 

But he lies to you 

I'm right out here for you 

Just let me in 

We only have each other 

Just you and me 

And maybe Sammy too

Do you wanna smite a demon?

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