Is it so wrong?

To sum this story up its about a strippers life and smut stuff so yeah...
Well read it if you wanna.
See YA twinkies!


1. 1

Sarah's POV

I approached the club as I stared at the guard.

"What?" I stated to the beautiful boy with brown curled hair and emerald green eyes.

"Your... Never mind" "WHAT" I almost scream as I see the boy flinch a bit. " this is a bisexual club" he quickly speaks. I roll my eyes and try to go underneath his arms and into the club.

He presses his body against mine and put his hands on my breasts as I breath heavily. "your not going anywhere" I closed my eyes but I can feel the smirk against my skin as he speaks.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I say pulling his hands away from my body.

He smirks and puts his mouth on my cheek. He pulls away and scans my body. I put my hands over his eyes but he just pulled away.

He left kisses on my neck and collar bones as my heart flutters. No. This isn't right Sarah. You barely know this boy. You don't even know his name. I pull away more but he grunts and moans at the same time.

His kisses my collarbones more and keeps getting lower and lower. The boy, who I've come to know as Harry pulls down my neckline of the dress and kissing between my breasts. He sucked on my nipples softly. Harry but me which made me shriek in pain. He let out a moan and suddenly stopped and bent down. He pushed his face into my crotch (outside) and moved his face around as I moved around in discomfort. He put his hand on my ass to make me stay still.

"Take your pants off honey." He says as I say softly "no sorry I don't know about you but I like my pants ON" he gave me a mad look and took then off himself along with my panties. "Please stop Harry" "oh no, the party is just getting started" he smirks as I whimper. He opens my crotch up and softly strokes it. He suddenly pushes one finger up into my little hole as I scream. He keeps his finger in but makes me crouch down. I do as he says. He licks my cheek then neck and shoves his tongue into my mouth. "Don't scream please" I half stand up again and he continues.

I don't know what to do or say anymore.This isn't right.

He strokes the inside of my vagina with his one finger and forces two other fingers inside. I put my hand over my mouth to prevent screaming.

He used his other hand and stroked my thigh. He moved his fingers all around and pulled them back out and licked his fingers with a smile on his face.

"Is that what I think it means" I say almost trembling. He nods and puts his face towards my thighs. I can feel his tongue gliding around my entrance getting closer and closer. He put his tongue inside my entrance as I think to myself why I am even allowing this, such a disgrace. He stopped and pulled my pants up back to normal and stood up with me. "damn baby, you taste fucking good"

His turns me around and pushes me against the wall. I let out a small whimper-it hurt!

I could feel his bulge pressed against me. I felt hitting against my arse. I turn around quickly and without thinking, I punch him and I take off his jeans then his boxers. I realize what just happened I quickly zip back up his pants. He smiled at me and smirked. "Awe hell nah babe. Keep on going I liked it. It was hot." I told him no and he unzipped his pants himself showing his half naked self. "Do you know how to do a blow job?" "Harry no I don't, please stop." He held out his penis and forced my mouth onto it. I felt like throwing up so I pulled back before my mouth was on it. "You fucking cunt! Put your fucking mouth on my dick now. We wouldn't want anything bad to happen now would we?" He pulled something out from his pocket and put it back in. Guess what it was.. A gun.. I closed my eyes and wrapped my mouth around his penis. He started talking- "okay babe, this is how you do a blow job, you simply put your mouth on my penis and either A. I move back and forth, or B. You move YOURSELF back and forth. Whatever is easier babe." "1. Don't call me babe Harry, and 2, what if I choke? Not that I would but what if I can't breathe?" He chuckled and I stared at him thinking what a bad guy he his. "If you choke, I simply remove your dick and give CPR so I can kiss you and your breasts, if I don't, I will let you be there and walk away." He chuckled again as I rolled my eyes. "Are you ready bitch? Time to get serious here. I really need a blow job babe, my dick needs to feel amazing as the rest of me" I sighed as I closed my eyes and put my mouth on his dick. "Wh-what-nn-now?" "I will move back and forth. Follow my motion, make this great."

I feel horrible doing this. I might as well lose my virginaty to this man. This is unbelievable. I follow as he says as if my mind is under his power.

I glided my tongue inside my mouth as he pulled back and towards me making his penis go in and out. Suddenly, I cant breathe, I am holding my hands onto my neck as I try to free myself. I am hopeless. I can't do anything. Harry pulls back getting his dick out of my mouth. I gag and spit. I feel disgusted because my spit is a mix of clear and white. As I wonder what it is, I take a look at Harry's dick- stiff, and covered with ribbons on white. "Babe, that was the best, I've never experienced such an awesome blow job. And wow, It must've been good because I cummed and hade a boner. Oh my fuck."

He stood up and started touching my breasts more and rubbed himself and myself and started banging his organism onto the out side of my crotch (meaning the pant..)

I want to scream but I don't want to be shot.

"That was so fucking sexy babe, can't wait till next time." he whispers in my ear.

Now I can't help bit screaming because he hits his organism harder and harder. I scream as loud as I can when he suddenly stops, states at me, takes out his gun and points at me. "Do that one more time and I swear, I will shoot you." He says pulling his finger closer and to the trigger "I might as well do it now. Sorry babe, no more sex, it's done. Your done."

Goodbye life, goodbye parents and friends, my school life, everything. I loved it all. I wanted more. Why did this happen to me? Please god help me please.

He shoots towards me as I scream and duck, making the bullet miss me.

I cry and cry. I can't believe this.

"HAULT!" I hear guards and police men and woman scream all around.

What's going on?!

As soon as I know it, Harry gets controlled (handcuffed) by the cops/ guards and get taken across the street.

(Not a prison guys, just because he wanted Harry to be calm- if you have read "freak the mighty" - you would understand)

"Did you know that boy ma'am??" The man asks me. "N.. No s...sir" "why are you stuttering?" Because it felt like rape sir... I just wanted to get into the club and suddenly he pushed himself against me" I let out more sobs. "I didn't know what was happening" I put my hands on my face and shook my head. The guard (REAL ONE) looked around and called more guards. " Jeff, Ned, Christina, get this young lady into the club safely! What is your name darling?" He says " Sa.. Sarah.. Sir" " what's with calling me sir huh?" He looked around to his mates and chuckled. "Okay Sarah, thank you for telling this to us. Jeff, Ned and Christina will get you into that club. We will definitely look into this. Well let you know as soon as we find out about this man.. What was his name? Did he say?" He asked me "uhm.. I think... Harry?" "Okay thank you Sarah. Have fun at the club" "thank you sir."

The guards walk me inside and make sure that I'm okay and if I need help with anything. Ned hands me a paper towel to wipe off my tears and blood on my arms and legs as he hugs me and I thank him.

"I'm fine don't worry. But just in case, can I have your number? I want to be one the safe side tonight." "Sure" Jeff says. He writes down the number and gives it to me as I shove it in my brassiere.

"thank you once again for telling us all of this we will definitely look into this like Max said." Christina says very seriously. " n0, no thank you! For everything." I smile and they start to walk outside. They look back and wave as I do the same.

Now it's time to have some fun.

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