Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


28. You can't reveal your true emotions



You can’t reveal your true emotions


‘Oh my life.’ Was the first thing I could say as Chris lead me into the palace.

‘That escalated quickly.’ He muttered. I laughed. It was an odd laugh. It sort of bubbled up and flopped out of my mouth. Like it lacked the energy of normal laughs. Chris sat me down in one of chairs in the foyer.

‘We have to talk this out.’ I shook my head.

‘What are you on?’ He looked confused.

‘You are really not bothered right now? A crazy ass article has come out about you and you are fine? I am insulted!’ I got up and pushed him down into seat only he missed and landed on the floor.

‘You can’t let them see how it affects you or they think something else it going on. It goes from bad to nasty very quickly with the press. Just stay normal and do dangerous things. For example teach me archery, teach me how to drive one of those golf buggies that are floating around the gardens. These things get any idea of a baby out of their heads. Plus it is just going to make them look stupid when in three months I look the same and nine months I am still normal.’

‘Abortion.’ He offered. I shook my head.

‘Against the law for the royal family. Can’t have it unless I can prove that it has deformities.’ He furrowed his brow.

‘I don’t get it.’

‘Unless I can prove that the baby is going to be deformed by ultrasound I cannot have an abortion.’ A look of determination came over him.

‘Why is your grandmother getting into a flap about it?’

‘It looks bad if that gets out. We become a joke and then nobody believes us.’ My father ran in after my grandmother.

‘Mother! Mother! Come back here! Let me explain!’ She appeared at the top of the stairs.

‘What do you have to say for yourselves?’ She said in a deadly whisper.

‘It never happened. I pointed Chris’s shoe lace was undone. Then he asked did I want to leave and I said yes.’ She raised an eyebrow. Chris nodded sincerely.

‘Then her ring fell off. It really needs to be made smaller. This is the fifth time anyway I gave it back once I stood up.’ She pursed her lips.

‘Taylor go and get ready for lunch.’ I nodded and walked up to my room. Chris went to help me up but was rebuffed by her.

‘Hold it young man I need to speak to you.’ I paused. ‘Keep going Taylor.’ She was staring at  Chris. Titus and my father were pushing me up the stairs.

‘Go go go.’ My dad whispered. I ran up the stairs they followed me. I sat down at the top.

‘Taylor!’ Titus whispered. I put a finger to my lips.

‘Run. I want to hear.’ The stars went in a T shape so you could not be seen from the foyer but can hear what is going on perfectly.

‘Young man I have seen the articles coming out about you and Taylor. Is there anything going on?’ There was a pause.

‘Nothing. Apart from that we signed a betrothal contract.’ There was a disapproving noise from my grandmother.

‘Absolutely nothing? What about this new article?’ I could hear the smirk in his voice.

‘Well. We got bored and Earth Rainbow was following us so why not annoy the press? It was Taylor's idea.’ I felt my mouth drop open Chris was outright lying to the queen. That was treason. Is it? I didn’t care then though.

‘Right. Well make sure nothing more happens until she it at least sixteen.’

‘She is sixteen.’

‘No she is not. Now go and get ready.’ He was running towards my spot. He grabbed my  hand as he ran by pulling me along. I followed him running at the same pace.

‘She has such medieval ideas.’ He muttered. I nodded.

‘Tell me about it.’ He paused outside of my room.

‘Go and be beautiful.’ I nodded and walked into my rooms.


They were just as I had left them only a bit dusty and a few bullet holes around the place but they were still my rooms. Jane descended on me.

‘So. Decided to join us over in this wing did you. Instead of hanging out with your boyfriend.’ Mary drifted in.

‘Who’s got a boyfriend?’ She said. There was a gleam in her eye which I did not trust.

‘I don’t.’ I said quickly. She raised an eyebrow.

‘You said that too quickly. You have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend.’ Jane said as she danced around me. I groaned.

‘You can’t tell anyone. Until we decide to tell people.’ They nodded. Jane pressed a finger to her lips.

‘My lips are sealed.’ I laughed.

‘Anyway. I have to go to a dinner party.’ They nodded. I crossed my arms. They nodded looking serious.

‘How shall we do your hair?’ Jane pursed her lips.

‘I think we should put it in a waterfall braid thing.’ Mary nodded.

