It was all a Mistake (5sos/1D)

"Chrissy, I need to tell you something..."
"Your father wants to see you."

Christina Fair, or as she prefers, Chrissy Fair, has lived her whole life without her father. She knows little of him, but she does know that he is a very succesful man.
She now has to make her decision. Does she want the man, who gave up on her when she was a baby, to be a part of her life?


3. Stepbrother?




I quickly wake up, because of the missing sound of regular beeping. I quickly look towards the hospital bed, and see Addy sitting there, a nurse currently doing something with the wires that connect her to the beeping maskine, that's supposed to take the heartrate, or something like that. I sigh, relieved that there was nothing wrong.

“Wow, Chrissy, you look absolutely horrible.” Addy says.

“Gee thanks Addy. I have only been here a whole night, after you got yourself into trouble. Again.” I say, smiling, happy that she's herself again.

When I found her last night, she was laying outside in the garden, covered in her own vomit. I quickly called an ambulance, and told them what was wrong, and where we were, and here had gone about five minutes, before they arrived. I then found out why the curly haired guy had snatched my phone. We were at a party, where minors were drinking alcohol. But I still think that the safety of a person would be more important than being at a party where minors were. I mean, come on! But we had arrived at the hospital, and they took Addy into another room for a while, then came out to me, and told me I could go in to see her, and here I've been ever since.

“What would I do without you?” She says, smiling. She seems really calm after what happened to her, it's quite strange. “But really, Addy, I was so so scared for you. You've got to stop making such mistakes. You really do.” I say, getting teary eyed.

“I know, I know. I'm so sorry Chrissy. I'm so so sorry! Please don't cry?” She asks. “If you're going to cry, I'm going to cry.” She says, also a bit teary eyed. “Oh, we would definitely not want that! You look awful when you cry.” I say, laughing.

“I do not!” She says, and slaps my arm playfully.

“No, you really do! If you picture a wet cat that's crying, then you have the perfect image.” I say, laughing even louder.

“Shut up!” She says, also laughing.


Addy and I had been at the hospital the whole day, and had gotten the message, that Addy was allowed when the doctor had finished some paperwork.

“So, have you made a decision yet?” She asks me, a bit of a hopeful look in her eyes. I sigh and shake my head. “I don't know what to do. I kind off want to see him. I want to see if I look like him, or if my resemblance lies more to my mothers family. I want to see if I have any siblings. I mean, it would be totally strange if I did, but I still want to find out. But on the other hand, I'm absolutely terrified of finding out. What if he hates me? What if he has a new family?”

“Didn't you just say that you wanted to see if you had siblings? I know that it's something you have wished for your whole life. It would perhaps be a dream come true..?” She says, a little insecure with her words.

“I have always wanted siblings. I just don't know if I could handle it if he left me, his daughter, lost all of his contact with me, and then decided that he wanted a new family. I don't think I would ever get over that kind of heartbreak.” I say, really thinking of what I'm saying.

“I know that you think that it would be really terrible, but you don't know if he even has a wife, or children. Don't you think that, perhaps, he deserves a chance to explain how he feels? Don't you think there's a reason for him wanting to see you? Perhaps he wants to make up for his mistake. Or perhaps not. But I do think that you should find out yourself, because I believe that you would regret it if you didn't.” She says, smiling at me.

“Since when did you turn out to be such a wise friend?” I ask her, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I know! I was totally in the zone!” She says, turning back to the Addy I know best. “But seriously, I think that you should see him. If not to get to know him, you could at least get some closure.” She says. I stand up and hug her. “Thank you. I'm glad to have you.” I say. “Now, when are those doctors coming? I need to get you home before your parents find out that we went to a party last night.”

“Yeah. How did you come up with a story, so the doctors wouldn't call them?” She asks, suddenly realizing that they haven't found out. “I told them that you were an orphan, and I was your foster sister. Apparently I look to be older than I thought.” I say, smiling proudly.

“Genius!” She says, laughing loudly.


“Hi mum. What would you say, if I told you that I would like to see Charles?” I ask her, a little afraid of how she is going to get mad. “You know sweety, I would actually encourage it.” She says, very much to my surprise.


“Because you deserve to meet him. Have I ever told you how much you look like him?” She asks. I look up at her, taken aback by her words. “No. No you never told me that.”

“There's so much that you do, that reminds me so much of him. You also have his brown eyes. You're very lucky, because my gray eyes are not nearly as beautiful.” She says, smiling as if she remembers some very good memory.

