Rachel Wood: An Autobiography - Dealing with a life changing illness.

This is an autobiography, and a story to help open your eyes to something you might be able to understand, but don't quite yet. Give it a read, it'd be great to hear from you all.


1. The introduction

So I saw a post on here that a friend of mine wrote, and thought it looked pretty interesting, so I thought I'd write one of my own. This is in no way going to be one of those 'you should feel sorry for me, because _____'. This is more of a road to understanding how someone very ill thinks, and feels. It's my journey through my illness and how I came out of the other side of it. This one hits close to home - 'living with a life changing illness as a teenager' is going to be about my battle with my life changing illness, and why you should learn to be a little bit more understanding about illnesses - because not all are obvious. Mine started with a normal chest infection. 

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