‘And the raspberry ripple dress!’ This was going from okay to bad.


After a long bath where I just sat in the water playing on my phone I was shoved into the dress I had to wear at my first formal dinner with Louis and his family. I am not going to even try to re explain so go back and read it. I sat in front of the large mirror as my hair was braided back into a waterfall thing. I didn’t really understand how it worked. That is why I was so thankful I have Jane and Mary. Chris met me on the stairs outside my room. He was looking disgusted.

‘I just saw the maid who works down somewhere in the bowels of this magnificent palace and that guy who follows her around like a lost puppy getting it on.’ I felt slightly sick at that.

‘Thanks. I wanted to hear just that.’

‘Oh yeah it was gross. He was going “Sure?” and she was like “Sure” back. I was going to hurl something at them. I giggled.

‘Now don’t look like there is a nasty smell under your nose. Her majesty will kill me then. She already disapproves of us together.’ He pulled a face. His whole face scrunched up. I laughed. My grandmother was stood around the corner looking like thunder was about to hit. He faltered but I kept walking.

‘Hello Grandmother. How are you?’ He raised her head a little bit.

‘Well. Thank you Taylor. Now you two, dinner is ready please go down to the dining room.’ She seemed oddly uptight then but I let it go. I smiled as I walked past, Chris slipped his hand into mine as we walked around the corner.

‘She is slightly scary.’

‘You are telling me. She scares me so much. And I’m her grandchild. Only one as well.’


I walked up to bed that night after a normal dinner. Grandmother was feeling ill and so was lying down in a dark room.

‘I hope that room was so dark she can’t see the axe man coming for her.’ He muttered. I slapped his arm.

‘Not funny.’

‘Right sorry.’ I started to laugh and could not stop. I sat down in one of the window seats that were lined along the corridor. There was this really long corridor with HUGE windows every five meters or something crazy and they all looked out onto the maze. They all had long red velvet curtains from when Germany was taking over Russia and the palace was staying hidden. There were windows seats there so you can spy on the people in the garden.


It was midnight when I was shaken awake. My father was deathly pale with an urgent look on his face and terror in his eyes.

‘Taylor get up. Come on. Grab something to put on quick.’ I grabbed my phone and ipod and followed him outside into the large corridor. Chris and Titus were there with my grandmother. I was only wearing a large T-shirt from seattle and a pair of short shorts. Chris laced his hand with mine.

‘Christopher get Taylor into the safe place.’ Titus said. They were all freaking out for some reason I could not fathom. He nodded and wordlessly started pulling me towards the servants quarters. There was a loud voice as if it was echoing all over the palace.

‘You Ayers will never learn and there is nowhere you can hide your daughter. I will find her.’ I felt my breath hitch and Chris tugged my hand to keep me going. My head spun as doors and shouting people whipped past me.


There was a small back door going out into the grounds. I had never been that way before. Chris knew his way around and lead me away from my family. He lead me down a small dark corridor. There were many doors along here and the lights were turning on as we ran. Jane poked her head out from behind a door.


‘Just head up to the main wing!’ Chris yelled as he ran. People were pouring out from all of the doors and flooding the corridor. I had never known so many people were working in the palace. But then then all stayed out of sight and my grandmother knew them all by name. A boy not even eight ran out into the corridor.

‘Sebastian! Sebastian!’ A woman was calling with worry. The boy turned to follow the voice.

‘Mama? Mama!’ He ran down a small corridor following the voice. Chris and I kept going. He lead me to a small brown door which looked just like any other door.

‘I am going to follow you through. Okay?’ I nodded. He opened the door and pushed me through.


As I turned around it slammed shut. Chris had shut me in. The door opened again and he slipped through.

‘Sorry. I let it slip by accident.’ He pulled me into a hug. ‘Are you okay?’ I nodded.

‘What the hell is going on?’ He ran a hand through his hair. He needed to have it cut again as it was growing into his eyes. It had become more straighter as it grew longer but then it got lighter and made him look younger. I looked around the room. There was a double bed and a bathroom behind a screen and metal around the room. It could only be unlocked from the inside unless you punch in the correct 12 digit code. Chris sat down on the edge of the bed and I sat down beside him. There were plenty of classic books around us with a mini kitchen with loads of food.

