My Bully

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3. Mommy 👩



*Jessica's POV*

I woke up at 6:49 in the morning and looked out the window. The sun was shining so brightly that it made me feel as if I was blind. I got out of bed and took a cold shower to feel awake. That took about an hour.

I dried my hair, brushed it and decided to curl it. I spotted a cute hair clip and used it. I looked at myself in the mirror. Presentable. Then I put on black jeans and a long sleeved pink top that hugged my body in the right places, showing my curves.

Then I walked to the kitchen with my toes gently making soft noises on the ground. I grabbed a bowl and put some Greek yogurt, granola, fresh berries and a bit of honey. Call me obsessed with health or whatever but I don't really mind much because I kinda am obsessed with being 'fit' but that's not why I eat the same thing for breakfast almost everyday. Well it tastes so damn good and keeps you full for a long time. I grabbed a stool and sat with my legs dangling as I devoured the yogurt.

As I was looking around the house due to boredom, my eyes landed on my phone which I then got and unlocked. I continued eating my breakfast as I scrolled through Instagram.

I glanced at the old clock my dad put up when I was 7 on the plain wall. It brings back memories.



"Ugh" my dad groaned as I jumped on him.

"I missed you pumpkin!!"

"I missed you too"

My dad has just come back from Japan. He had things to do with his work and all, you know being a CEO. So I guess I can be understanding but my mom needed him to be there with her. He had brought a clock with him and he hung it on the wall. I'm not going to lie. That clock was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. It looks broken for god's sake! But I didn't have to say anything because my mom just said

"Honey....I'm sorry to say this but that clock is hideous" she tried to muffle her laugh but my dad could hear her.


"What?! I'm just saying the truth" she said defensively continuing to laugh.

My dad pressed his lips tightly together so that they formed a straight line. I knew what was wrong but I decided to stay quiet. This was probably gonna be one of the last times we hear her laugh. But I guess my mom didn't know what was going through his mind because she said

"Aww. Honey, I didn't mean to hurt you..."

My dad smiled slightly and said "I love you Jasmine"

"I love you too Danny"

*End of flashback*

Oh how I miss her. That was just a few days before she passed away. Her health wasn't too good then and she was getting worse by the day. Honestly, it's been really hard for me to deal with her death and school hasn't been helping either. I'm getting bullied by only one person yet it feels like the whole world is bullying me. Not to mention that I'm not so proud of my grades. I mean people think I'm really smart but I don't think so. My grades aren't good enough.

I blinked a few times until I realized that it was 7:12am. Shit. I'm gonna be late to school. I ran to brush my teeth and put on my makeup. I applied foundation, concealer, a little blush and lipstick, a nice shade of pink.

7:20am. Great I have just enough time to reach school.

"C'mon!!! Hurry up!! You'll be late to your first day of school."

"Coming daddy!" I shouted back. I ran downstairs to find my dad waiting impatiently by the door.

"Let's go"



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