An abusive father blames his daughter for the moms death from cancer. Her brother Louis disappears and her friend Liam is all she has. Then she meets her hero... Niall.


1. Chapter 1

       I stand there with tear stand cheeks, bruises all over my arms and legs, and a busted lip. I stare at myself in the mirror for what seems like forever, taking in the thing that once was an innocent little girl. Nothing hurts, I have gone numb from all the pain. I take a step back and get one more good look at me, this monster look alike, then shut the curtain to hide the mirror from site. I can't, no one can stand the site of me, but it is not my fault. It's my fathers, he abused me. Two years ago mom passed away from cancer, hurting my dad horribly. She got the cancer right after I was born. When she died me and my brother Louis was left with our dad. That is when he became an acholholic, he would leave at seven or eight in the morning and come in around twelve at night. Louis and I would already be asleep in bed, but he would come in and jerk me up and curse me, smack me, hit me, blame me for moms death. I would scream and cry for Louis. He would run in my room and tackle dad, and he would pick me up and take me to his room and i would sleep in his bed. I would lay there for hours listening to dad throw things, and curse everything because of me. Louis was my shield, he protected me from anything possible to harm me. Then one day I was sitting at the table after school waiting for Louis to come home from school, but he never showed. I called and texted him for hours that day and never got an answer. I layed in his bed that night crying because I was so worried and scared. I layed there about asleep when I heard the door in the kitchen open and my excitement of thinking it was Louis caused me to run in there. It wasn't, it was dad. He was so drunk he fell every five feet. I helped him up and to the couch, but all the way he would punch me and kick. Nothing ever got better, everyday was the same.  I walk over to the shower and turn it on, and undress. Thinking that I could calm my nerves. I step in and wet myself before grabbing the soap. As I wash it calms me, thinking about Louis upsets me every time. As I finish rinsing I step out and grab a towel. I dry and wrap the towel around my hair, and walk into my bedroom to grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Putting on the clothes I hear my phone on the counter down stairs, so I towel dry my hair and walk down stairs. I grab my phone and see it is a miss call from Liam. I dial his number and call him back. Liam is the only friend I have, the only person that cares for me. He protects me as much as he can, like Louis did. "Hello" He answers. "Hey, I had just seen that you called," "Yea, I wanted to see if you wanted me to pick you up for some ice cream?" "Yea, I would love that!" I say excitedly, because it's the few great times like this that I get to have. " Great, I'll be there in 5 minutes. See ya" "Bye," I say and hang up. I stick the phone in my back pocket and head back up stairs. I go into the bathroom and open the mirror again, I throw my hair up into a blond messy bun on my head. I grab the makeup and put the cover up on, trying to hide the places on my face. When it is finally done I walk to the door and wait for Liam. I watch out the window as children run around happy with their parents. "Why can't that be me?" I think as I see Liam's car. I step outside and lock the door. Liam steps out of the car and opens his arms. I walk right into them and he hugs me, it is a great hug, one that I don't get enough. It is a hug that says "I care." He steps back and opens the door to his car for me. I climb in, as he does the same. We shut our doors and he starts to drives. I don't feel like talking much, even though I know I can tell him anything, so I turn up the music. I quietly sing along to the music coming through the speakers, as I stare out the window as we pass many houses with happy children, family's in their yards. Liam turns the music off and turns into this huge gated place. "I thought you said ice cream?" I ask him as he parks into a tiny space far from the building. The parking lot is crowded. "I am. This is a new place that opened a couple days ago." "Really!." He looks at me and smiles as he starts to get out of the car, I do the same. He starts walking and I follow him through a maze of parked cars. He leads me into this huge building, inside is amazing. It has so many food courts and shops, playgrounds, nothing I have ever seen before. But I never get to go out much anyways. I Stand there and stare, "This is so cool!" He looks over at me and puts his arm around me and leads me to an ice cream court. The sign read, "Frozen Goods," in huge red letters. Liam orders his and I look over the large menu on the side. I decide on a plain vanilla. The man hands me our ice cream while Liam pays. We walk over to a table in the corner and sit down, I am not in public a lot so I like staying out of site. We are quiet for a few minutes, enjoying our delicious food, when I drop some on the table. I look up to the counter for napkins, as I am searching I see this boy. He is just a little bit taller than me, blond hair. He is leaning on the counter, wearing black skinny jeans, white tank and a black jacket, he has sunglasses on not letting me see his eyes. I sit there staring at him, because I have never had a boy catch my eye like he did. I have never had a crush, boyfriend, because daddy would always say he would kill me or him. And I believe he would. "Jess," Liam waves a hand in front of me, looking at me, "you ok?" "Yes, just enjoying my ice cream," I tell him. I turn my attention back to the boy, and he catches my eyes. I turn, "I hope he didn't see me," I mumble. I take a chance and glance over again at him. But when I do he is not there.

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