Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


9. Princesses don't meet guys in toilets


Princesses don’t meet guys in toilets


We sped along the countryside towards Mickleton. Phoenix stood outside with her house with her brothers: Corey and Finn. A man that always sat in the front hopped out and opened the door for them. Mrs Paint came out to see off her children.

‘Phoenix be good. Make sure Finn is okay and Corey look after your siblings.’ Let me explain Corey and Finn. Corey was the oldest son of seventeen and tall with Finn being the youngest and small. Explanation over. Phoenix sat next to me.

‘So this is yours?’ I nodded.

‘Courtesy of the British government.’ The seats were black leather and went along the sides of the car.


Mark smoothly pulled away with the engine purring as he drove along the countryside back to school. Corey looked around him.

‘Wait a minute. You are that missing princess!’ He sounded so proud of himself like he was Sherlock. Phoenix slapped him on the back of his head with her bag from across the car. She gave a tense laugh.

‘Yeah. It is great, being shot, kicked out your own country and having bodyguards.’

‘Oh my god. I never knew. So what is it like being a royal?’ He was leaning forwards staring intently at me. I started feeling uncomfortable at all the attention.

‘Normal. Until your life is flipped upside down by a crazy grandmother, general who wanted me dead and life being mean.’ Corey looked confused. He turned to Finn.

‘Do you have your lunch money?’ Finn nodded. ‘Homework and books?’ Another nod. ‘Brain?’ He grabbed his younger brothers head and pulled it down so he could see in. ‘Looks like it is there.’ Finn just sat there in silence going bright red with humiliation. The man beside the driver glanced behind at me. I glared back at him until he turned around. Phoenix looked at me.


‘I know it sounds stupid but I really miss Two. He was always there ready to joke and be a normal sixteen year old.’ Coreys mouth dropped open.

‘He was only sixteen?’ I nodded. ‘Jez. I thought he was at least eighteen.’

‘He got out of school early.’ I said shortly.


We pulled up the school drive with the land rovers still in front and behind us. As Mark stopped the man jumped out and opened the door for me. I got out first with my bag swinging behind me. Phoenix got out second flipping her hair over her shoulder. Corey and tripped coming out while Finn climbed out laughing at his brother. All the men stood in a loose formation around me. Mr Frampton waddled up to us. He was mid thirties with balding black hair and always sweaty. There was no polite way of putting it but that he was fat bordering on obese. He admitted it himself so it is not really talking behind his back. Anyway, he waddled up to me.

‘Miss Ayers please don’t park in the school car park. It disrupts the buses.’ He had not realised I had pulled up in a limo yet. James a boy in the same year as Coey walked up to him and dragged him into the hall. Jason walked up to us. He was a repulsive boy in my year who nobody liked.

‘So. You get a free limo and decide to pull into the drive like that.’ Phoenix flared up for me because I was just not in the mood to pick a fight.

‘Yes you SOB. I think she was at liberty to pull into the drive like that because she had no  CHOICE!’ He looked confused.

‘What is a Es Oh Bee?’ Phoenix rolled her eyes.

‘A nice way of saying son of a bitch.’ She said giving him the evil glare. I smiled as Phoenix and I linked arms and walked away. Jason wandered off in the direction of the umbrellas.


The school is quite basic once you get used to it. West block is science with blue doors. North Block is humanities with yellow doors on the top floor and then English on the bottom floor with the library and blue doors. East block is Tk and languages with again blue doors. IT block with some more Tk with blue doors. T block with blue doors with Tk and citizenship rooms. G block with brown doors which is a mess or unheated rooms and rooms where the heating is going full blast. Music and art block where the doors are plain wood. And the Youth Club. The coldest and campest place on earth. Where people go to speak out their feelings. And finally central block with blue doors. That is Maths only. Eight classrooms from maths is something that has always confused me but who cares? The umbrellas were outside English and Tk block with tables underneath them, they made a great spot for the social people around the place.


Phoenix and I walked into the North Block entrance by the dangerous concrete stairs. I am not saying they are dangerous because they are concrete but dangerous because everybody going down the stairs surges forwards like a wave carrying you with it. I am not lying. People have fallen down and broken bones. Our last head mistress fell down and broke her nose. Best day ever. we all got the rest of the day off school as they said “we would be too traumatised to work”. I was confused it was not like she had just died. She had fallen down the stairs. I walked up them with Phoenix behind me. A group of year nines jeered at me.

‘So what is it like having so many men?’ One of them called. I stuck up my middle finger at them and kept walking. They turned back to each other muttering darkly. As one the men stretched revealing a gun they started chatting faster than before. I groaned and walked down the corridor faster. Phoenix gave me a small smile.


I went through the day with many more stares and glares and I had when I simply had Two. I felt like I was being frowned on and judged as people turned towards me. I longed for lunch time. I would see Two again and we could chat and comfort each other. I bluffed my lessons that morning and when it got to break I was jittery. It was just Two. Why was I so worried? It was just Two I kept telling my self. He is no was my bodyguard. Nothing ever happened between us.


Lunchtime crawled by. I swear that when you want something to happen it takes forever to happen but when you are nervous it comes by too quickly for you to comprehend. I ignored my bodyguards and ran off in the direction of the girls PE department. I walked into the corridor where all the toilet stalls were and the sinks and the super long mirror where girls stood and smothered their face with makeup which made them look worse. A hand grabbed my tie, pulling me into a toilet stall. I gasped in shock. It was Two. I felt a smile tug at my lips. I put my arms around his waist and he put his around mine. I leaned against him and sighed. This made me feel more safe then all those men in dark glasses that stood around me. He put his chin on top of my head. I was that small he could do that.

