Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


3. The Wakening

I woke up only finding a dark damp room where am I I thought

"Hello anybody here" I asked

"Yes,who are you"he asked

"Nothing you should know" I retorted

"Your finally awake a tall damp figure said

"Where are we"I asked

"Non of your concern"he retorted

"Well it's completely my concern"I snapped

"Shut up or else-"he said but I cut him off

"Or else what"I snapped

"Okay that's it" he said before dragging me to a room in the room there was a bed full of blood oh my god is he a rapist I begun to feel scared he tied me up and pulled my pants and under where off and taking his off he put in a condom and began thrusting in me taking my virginity away and thrusting in me for half an hour and then threw me in

The boys P.O.V

I was starting to feel sorry for her even if I didn't know her name and after half an hour he threw him in a room and dragged me in the room immediately beating me up with his belt and his hands and shot me with a gun in my stomach a few times until he was satisfied and threw me in not caring at And I may have cofed blood a few times

Kats P.O.V

He threw him in and he was full of blood

"Take care of him and there's food eat now"he demanded

"I immodestly grabbed a wet cloth and some tweezers and immideatly until I was finished and made some food to eat and then went to bed leaving his tray for him to eat

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