Nothing To Life

A young girl named kat age 16 hates her life her father and mother is dead and her sister always does drugs her high school classmates always pick on her and people give pity for her the only thing she think is good at is hunting and no one can take that away but what will happen when she gets kidnapped read to find out
Warning sexual content available


13. Chapter 13

The only place I knew where to go the place when I feel is safe that no one knew it was the forest but first I had to lose them I suddenly turn around

"What do you want" I asked

"We want to help you because we know that Harry messed up again" a blonde Irish guy said

"I don't need help could you please leave me alone" I screamed

"No" they all said In unison they left me no choice I take an arrow and shoot between the gap as they automatically dodge I took the chance and ran away to the forest the place I have now that no one knows I reach it and go to the pond and swim to the rock in the middle and sit there looking at the sky thinking of what happened I then realize something that I never loved Harry that he's not good for me that I can do better without him I stand ready to swim to the ground but I see five figures sanding in front of me and then I spot Harry and he spots me back he gives me an I'm sorry look but I look away get my bow and aim at them and they move away I look around me and see another escape I spot it and jump and swim while they're running but I'm faster I reach to the ground and run while they after me I stop and look at them and immideatly climb a tree and someone holds my leg I look and see Harry I pull to the branch and try to get away but he's too strong and I fall back from the high tree and someone catches me I look and try to let go but his grin tightens

"Can't we just talk" the Irish boy said

"There's nothing to talk about" I retort back

"Please Laila be my girlfriend" Harry says

"And get my heart broken again no way" I say

"Please just give me another chance"he says his eyes begin to water I then stand up and walk to him and give him a passionate kiss and he immediately responds and then I pull away to see his face brighten

"Does that mean a yes to you" I say

"Yes yes thank you Laila for making me the happiest man alive" he says twirling me around then putting me Down I smile at him and look at the boys and they smile at me

"So who are you guys" I ask

"That's Niall the blonde guy he likes food by the way" Harry says while Niall gives him a glare

"This is Zayn" Harry points to a black haired guy

"And this is Liam and Louis" Harry points at them

"Nice to meet you all and sorry for the arrow incident" I say

"Oh yeah we forgot here you go" Zayn says handing me the arrow

"Thank you" I say

"You're welcome" he says happily

Hii guys it's been a while since I haven't updated so here's you're chapter and I will try to update soon

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