Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


36. Don't Steal Other Peoples Boyfriends


Don’t steal other peoples boyfriends


Dad and Vanessa were officially going out by the end of the month making me the winner of my bet with Chris. It was our four month mark coming up soon. Four months of being secretly “together”.

‘I do think your father and Vanessa have something.’ Chris muttered to me. I raised an eyebrow and glanced over in their direction. Vanessa was massaging my fathers temples and talking softly to him.

‘It makes me feel sick to see them like that.’

‘Imagine how we must have looked to Louis. He did love you.’ I felt my insides twist at the mention of his name. I felt bad for ignoring him all these years thinking that he was just a friend. And then called him all those names and blocked him out when he was with Three. I was jolted out of my thoughts by Chris who touched my hand.

‘You were thinking too deeply.’

‘How could you tell?’

‘I have watched you for months. I know what your reactions are, your lying face and when you are acting.’ I smiled.

‘Sounds really creepy when you put it that way.’ Chris shrugged.

‘I don’t care because it is true. Anyway. You are going back to William James Academy in September.’


‘Because then you can go to the prom. I sadly have also been enrolled. Lord Baenziger demands it must be so.’ He crossed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. ‘At least we are coming back for Christmas.’ I nodded.

‘I just want to be a normal child where my father gets me a fake ID so I can go into clubs.’

‘Her majesty the lost Queen’s will is going to be read tomorrow.’ My grandmother was now called “The Lost Queen” because she was lost in the mountains..

‘Oh yeah that.’ I muttered darkly. ‘God knows what we are going to receive.’


‘To Christopher Castiel Balthazar Baenziger I leave my diamond engagement ring and hopes dearly he knows what to do with it.’ Chris glanced at me and rolled his eyes. He walked up to the front and claimed the ring in a small blue box. He opened the box and glanced inside then snapped it shut with a bit more colour in his cheeks.

‘To my Granddaughter I leave all my jewelry, Alster Castle, my Mayfair Mansion and my country mansions and acceptance into any college you desire and my shares in Chandlers. Live well child.’ I glanced at Chris who grinned. ‘To my one and only son and heir I leave Ethelburgesa, the crown jewels and the rest of my world wide properties. Such as the Skyscrapers in New York, Tokyo, London, and those ones you grew up in. To Phoenix Sasha Paint I leave you acceptance into any college you desire.’ I glanced at Chris who was sat here with his mouth hanging open. My grandmother had made sure my friend she had never met have a good education.

‘To the children of the local orphanages I donate ten thousand pounds each.’ The reader had a very thick Russian accent which I could hardly understand. ‘And finally to the man that has probably killed me General Mosebush you have a nice long piece of rope to hang your self with or an iron bullet for you to put through your brain.’ The will ended there. Chris bounced straight over to me.

‘Can I see what you got?’ I asked. He shook his head.

‘No. You cannot.’

‘Fine be that way. I have to tell Phoenix.’ Chris hesitated for a moment then followed me across the room.

‘There was a piece of paper in the box. I want you to have it.’ I paused and turned to face him. He handed me a small piece of paper. It was written in my grandmothers thin slanted writing.

Christopher. Incase the stupid law of Taylor must be married before the age of eighteen gets passed I want you to marry her. I will be proud to call you my grandson in law. I hope that you two will have a long and happy life together. Promise me you will take good care of my flower. Angela

‘Dios Mio.’ I whispered. Chris snapped a finger in front of my face.

‘One language. One Language. You will see this ring someday. I promise.’ I nodded. Now I want to get something straight. This is not a mushy love story. Hell no. This is a story of how my life got flipped turned upside down  and I like to take a minute just to right there and tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air. No my life was changed by one thing. Which will happen at the end. DON’T SKIP TO THE BACK OF THE BOOK! That is called cheating and frowned upon in most societies. I am watching you. I will know.


I walked a little way with Chris and started texting Phoenix to tell her the good news. Somebody tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see a teenager of around seventeen with slicked back black hair, brown eyes and roughly the same height as me.

‘Your majesty.’ He swept into a deep bow. He took my hand and lightly brush his lips on my knuckles. I reclaimed my hand Chris was instantly by my side and took my hand.

‘Who are you?’ I asked. He had thin lips and a thin nose making up a thin face.

‘I am Prince Nikolas Stern from Sweden. I vas vondering if you vould like to talk over a cup of coffee or something.’ I glanced at Chris who laced his hand with mine.


‘Vhy? Because ve are both going to rule one day. Probably side by side.’ I felt a pressure on my hand.

‘I am so sorry but I can’t. See I have the problem of I have a boyfriend in England.’ Chris  dropped my hand and took half a step back.

‘Vho is this friendboy?’

‘Boyfriend.’ I corrected. ‘Tristan. One year anniversary this year.’ Nikolas flounced off leaving  me with Chris.

‘That was some good improvisation.’

‘I do try.’

‘We are flying back to England tomorrow.’ I nodded.

‘I guess Jane has already packed my bags then?’

‘You bet.’

‘Come on. I want to get out of here. I guess Mark will be in the car park.’ We walked outside  towards the limo. We linked arms as we walked into the car park to see Mark sat on the roof of the limo reading a cycling magazine.

‘Good day your majesty.’ He called out. I gave him one of my dazzling smiles.

‘Hello Mark. I would like to go back to the palace please.’ He nodded and slipped off the roof.

‘I will be coming over to England with you with his Lordship instead of your father for said reasons. Is that okay with you?’

‘Yeah sure whatever. I just want to get back to school.’


‘Welcome. Welcome.’ Miss Tomson stood in front of the class. I won’t begin to describe what she was wearing because it was horrendous. Just no. Anyway. She introduced us to year 11, Chris, bla bla bla bla bla. She handed out our homework diaries and so on. I won’t go any further because you will die of boredom. It is a long, slow and painful way to die. Most of the time. Josh poked me in the back.