“I like your gray eyes. It's a good look on you. I don't think you would look nearly as good, if you had brown eyes.” I say, laughing a bit.

She laughs. “Are you saying I wouldn't be able to pull off brown eyes?” She asks, and playfully shoulderbumps me.

“Oh, I know you wouldn't.”


“This better be worth it.” I say through the phone. “Oh it will be. I'm so excited for you!” Addy practically squeals. “I don't know. Perhaps I'm not ready yet. Perhaps I should wait a few months.” I say, hesitating. I see the street sign. “You better not! You can not back out now! You are going to knock on that door, and then you're going to be nice to the person, or people on the other side of the door. They are expecting you!” She scolds. “Okay, yeah, you're right. I'm sure it won't be too bad.” I say, still feeling a bit unsure, and not believing a single word of what I just said. “That's my girl. Now knock.” She says. I had indeed reached the address my mother had given me. I look around myself, to see if she is spying on me. “How did y..?”

“I just do. It's an instinct. Now, I'm going to hang up the phone, and you're going to knock on that door. See ya later.” And with that she hung up on me. I sigh, and shake my hands, trying to get rid of some of the nerves.

Finally, after a couple of minutes of standing outside the front door, looking like a lunatic, trying to shake of my nerves, I finally build up the courage, and knock on the door. I wait for a short while, then a woman opens the door. She looks at me expectantly, as if waiting for me to say something.

“Hi, is this Charles Smith's house?” I ask as kindly as I can. She looks at me, shocked, but then seems to realize who I am. “Yes yes, come in. You must be Christina. You have your father's eyes.” She says, seeming a bit surprised by me being there. Had my mother not told them I was coming by?

“Please call me Chrissy. Everyone does.” I say. “You have a beautiful home, Miss...?”

“Mrs. Smith. Your father and I are married.” She smiles. “But you may call me Dorothea.”

“I apologize if you were not expecting me. My mother told me that she had talked to Charles.”

“Oh, don't you worry. We were about to have dinner. Why don't you join us?” She asks. I nod, and follow her into what appears to be a living room. “If you just sit yourself wherever you want, I will go fetch your father.” She says, and quickly walks out of the room.

While sitting in one of the large sofas in the room, I take a look at my surroundings. My mother wasn't kidding when she said that my father was successful. All around me were expensive furniture. Paintings on the walls, that must have cost a fortune. And some small statues that look as if they have been taken out of a museum.

Suddenly I heard someone walking towards the living room. I quickly sat up straight, the nerves finding their way into my whole body again. My hands start to shake, out of nervousness, so I quickly fold them on my lap.

I looked through the open door, towards the stairs. I see a guy walking down the stairs and towards where she sat.

“Ugh, mother, are you hiring another maid?! Seriously, what happened with the last one?!” He yells, quite rudely.

“Um, hi. I'm Chrissy, Charles is my father.” I say, a bit insecure now. Did I really look like a maid? “Not to be rude or anything, but are you his son?” I ask.

He laughs out loud. How rude. “No, I certainly am not his son. I'm sorry that you are his daughter. He's terrible.” He says very rudely. “Uh, okay?” I say, and don't try to make conversation with him. I can't help but feel a little relief by him not being my brother. He seems terrible! I would not want such a spoiled brother.

“So, how come I've never met you before?” He asks, an ugly smirk playing on his lips. “Uhm, probably because I've never met Charles either. Mrs. Smith went to tell him that I have arrived.”

“Oh well, don't get your hopes up.” He says, then leaves the room. He puts his head back inside the room, and says. “I'm Jones, by the way,” he winks at me, then leaves again.

I feel a disgusted feeling run through me. Is he not supposed to be my stepbrother or something?

After a while of sitting in the living room, alone, a man finally walks down the stairs. The butterflies in my stomach are flying everywhere. He walks into the room, then stops abruptly in his tracks, and stares at me. He is a very young man, much younger than his wife. I immediately see what my mother and Mrs. Smith were talking about. Our eyes are identical. He has the same dark hair as I do, not completely straight, but not curly either.

I stand up, not really knowing what else to do. He just keeps staring at me.

After a while of just standing and staring at each other, he finally comes towards me, and embraces me in a hug. I've never been much of a hugger, and therefore just stand there, giving him awkward pats on the back.

“Christina, it is so good to finally meet you. I have waited for this for such a long time. I'm so happy that you agreed to see me.” He says, finally releasing me from his embrace. I smile. “Come. Sit.” He says, patting the sofa. I sit, and again, I fold my hands on my lap.

