It was all a Mistake (5sos/1D)

"Chrissy, I need to tell you something..."
"Your father wants to see you."

Christina Fair, or as she prefers, Chrissy Fair, has lived her whole life without her father. She knows little of him, but she does know that he is a very succesful man.
She now has to make her decision. Does she want the man, who gave up on her when she was a baby, to be a part of her life?


1. Prologue.


I took out my earphones, because apparently my teacher had been speaking to me. I looked around the classroom, and saw that almost every head had turned my direction. I looked at Mr. Hudgins, waiting for him to speak again. ”Miss fair, when did World War Two start, and when did it end?” I had history class, and it was probably one of my worst subject. ”uh, it started in 1942.” I said with all the fake confidence I could manage. Half the class started laughing silently, or at least they tried to laugh silently. ”And ended in 1948?” I said, now as a question, because the laughter of my classmates had taken away all of my fake confidence.

”Well, Miss Fair, at least you were right about one thing.” I looked up, a little surprised by his words, “The war did indeed last six years.” He said, a little mockingly, if I might add. “The war started in 1939, and ended in 1945, Miss Fair. If you had shown the slightest interest in my class, you would have known.” I looked at him, as if I really regretted not reading those fifty pages we had for homework, but I really could not care much less. “Now, moving on...” I did not bother to listen to what came out of Mr. Hudgins' mouth after that.

I took out my phone and earphones, which I had put in my pocket when I had found out that Mr. Hudgins had talked to me, only to find my earphones in a tangled mess. I sighed, then started untangling the earphones. “Why do they always do this?!” I thought, while struggling to untangle the wires.

When I, after five minutes, finally got them untangled, I put the earphones in and pressed shuffle on Itube.


I had to walk home, because we do not have a car. My mother was very “unfortunate” to become pregnant with me, when she was only sixteen years old. My biological father left her after that, because he wasn't ready to have a child. I would not be ready to be a parent when I was seventeen either, but I would have, if I had to. And if you ask me, you do have to, if you get another person pregnant. But we do alright, me and my mother. I help out a little with the money I get for working in the bookstore, and my mother has two jobs, so we do pay rent. And walking isn't so bad. At least it's better than the bus. A full bus, with sweaty people. Not good. Not good at all.

I decided to walk through the park, mainly because it was a short cut, but also because I liked that there were not too many people there at this time a day.

I walked the way I did everyday. The tiny path lead to the centre of the park, where ducks and swans swam in the pond, and the playground a little further away, with children playing, and the parents sitting on the benches, talking and laughing at their children, who seemed to be doing something funny.

I smiled at the sight. I never had that. I was never able to go the park, to play with the other children who went. I believe that my mother was a little embarrassed to be so young, and with a three year old child. I believe she thought that the other mothers, who would be there, would laugh at her, for being the stupid teenager who forgot to use a condom.


After walking through the park, and a little further down the street, I could finally see our house. My mother and I lived in a small house. We didn't really need much space, with me being an only child, and my mother working constantly. And we could not get a bigger house, even if we wanted to. We were barely able to pay rent with this house, I could not imagine how much we would both have to work if it was bigger.

I walk through the front door, take of my shoes and throw my bag in the small closet that is beside the door, and slam the door, not because I was mad, but because if I didn't, it would not keep shut.

I walked into the kitchen, and started searching the fridge. Nothing. I then opened the freezer, and saw that we had some frozen fruit for smoothies. I quickly grabbed it, and took out the blender. I tried to make the smoothie as quickly as possible, and after about five minutes, it was finished.

I walk up to my room, and find out one of my favourite books: The Infernal Device – Clockwork Angel. Tessa had just met Camille Belcourt, and they had decided that she and Will should attend at the Pandemonium Club.


I heard the door slam shut, and immediately knew that it was my mother. I closed my book, and put it back on the bookshelf. I sat down on the bed, and sat there for a short while.

When I walked through my bedroom door, and downstairs, I see that my mother sits by the kitchen table.

“Hi mum. Rough day at work today?” I asked, as I sat beside her.

“Yeah It was, actually” she said. “Chrissy, I need to tell you something...” She trailed off, looking down at the table.


“Your father wants to see you.”



// Okay, so that was the prologue to my first fanfiction here on movellas. I know it was not a very exciting beginning, but I'll try to make it more exciting further in the story... I promise that I will try!

Anyway, I'm sorry if there are many faults in my writing. I am not English, and therefore there might be some faults, but I am working on it, I promise!



Thank you for reading! -DJ

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