Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


15. Everything is not as it seems


Everything is not as it seems


I caught up with him outside my history classroom.

‘Took your time’ He said with a smirk.

‘I was thinking about,’ I paused, ‘things.’ He nodded.

‘Right things.’ He turned his back on me then turned back around. ‘Okay I lied. I said likeable.’ I raised an eyebrow.

‘I figured out that you were lying.’ He rolled his brilliant blue eyes to the sky.

‘How do you know that?’

‘When you lie the back of your neck goes slightly pink and you walk away. I have lived with you for the best part of 6 months and I am not stupid.’ Two smiled.

‘Well when you lie, you bite your lip and always make eye contact.’ I felt my mouth fall open and my eyes widen. Two put a finger under my chin and pushed it back up.

‘You look like a bug. Stop it.’ I slapped his hand.

‘I don’t. Screw you.’ Two raised another eyebrow.

‘Seriously?’ My face grew hot.

‘Sick minded pervert. I thought you would be one of the only boys around my age who would not be like that.’ Two grinned down at me.

‘I am a sixteen year old human though. The rules do apply to me.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘I never would have guessed.’ I said dryly. He poked me in the side causing me to squirm away.

‘You love me really.’

‘Not when you tickle me though.’ I replied in a grumpy tone. As more people came along the corridor, completely swamping the corridor I mean, Two and I stopped our conversation. Phoenix bounded up to me.

‘Have you done your essay yet on Haig?’ I nodded. Two had sat me down with loads of history books he had found in the study and made me write it out.

‘Have you?’

‘Yeah. I did it last week and I did two pages! How many did you do?’ I glanced down at my feet.

‘Um. Five.’ Her jaw dropped and her eyes bugged.

‘Five. God damn bloody five pages and your handwriting is tiny! Sweet mother of-’ The door opened cutting off the rest of her sentence which I am sure would of had a very nice word at the end which would sound like Duck knowing her. I walked in behind Mrs Heart.


She was a large woman who had a kind heart. She really liked me seeing as all her family had been killed in a war and she could relate after her grandfather being exiled from his native country with her father and her family.

‘Morning Taylor.’ I passed through the door.

‘Thanks miss.’ A boy behind me said. I turned around not to see Two but Three with his arm in a black cast. He pulled me to the side.  I narrowed my eyes at him.

‘What are you doing here? Where is Two?’ Three let out a cruel laugh. The people around me looked slightly worried.

‘Two is being disposed of. I am being your replacement.’

‘What about Louis? Where is he?’ Three let out another laugh. The laugh didn’t suit him with his bleach blonde hair, blue eyes which were dark blue almost black like his soul and the long limbs he had. ‘Why is Two being disposed of?’ I asked moving to my seat as Three smirked at me.

‘Because he was not doing his job and letting his feelings get in the way of his job.’

‘And. Why were you assigned to me? Two and I work better together. Why were you picked?’ Threes eyes lit up.

‘Exactly. You work well together because your minds think the same way and he knows what you like.’

‘Because that is his job. You didn’t answer my question.’ Miss had shut the door and I took my seat. Three stood behind me. He snatched my bag and carried it to my seat. Two would gently take my bag and then he would carry it for me. I missed the fact that he stood beside and not behind me unless it was class.


Once the class was over Three snatched my book away from underneath me and then dragged me out to the corridor. I yanked my arm back.

‘Let go of me. I hate you. Just stay away from me. I can protect myself.’

‘Oh really? Is that why you still had Two?’ He sneered. Lucy was stood behind Three looking on with fascination.

‘Well I did shoot you in the foot and broke your arm. I think I am okay.’

‘You bluffed. You cannot shoot a duck close up.’

‘I don’t bluff at things like that.’

‘How did you win those poker games then?’

‘I can keep a straight face when I want to. I learned to control my feelings and how to make them nearly non existent.’

‘You don’t. You are like an open book.’

‘Try me. Ask me something that is so obvious right now.’ Three peered into my eyes.

‘You are worried about your father right now.’ Wrong! My brain sang.

‘I loathe my father right now. Do you want to know why? He bloody sold me out!’ Three took a step back. I walked off towards the Dining hall followed by Lucy.


‘Is that true what you said about your father?’

‘Yes. Do you have a problem because if so then leave.’ Lucy looked a little hurt.

‘Sorry. I am just not in the mood. Now everyone knows that my father hates me.’ We linked arms and walked off. Three was still stood there looking angered.


Two was leaning against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. He had a casual I don’t care look about him but his eyes were scanning the crowds of students. He unlatched himself from the wall as I walked down the stairs. He pulled me into a rib cracking hug. He started whispering in my ear as soon as he was close.

