My Bully

This story is one of the most important things to me. I put a lot of work in the storyline and the plots and the problems and all the other stuff. Hope you guys like it :)

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2. Same Old Boys 💩



~ Jessica's POV ~

When I first met him, I thought he was just another guy. I honestly thought that he would be just like the others. All the usual things you would think of when a particularly unattractive guy is standing in front of you. You know: annoying, ugly, dumb, stupid and most of all an asshole. You aren't even bothered to get to know them for who they are because that how much you don't like them already. I clearly wasn't interested but boy was I in for a treat.

Well don't you dare say that you never liked someone after considering them to be like shit. I know that people make mistakes. Deep down I know that liking him is one although I'm trying my best to convince myself that it's not. It hard, believe me. I've tried over and over but I'd rather give up because I feel like I'll never get over him, like I won't fall for someone else. It sounds insane yet it's true.

Well enough of the bullshit. Here's my story.

My name is Jessica. I'm 15 years old. I have long brown hair and big hazel eyes. I'm not fat or thin, somewhere in between. But I'm short. And here is comes the part which sucks. I have a bully. Michael. He's tall with dark hair and deep brown eyes. He makes fun of me for being so short but I just ignore him though his words sting and hurt like hell most of the time. He's been in all my classes last year and I hope I don't even need to see him at all this year.



Sorry about the short chapter. I promise the ones later on will be longer. Don't forget to check out my other Movella "Lost In The Dark" Love you guys!! Muah!

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