Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


17. Welcome Back

I open my eyes seeing that I'm not in a cave nor on the hard ground but in a hotel I realize then that I have to save my money I wake up take my bow and my sheath of arrows and walk outside of my room and payed the lady and went off I walked to the street and headed to the forest and a car stopped beside me I take an arrow and aim it at the window of the car and a car door opens I wait for the person to step outside so I could harm him and not kill him but I see a familiar face a face that would not harm me it surly was Liam

Kat I've missed you baby gorl" he said and hugged me and I hugged him back

"I've missed you too big guy" I reply

Then the whole gang get out of the car

"I missed you so much"Niall said embracing me in a hug

"Same here Niall" I reply

"What did you forget me" Louis sad

"Not a chance Lou" I reply but I see someone that is no longer mine I don't know him anymore

"Kat I missed you my sweetheart" he says

"Harry I'm not you're sweetheart anymore" I reply

"Why" he replies

"We broke up three months ago" I reply backing up a little

"Well will you do the honor and be my girlfriend again please" he says I look at him my stomach churns

"No Harry I can't break our hearts anymore every time we make up we brake up again so could we be just friends" I reply

Harry's P.O.V

"Could we be just friends" these words kept ringing through my head

"O-ok" I reply sadly

"Well let's go"Liam said breaking the ice

"Where" I reply

"To the house" Liam replies

Kats P.O.V

"Well I'll be seeing you" I say walking away but someone holds my arm and yanks me away I look and see Harry looking at me sadly

"What"I said

"You're coming with us"Harry replied

"I can handle being with myself"I reply

"What if they comeback" I reply

"I have a weapon to use" I replied

"That's not an option" I hear Liam say stepping forward

"Please come with us"Liam says

"Ok but I said ok because you wouldn't take no for an answer

"Yay" they all shouted

"Wait I gotta do something don't follow me I will be back in a minute" I say before the gave me reassuring smiles

"I go inside the hotel and got to my room I forgot to get my clothes well one actually considering him and Brian tore the rest but I stop and take a shower and wear my clothe before the hotel receptionist realizes I'm using it and I go outside meeting them squeaky clean

"Did you just take a shower" Liam said

"Yes I want to make myself look presentable"I reply I hear Liam huff and get in the car and we all follow not looking at each other in the car that is silent as we reach I look over seeing a palace as we stop we all get out and get in but I stay back and lie on the grass looking at the sun but soon I cover my eyes and go inside I see them all watching t.v but Niall is in the kitchen eating go figure but I never saw a place like this

"Hey can we talk" Harry said breaking my thoughts

"Sure" I reply we go upstairs and begin our chat

"So why do u want" I ask

"I wanted to give you this" he says handing me a box

"What is it"I ask

"I wanted to give you this on our first date but I couldn't because I didn't have a chance but you're till my angel and always will be" I tear up holding the blocks so tight that it might break any second he hugs me telling me it's okay but I know everything won't be I'm afraid of putting him in danger

"Harry I accept" I say

"Accept what" he asks

"I accept of being you're girlfriend" I reply

A smile appears on my face and I go down and tell them the news and I'm greeted with all their smiles

"Well I'll be seeing you" I hear Kat say

"Where are you going" I ask

"Something" she replies

"What" I reply angrily

"To find a hotel to stay in"she replied and my smile fades

"Kat you're staying here" I tell her

"I can't put you into that trouble"she says before heading to the door but I stop her

"Move"she shouts

"No"I reply

"Why"she asks

"Cause you're staying here"I reply

"I can't put you to that trouble"she replies

"It's no trouble at all" Liam says from behind and comes and takes her hand gently

Kats P.O.V

"I can take after myself" I tell them

"Please pwetty pwease"Niall says before showing me the cutest puppy eyes I look away seeing them all giving me puppy faces

"Fine but just for th-"he cuts me off

"Forever" he says

"I hate you" I reply jokingly

"I know" he replies

"Well tomorrow is gonna be a big day" Liam says

"Where" I reply

"It's a surprise" Liam says

"I hate you all" I say

"We know"they say in unison

"Come with me"Liam says before he takes my hand pulling me away leading me to a door

"What's this" I ask

"Open it baby girl" he says I reach for the shining cold knob before I turn it causing it to open I see a bed in the middle of the room a huge wooden closet a mirror and a little table I gasp

"Like it" Liam asks

"I love it before I hug him and he hugs me back it's been ages since i was hugged

Here's the update hope you like it

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