‘General Mosebush is plotting to invade the Ukraine. Just act normal.’ I pulled back.

‘Wait what?’

‘He wants to invade Europe and then rule the world.’ I panicked and started walking in circles.

‘Seriously? And how is he going to do that? It is almost impossible. Unless-.’ Lucy looked at me confused. ‘I need a computer.’ I looked at Two.

‘Why do you need a computer?’

‘Wifi. Duh.’ I rolled my eyes but grabbed his arm and dragged him to the library.

‘I’ll just go then.’ Lucy called after us.

‘You do just that. I need to google something.’


The library was a small L shaped room. It had computers, laptops and loads of books. Phoenix and I had spent loads of lunchtimes in here smelling books for no reason at all. I walked over to the computers. A small year seven had just sat down but I crouched down beside her.

‘Hey I really need to do this essay like really quick. Could I use this computer? You can use one of the laptops.’ I offered. She nodded with wide eyes. I guess being famous had its perks sometimes. She wore glasses and a blonde block fringe with all of her hair scraped back into a lank ponytail. I sat down at the computer and logged on.


Our usernames are the first four letters in our last name then the first four letters of our first name. So mine was AyerTayl. Very imaginative. There was a boy with the name Dick Roman. Consequently he was teased for having the name Romedick.

‘Is there a press conference soon?’ I asked Two. He shrugged. I went onto google and went on the ECN news. It was Ethelburgas number one news channel. General Mosebush was planning a press conference in a week.’ Two leaned over my shoulder.

‘Where is it?’ I scrolled down the page.

‘Houses of I P Freely.’ Two snickered. I rolled my eyes.

‘Immature. I swear you have gotten worse since you met me.’

‘Because I have hardly ever been around people my own age. Even at school.’ I sighed.

‘Fine fine whatever. So it is in a week.’

‘He is planning to assassinate most of them in one go. Maybe blow them up. That is why he has all the bombs at the palace.’ I kept scrolling down.

‘Nearly all the important leaders are going.’ I felt a numb feeling spread along my body. My father and grandmother would be there talking. They would be in danger.

‘I have to go and help my Dad.’ Two looked down at me.

‘Seriously? He sold you out.’

‘Your father is going to be there too. Look.’ There was a list of names of the people going to be there. Lord Baenziger was just below Prince Ayers. Two looked torn between the two options.

‘So much confliction. I’m in.’ I laughed.

‘When are we leaving.’

‘Not until the end of the week. You need a full education and lost a lot recently. Seriously it would not look cool for you to not have good grades. Bad influence and all.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘You can talk.’ He tapped my nose.

‘I had a reason to drop out. Plus since when was I so important.’ I felt outraged.

‘You are important enough to look after me.’ I pointed out. Two nodded as if to say so so.

‘You are the one most of the guys and girls in Ethelburgesa will look up to.’


‘Because of the hand in marriage law that is still in place.’

‘What?’ Two rolled his eyes.

‘You have to be in a steady relationship with a guy when you are twenty. Then you know.  You get married, have kids and rule Ethelburgesa.’

‘I hate being princess.’ Two smiled down at me.

‘I would too. Imagine all those crowds of fans screaming at you. Miracle that your phone has not been hacked.’ I shook my head at him. ‘And there is another fact, I am not a girl. Neither do I ever wish to be a girl.’


The bell went so I logged off and I walked back up the stairs with Two beside me.

‘I saw Three has a cast on his hand.’

‘Yeah. I thought he would of been yanked out of the service because he is now incompetent to look after Louis. Not that he needs it.’ Two snorted.

‘Two?’ I asked.

‘Why do people call Chris? I thought your name was something else. Like William.’ Two smiled at me. We were outside of tutor now.

‘Well my real name is Christopher Castiel Balthazar Baenziger. I was nicknamed “Chris” by my mother because she hated my name. I was named after two angels which was another thing that contributed towards to my name. At school everyone called me Buttermilk Crackerjack because I was always that small weedy kid that nobody wanted to be friends with.’ I took his hand and gave it a squeeze.

‘I was named after a greek goddess. Athena. The only thing is that I am insanely stupid.’ Two squeezed my hand back.

‘You are clever and wise in many ways. Probably wiser than most of the people in this school. I believe that you can do better than even Charlotte.’

‘Seriously?’ Charlotte was this really really super smart girl in my year. She would be the first to answer a question or win a pop quiz. She was also insanely popular as well. I think she was a genius because of her smartness.

‘Yes. Charlotte is all facts and hair tips. You are all facts and things which are all useful to real life situations. Who is going to do better; You or Her?’ I looked around the corridor. There was a few strays coming into class. Shinji strutted down the corridor.