“So, Christina, how have you and your mother been. I talked to her earlier today. She seemed happy. Are you happy?” He says, and seems genuinely interested. “Uhm, yeah, sure. We're alright.” I say, and try to send him a smile. “Good, that's good.” He says, as if not know what else to say.

After a few moments, he finally speaks again. “You look so much like her.” He says. I look at him, surprised. “Everyone keeps telling me that I look just like you.” I say, a little confused. “Yes, you do look like me. The eye colour and the dark hair. But you have your mothers bone structure and her lips. If it were not for the hair and eyes, I would have thought that it was your mother, back when she was a teenager.” He says. He has such a loving look in his eyes. “No Chrissy, it's just your imagination.” I thought to myself.

“Charles, honey. The dinner's ready.” Mrs. Smith had just walked into the room. “Christina, you are welcome to join us. We're eating lamb.” She says, clapping her hands happily. “We better hurry, she would not be happy with me, if we have them waiting.” Charles says, and leads the way to the dining room.


The silence by the table can not get any more awkward. I'm sitting next to Jones, who keeps glancing at me, which is making me feel quite uncomfortable. Charles and Mrs. Smith are sitting across from us, and are as silent as possible. The only sound coming from them is their chewing, and when they take a sip of their wine.

I just sit there, eating, trying to ignore Jones' uncomfortable glances, and the awkward tension.

When I finish eating, I push my plate a little further away from me, and again, fold my hands over my lap, which is something I have noticed I do when I either feel awkward, or nervous. And right now, I feel both.

The silence is cut by a phone ringing. I see Jones take out his, and see that on the screen stands: The gang- Justin

“Jones, what have I told you about phones by the dinner table?” Mrs. Smith asks, clearly irritated with Jones. “I'm sorry mother, but this is a very important phone call.” He says. He excuses himself from the table, and Mrs. Smith sighs.

“What is wrong with that boy's manners?” She whispers, and I believe that no one was supposed to hear it, so I stay quiet, acting as if I had heard nothing.


“Well, I better get going.” I say, after everyone had finished dinner. “Oh, alright. Do you want me to drive you?” Charles asks. “No, that's alright.” I say, not wanting anymore awkward tension.

Jones had left, right after he had hung up the phone. So for a while, it had just been Charles, Mrs.Smith and I eating dinner. “I don't live too far away. It's no problem. But thank you so much for dinner. It tasted delicious.” I say, standing up from my seat. “It's no problem at all. You are welcome whenever you want, we have more than enough space.” Charles says, also standing from his seat. “Yes, I will remember that.”

“Perhaps if I could have you number, we could perhaps make some plans. Have some father daughter time?” He asks, seeming a bit insecure with his words. “Yes of course.” I say. “if you just hand me your phone, so I can type in my number?” I ask.

“Oh, yes, of course.” He says, and hands me his phone. I quickly type in my number, and hand him back his phone.

“Alright, I will call soon, and then we can make plans?” He asks, smiling. “Yes, of course.” I say, returning his smile. I quickly send Mrs. Smith a smile. She seems like a really nice woman. I can not understand how Jones could be a son of hers.

“Let me walk you out.” She says. “Thank you.” I say. I send a quick smile to Charles, then walk with Mrs. Smith. “Thank you Mrs. Smith, for having me.” I say as we reach the front door. “Oh it was a pleasure, and please do call me Dorothea.” She said, sending me a warm smile. “Alright Dorothea. Thanks again.” I say, and send her one last smile. “Be safe.” She says, and closes the door.

I start walking down the street, when I feel someone's eyes on me. I look around myself, but can not see anything peculiar. I just keep walking, trying to ignore the odd feeling.

When I reach the end of the street, I see a group of guys walking further behind me. I just keep walking, trying not to think of it, when suddenly I feel someone arms around me. I scream, and kick the person.

“Ow!” I hear a low voice say. I turn around, recognizing the voice. “Hey, what do you think you're doing?” I ask, clearly surprised by the person behind me.

“Wait. Are you Jones' stepsister?” The curly haired boy asks, confused. “How did you know about that? I didn't even know until a few hours ago?”

“Well, I have my ways. Now I really need you to follow me.” He says, walking down the street, towards the other guys.



/// Okay, so that was the 3rd chapter of this story...

I hope you will keep reading, because I think the story will finally get a little exciting after this.

Also, I want you guys to know that I picture Jones looking a bit like Marcus Butler, not because I don't like Marcus, it's just something I do. Of course you guys might have a whole other opinion on how he might look, I'm just saying how I picture his looks.



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