‘The general has escaped Hotiz. This is the only safe place in the whole palace. He talked a lot in his sleep while he was there. The guards did report it to Demeter only she kept is quiet. He kept saying “I have to get her and kill her. She is at the palace.” There was other things in there but nobody can understand it. We think he is after you.’ I nodded taking it all in.

‘But why me? I used to be just a normal person.’ Chris paused.

‘Well I think it is because bump off the grandmother and then you are the next in line. Not a great thing being the only heir.’ I smirked.

‘And people say they have it hard.’ He snorted.

‘So. How long do you think we will be down here?’ He was staring at the metal ceiling.

‘I have no clue.’ He started laughing again.

‘You had best get some sleep. We could be here for days. Let’s take it in turns.’ I nodded.



It Chris's turn to sleep so he gently woke me up.

‘It’s all my fault. All of this. If I had never been born it would never of happened.’

‘But then we would never have met and then I would not be the man I am today. Nothing is your fault Taylor.’

‘It is still my fault.’ I persisted.

‘The fault my dear Taylor is not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are but underlings.’ I looked up at him.

‘William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.’ He nodded. ‘That makes me feel no better but I do love William Shakespeare.’  There was suddenly a loud sound of machine gun fire from the other side of the door. Chris sprung up from the floor and went for the gun that was not there.

‘The hell?’ He glanced at me. I shrugged back. There was another round. I could hear shouting and screaming from all around our little metal room. Chris pushed me into the bathroom area.

‘Stay there okay?’ I nodded.

‘Can you stay too? I just want to be alone.’ He nodded and sat down beside me.

‘I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay with you as the world burns and be your guardian and I’ll be that shoulder to cry on.’ He sounded so sincere. He leaned over and kissed me full on. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. It was weird seeing as we were in like middle of a bathroom. The door burst open as we broke apart. Chris grabbed my hand and stood in front of me in a protective stance. When he saw it was my father he relaxed. My father ran towards me and pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head.

‘Thank the stars.’ He was stroking my hair and crying.

‘Dad? Whats going on?’ He pushed me back to make sure I was okay.

‘Well I’m sure Christopher told you that the General broke out of Hotiz and so we went into full lock down. He went for the Russian border and got over. We can’t get him back anymore. Go to bed now. I’ll wake you up tomorrow.’ I nodded.


Once out of the door I held out my hand for Chris to take. He took it and we slowly walked towards my rooms.

‘Alright?’ I nodded.

‘I’m alright. I wonder how those two who were getting it on reacted.’ I wondered as we passed the corridor Chris had described. We laughed the whole back to my rooms ignoring all the stares and sarcastic looks.


‘I am going to leave you here before your grandmother catches me anywhere near your rooms and gets the wrong idea.’ I nodded. He leaned down and kissed me again. As a natural instinct I kissed him back. It was like being filled up with hope and love and forever in just seconds. Footsteps on the stairs stopped the kiss. I pushed him away and leaned against my door.

‘Goodnight.’ He nodded and walked off. It was my grandmother who gave him such a glare Hades would cower down in hell until she had gone. Chris being that kind of guy gave her a quick bow and averted his eyes. My grandmother turned her cold eyes on me.

‘Taylor. I don’t want you spending anymore time with him.’

‘But Grandmother-’

‘Don’t you grandmother me. I know what his type are like.’

‘Thats just it! I can’t find my type because you are protecting me so much!’ Her eyes flashed dangerously.


‘No! I want to date whoever I like. Be friends with whoever I like. But you are stopping me! Why can’t I live a normal life for once?’

‘Because your grandfather had Anthony with me and then broke my heart. I just don’t want you hurt the same way. Anthony was hurt by that cyka who had an affair.’ I smiled.

‘Grandmother!’ I said. Her eyes were softer and not so cold anymore.

‘What. She was. I had her taken out by a private assassin. She did hurt you and your father. She even abused you. I could not let her walk the earth still.’ I smiled at  my grandmother. She was such a strong woman. Stronger than I could ever be. She killed off my mother for me and wanted to protect me from Chris.

‘Grandmother I promise if Christopher hurts me you can beat him up until he is a bloody mess.’ She gave me an evil grin.

‘Oh I will. Bedtime. Run along. Just don’t let me catch you and him doing something I won’t approve of.’ I laughed and walked into my room. I flopped down onto my bed seeing as I was still in my PJs.


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