Prepared For The World

My name is Jesse and I have cancer. Then this boy comes into my life and changes everything....<3


1. Chapter 1.

Before you are born, God gets you prepared for the world. He makes you as beautiful as possible, and as sweet as possible. You may have things wrong with you but that doesn't matter how imperfect you are. You will survive. No matter how imperfect you are, that's just makes you so perfect. My name is Jesse. I am that imperfect person. God made me the way I am today because he loves me. He loves me so much so he made me this way. He has never loved me any less than today. I have cancer. The doctors don't know how long I have to live. My parents cry all the time but try to look strong in front of me. I have a best friend, her name is Keylee. She doesn't know I have cancer. She doesn't know I struggle everyday, fighting for my life. Sometimes I wonder why I haven't given up yet and let the cancer take me anyway from all the pain. All the pain I face everyday. But then I remember why. I face this cancer for my family, friends, and my celeb crush. I'm in a program called "Give Kids The World". In this program you have to be in it a year so your wish comes true. I've been in this program 11 months. I have one more month until my wish comes true. My wish, you may ask? My wish is to meet Justin Bieber in person. Like a Meet and Greet. Once I meet him I'm not sure if I'll let myself stay. I want to be the person who can say I met Justin Bieber before I die.


This isn't the best chapter nor the longest chapter but this is a start. I will update every Sunday. I'll try to update better than my last book I wrote. Favorite and Like my book please! (:


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