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4. Meet The Devil 😈



*Still Jessica's POV*

I arrived at school at 7:45. I glanced outside the window and our eyes met. It was horrific. It was like I just saw a devil. I looked away unable to breathe properly. I looked outside once more and I saw Maria along with Lara, Jen and Sam, some of my best friends. I dashed out of the car forgetting my bag in the back seat. I ran as fast as I could and engulfed them into a big hug.

"Hey!" They all said at the same time which made us giggle like obnoxious little twats.

"Omg! Guess what happened?! I was in the car and I saw that son of a bitch and I almost pissed my pants!"

"Holy-" Jen started

"-shit" Lara finished the sentence for her

"I thought he left to some other school!" Sam practically yelled

"Another continent!" Maria whispered when she realized that people were starting to stare at us.

"Well I thought that too but apparently that douche isn't going anywhere anytime soon..."

"Hey guys! What's going on? Is it that prick again?! I swear I'll punch him so hard he'll forget his name!!!"

Typical Bella.

"Dude calm down! Shhh! Shhhhh! My dad's coming this way!" I whispered

"Um...hi girls. Hope you guys have a good day. You forgot your bag..."

"Oh thanks..." I grabbed the bag and put it on my right shoulder. He left after giving me a weak smile

"I know it's hard but everything's gonna be alright"

I wished what he said was true. But sadly I didn't believe that there would be a day when everything's okay.

"I know daddy" I lied and hugged him gently

"Well I'm gonna go now. Take care ladies"

"We will" my friends replied in unison

After he left, I turned to my friends and they all had apologetic looks in their eyes. I couldn't bear seeing them tired of everything that's going on so I looked at the ground. Bella broke the silence and I was so happy that she did that because the silence made me feel a bit guilty as if it was all my fault that everyone is miserably. Which it is. But honestly, god bless her.

"C'mon, we have to go get our schedules"

As we reached the foyer where the counselor would hand out our schedules and class list, I prayed that his year would be better than the last one.

As soon as I got the list, I looked at the first name and went through each and every persons name. My smile kept getting wider as I went down but I almost got a panic attack when I saw the last name. Michael. Michael Berkeley. My breath hitched and I soon became dizzy. The room was blurry as hell and the noises were like echoes. I felt as if I was going out of my mind.

I took several deep breaths and spotted all of my friends near the lockers. And when I say all of my friends, I literally mean all of them. It's always been just the six of us. You know, best friends for life.

I waved at them, and when they came up to me I just started walking towards the staircase and they knew that I just wanted to go to Algebra without talking on the way there. So they quietly followed me to the classroom. I stopped at a bright red door. This is it. I looked at my schedule to make sure I was in the right place.

"Mr. Cole....." I read aloud biting my lips.

I looked back and they just smiled so I smiled back to reassure them that I'm ready for this.... Hopefully.

I entered the classroom to find that all of the seats have been taken except one right next to the monster. I walked to the seat without looking up and I got my books out along with my glasses.

"Hey shorty"

Wait a second. What's going on?! "Shorty" isn't really that bad compared to the things he used to call me. They were only a few words but they had really rude meanings. I'm guessing you know what I'm talking about.

I looked up to find him looking directly at me, leaning back comfortably against the wooden chair. He was starting to scare me a little but only because he's acting really weird.

*The bell rings, period one starts*

I sat up straight eager to meet our algebra teacher. And in came the cutest ginger I've ever seen. Yes, he was a ginger. A cute ginger though.

He spoke "Hi y'all! I'm your new algebra teacher for this school year and I looks forward to getting to know you guys. My name is Mr. Cole"

I turned back to see Maria freaking out a bit. Seems like she likes him already. Well, her and the rest of our group including myself.

I listened as he spoke the whole lesson never looking at anything else. He was perfect. But gross. He's my god damn teacher! I can't like my teacher! Like that's so wrong in my opinion.

*Bell rings, period one ends*

I stood up collecting my books and I turned around and fell back on my chair. Michael was standing right there. A bit amused.

This was ridiculous. I don't want him thinking that I'm too scared to confront him. Well I am but whatever. He can't control me as if I'm his bitch! I gathered all the courage I had.

"What the hell do you want?"


"Fuck. Off."

"Shorty" he said it with a smile. Like a real smile. Okay. That's it. I'm done with this shit.

I ignored his presence and got a bottle of my favorite perfume from my bag. The scent is strong but I still like it. I sprayed one, two, three sprays.

Michael started coughing. And he kinda backed off. I looked at my perfume bottle with a goofy grin on my face. I got the most brilliant idea. I can use the perfume to keep him away from me! I just need to know if it works. (Lol sorry it's lame)

I saw his face and started laughing so hard that no sound came out. He looked at me and started laughing and coughing at the same time.

"Oh my god!....I can't breathe!!!!"

"Ahaahahahahhahahha!!!!" Cough. Cough.

I steered laughing uncontrollably and we left the class.

The day went along smoothly and he just kept calling me shorty so I decided to ignore him. Talk about annoying!! He's so annoying that I'd rather study! Study! But I noticed that I wasn't afraid anymore. It felt nice for it to be alright for once.



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