‘I missed you so much.’ I said mashing my face into his shirt and breathing in his scent of detergent and a little linx.

‘Me too. How are they treating you?’ I smiled.

‘Not that bad but I get my own limo and driver and everything. What about you?’

‘I am fine. Not so bad but assigned to Louis. I tried to reject though. It would mean I would have to spend time with you. But it was compulsory so I had to.’ He sighed making it sound so much more tragic than it actually was. I looked up at him.

‘What? I can’t be that bad.’

‘I have deep feelings for you which I have to figure out if they are positive or negative.’

‘Putting feelings aside you can take part in the Danish Long ball game that we have against the boys.’ I felt Two’s chest vibrate with laughter. I was that small my head, if I went on the balls of my feet, could rest on his shoulder as he had grown another few inches again since I had last seen him.

‘I do want to. What about you with all those men. I bet they can’t even keep up with you when you get running.’ I laughed.

‘Yeah they are pretty stupid. One even tried to get into the shower room when I was having a shower. I yelled many bad words at him. Never saw him again though.’ Two laughed again but it sounded forced. I could imagine his expression; Face clouded over, eyes like ice chips and so on. He dropped his arms around me. When he spoke his voice was quiet and sounded like how silk should sound if silk had a sound.

‘Why is your heart racing?’ I looked up at him. He had that look again which I had never seen before.

‘I really hate small spaces.’ Two grinned at me.

‘Nothing about being locked in a toilet cubicle with a nice boy?’ I shook my head. The toilet smelt really bad or sewage and other things I won’t mention.

‘Why a toilet?’

‘Because nobody ever thinks twice about bugging a toilet. And it is very cliché that a princess is hiding out a toilet.’ I rolled my eyes. He had this really nice sense of humor that made me feel safe and happy. Somebody knocked on the door.

‘Lucy? Are you in there?’ Two stood on the toilet while I stood behind him. A voice three stalls over replied.

‘No. I am down here.’ The first ran off down to the girl called Lucy. Two got off the toilet and helped me down.


We stayed there all of lunch chatting about things. I had not noticed how much I had missed him. I missed Two more than I missed Louis and Three. Well duh I spent ore time with Two but I have only known him half a year and I miss our time together. It was like my whole world had changed when he walked in and said “I am your appointed bodyguard, Two”.  


When the bell rang Two gave a quick hug.

‘Who are you looking after now?’ He looked uncomfortable. I took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

‘I was going to hang out with Louis at lunchtime.’ I turned to leave but looked back at him.   

‘How did you get the note to me?  

‘I am looking after Louis a joint job with Three to make us get on again. Fat chance.’ His face turned slightly sour at the thought of working with Three again. I took his hand and squeezed it.

I turned to leave but turned back with a mischievous smile on my face.

‘How did you get the note to me? You didn’t answer my question.’ Two winked and tapped his nose.

‘A master must always keep their secrets hidden.’ I stuck out my tongue at him and walked off. I walked out to the men who were panicking.


I walked off to Tutor in a much happier mood. I had seen Two again and he missed me too. I pushed the door open and walked into N16 with Miss staring at me.

‘Sorry I am late. I was held up.’ I glared at the men behind me who were looking upset. I took my seat. The men sat around me on the floor. Phoenix gave me an odd look across the room. I just shook my head.


When the bell went again I walked out of the classroom to find Two stood with his foot against the wall leaning against it. He gave me a small smile and followed Louis and Three. Three was pushing a slightly smaller Two around with a sneer on his face. Two never reacted but his face was stony. I resisted the feeling to run over to Three and slap him in his tanned face. I wandered over to Louis.

‘English?’ He asked me. I nodded.

‘I’ll walk with you?’ He nodded. Two glanced over to me with a sad look in his eyes. They travelled over the men who were with me. They circled around me and Louis. Three pushed his way in to be near Louis. Two squeezed into the small circle. He stood in between Louis and me. His hand brushed mine. I gave myself a mental high five. He brushed my hand! I felt like whooping and running along the corridor screaming with joy. Then  a thought so horrible that made me stop in my tracks. Maybe it was an accident and I was just imagining it. Louis walked back to me and put his hands on my shoulders.

‘What is it?’ He whispered. I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

‘Nothing I was just questioning life.’ Louis nodded. He pulled me into a hug. It was nothing like Two’s hugs which made me feel warm and fuzzy, this was an awkward boy hug, like he didn’t know what to do next. We walked the rest of the way to English in silence.


I sat down in English by Ellen. She was a tall girl with brown hair and blue eyes. We had great fun when we got onto the subject of books and smelling them. Most books these days smell of chemicals although I know it I still smell them. Louis sat beside me. The table was organised like two vertical tables and one horizontal table at the end. Louis sat down one side. Two sat beside my chair well more beside me than Louis. Three sat down on Louis’s other side. The men surrounded me.


One started tapping on the window in urgency when we were learning about verbs. The three men that were with me jumped to their feet and escorted me out of the classroom. I turned to look back at Two. I only caught a brief glimpse of Two before every one crowded around the door to watch me leave.


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