‘Look it is Christopher.’ I dropped Twos hand.

‘Look your son of a bi-’ Two put a hand over my mouth.

‘No bad words. It is the queens orders.’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Good.’ Two dropped his hand. He walked over to Shinji and punched him. I followed him over to Shinji.

‘Two we have to go to tutor or else Miss will skin me and gut me alive. How would you like your charge? Dead or alive.’ Two paused.

‘Fine fine.’ He grabbed my arm and dragged me into the room. Shinji strutted in after me. Miss’s eyes brightened up when she saw Shinji.

‘Ah. Here he is. This is Lord Shinji.’

‘The little coo poop.’ He muttered darkly to me. Miss looked at Two.

‘You know him.’ Two looked disgusted.

‘Step brother.’ Miss looked too happy.

‘Great! Shinji you can sit in front of Taylor.’ I groaned. Two patted my hand.

‘Just ignore him.’ I could not ignore him. He was sat there grinning like a cheshire cat.

‘How did you even get here?’ Two asked. My curiosity peaked. Shinji’s smile widened.

‘Ah yeah that. Dad wanted me to go to an English school. He asked around and got to the prince who told him all about you. So I came here.’ I was furious with my father. He told this boy's father that I was going to a normal school. ‘Father got off lucky and the prince and him are best friends.’ An emotion flashed across Two’s face. It was too quick to read but he was sat tense and his shoulders were push slightly forwards. I put a hand on his arm.

‘Seriously cool down. Miss is looking at us.’ Shinji smirked at me like I was a trophy he was going to win.

‘So Taylor. How did you find my mannor?’ I snorted.

‘Too small. Seriously call that a mannor?’ Shinji looked offended. Miss cleared her throat.

‘Okay Folks we Have assembly.’ She said loudly instantly breaking up the conversations going on around the room.


I stood by Phoenix as we were walking into assembly.

‘Do you want a lift home in my new summer limo?’ I whispered.

‘Cheers. Mum told me to stay away from you because you were dangerous and she does not want me to be caught up in what goes on around you.’ I smiled.

‘I don’t really mind. It is your problem if you become friends with me. I can’t control what my enemies know can I?’ Mrs Poe frowned at us. We fell silent but Hannah behind us kept whispering. Hannah was an obnoxious girl. She had blonde hair and very overweight and ate tons of food and always talked about diets which she would go on but never did.. She talked about me behind my back before I knew about my true identity and now wanted to be my best friend. She called me a tag along which really hurt but now she hangs around me. Many people do now. Mainly the people who get bullied and want to be protected. The thing is I can’t really beat someone up of they are just being mean. Because is that not an unprovoked attack? I didn’t want people to hang around me for protection. I was not the best person to give protection. I was being protected from them and so I tried to stay away from those kinds of people.


The assembly was boring on our grades and attendance. F1 was at the bottom last term. I sank lower in my chair. Two pushed me back up.

‘Posture.’ He mouthed at me. I rolled my eyes. Grandmother had sent Two some things I should be perfect in before I came back home. This list was full of things like “Don’t let her slouch at all, Proper table manners, perfect posture, make sure she is articulate, perfect nails, and hair. Don’t let her do any household chores or labour.” Two had taken it to heart and made sure I did all of that. Apart from the bottom one which was and I quote “No guns or arguments at all but practise debating." I nearly burned the letter with the match I was holding. Why was I holding a match? I hear to cry. Well I was burning the body I had just killed. Nope just kidding I was lighting the candles in my room. Two blew out the match and sat me down and did everything for me with the help of Jane and Mary. I had found myself getting used to the constant people around me doing things for me. Even Two doing my homework for me. Two carried my bag around for me so “I kept my proper posture” as Grandmother said. Mr Jones droned on about the importance of our schooling and everything else that we do wrong. He made a comment of school skirt and Amelia tugged at her badly done up skirt. It was closer to her bum than knees. I pulled mine down a bit. It was kinda short but Dad could never find the time to buy me a new one.


Shinji was strutting around school like he owned it. There were already rude names such as stuck up ponce and many more I will not mention as “they are not to be said by a princess." (As grandmother would say) floating around about him. Two sniggered when he was pushed around in the lunch queue by the year elevens and tens and he started to lecture them about how he was a lord.

He climbed on the bus with his perfectly styled hair all out of place. He flopped into the seat across the aisle from us. Violet was a girl who wore a ton of make up all the time. She seemed nice in primary school but then changed a lot once she got to William James. She sank into the spare seat next to.

‘Come on Shinji. Be the perfect gentlemen father wants you to be.’ Shinji glared at Two but reluctantly got up. It was cruel of Two but then he had been taunted almost all his life by this scumbag.


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