‘Hey Taylor. Is that your bodyguard.’ I looked at Chris.

‘Are you my bodyguard still?’ Chris looked at me like I was stupid.

‘Until you die. Sadly. Your majesty.’

‘No problem your Lordship.’ Josh looked at Chris then back to me.

‘Wait. So Christopher is a lord?’ He nodded.

‘Oh yeah. Family mansions everywhere. Even got a ring from the lost queen in her will.’ His eyes briefly flicked to me.

‘Cool.’ All the boys were leaning in on our conversation.

‘I am on very very good terms with the royal family.’

‘You are so not.’ I muttered.

‘Am too.’ He said back. I slapped his arm and glared at him.

‘Are you sure about that?’ He pursed his lips in thought then nodded. I rolled my eyes. Even if it was in jest he was annoying. There was a loud voice outside the room. And entrance Hannah in three two one. The door flung open to reveal Hannah. She was even more slutty and catty. She caught sight of Chris and a gleam entered her eyes which I disliked. Chris edged closer to me. He grabbed one of my hands when she walked past. I squeezed it to comfort him. He squeezed it back a little harder than normal but I got the message. The whole room was silent now as she walked in.

‘Maye I need to talk to you.’ She said obnoxiously. Is that even a word? Anyway we all turned back to our conversations and the volume picked up again.

‘Taylor.’ Chris was looking at me.  


‘Shall we tell people. It might get awkward very soon.’ I nodded.

‘But keep anything else between us. When the press find out,’ Chris looked slightly troubled.


‘Make it up.’

‘My favorite thing.’ Josh was looking from me to Chris.

‘What are you on?’

‘Nothing.’ We said together.

‘Well we were just talking about-’ Chris began.


‘Puppies.’ We said at the same time. Josh raised an eye.

‘Is there anything going on between you?’ Chris shook his head.

‘Just really good friends.’ Phoenix had moved in front of us.

‘Please. You two are so dating.’

‘Phoenix. There is such a thing as the press. They have ears everywhere’ I whispered conspiratorially

‘Oh crap yeah.’ I closed my eyes briefly.

‘Fine.’ Chris turned to me and took my hand. ‘Taylor will you go out with me?’ Chris said with grin. Phoenix raised an eyebrow.

‘Go on then.’

‘Took your bleeding time.’ Josh turned around to Michael.

‘Christopher asked Taylor out.’ He whispered. Hannah threw me such a dirty look. Chris took my hand. Phoenix mimed putting two fingers in her mouth and vomiting everywhere.

‘It is disgusting watching you two.’

‘Not as bad as some of the maids and butler. Ray and Rebecca. Man alive they are gross. He was leaning against the wall and had picked her up.’ Josh looked revolted.

‘Not nice to walk in on as you are trying to find your maid.’  The bell went as Miss gave Chris  his time table.

‘History.’ He groaned.

‘Same.’ I muttered. ‘At least there is a spare space beside me.’ I said. Chris went to get my bag but I got there first.


‘How weird would it look if you were carrying around my bag?’ Chris looked confused.

‘That is what we did at primary school. What would people say if you suddenly started carrying around your own school bag?’

‘No. What would the press say? Other people can sod off.’

‘It is Earth Rainbow. She can’t get onto school grounds without permission from the school.’

‘Fine.’ He grabbed my bag and we walked to History in G5.


‘And that is what the holocaust was.’ Miss Shithop finished as the bell rang. Chris put my book away and grabbed my bag.

‘People are going to take this the wrong way.’ I muttered feeling self conscious.

‘Come on you a princess. Act like one. Nobody should be making you feel inferior. You should be striding through all these people like they were peasants.’ There was a shrill laugh from behind me. I closed my eyes and counted to ten. When I opened then Hannah was hanging Chris's arm.

‘You have amazing advice Christopher.’ She simpered. ‘Why don’t you ditch ginger and come and sit with me in Music next?’ Chris gently reclaimed his arm and linked hands with me.

‘I will join you when General Mosebush is King.’ I smiled at him. Hannah looked confused. To cover this she pulled up her skirt and popped some more buttons on her shirt. Chris kept looking straight at me trying to ignore her.

‘Miss Challenor!’ Mr Strong said loudly over the heads of the students. Hannah pinched herself around her eyes to make it look like she was crying.

‘Sir! Taylor has stolen my boyfriend.’ Mr Strong sighed.

‘It is okay. Taylor. Let go of Mr Baenziger’s hand.’ I reluctantly let go of it. ‘Please don’t steal others girls guys.’ I nodded. Hannah walked over to Chris and started stroking his arms. When she went to kiss him I had to walk away. I knew Chris was not really mine, I knew that I was his. I felt something touch my shoulder.

‘Hey.’ I knew that voice.


‘I am really sorry about that. Back there.’

‘What? Yeah no problem.’ Chris took my hand.

‘Something is wrong. Come on tell me.’ I turned to look at him.

‘I know it is probably me being really protective but I don’t like it when girls hang around you. Probably because you could any girl you want and you choose small silly me.’ Chris put an arm around me.

‘You are not being protective. I would be worried. And to me you are perfect. My Taylor.’ I smiled.

‘Since when was I your Taylor?’ Chris smiled.

‘Since when I asked you out. We have music. Do we not.’ I let out a small groan and my shoulders slumped forwards. He pushed my shoulders back.

‘Do I have to?’ I asked making my eyes really big and sticking out my bottom lip.

‘Yes.’ He said firmly.

‘I demand not to go there?’

‘Ha ha. No. Does not work in this country sweetheart.’

‘So I am your sweetheart now? Cupcake.’ I said poking his arm. He grabbed my hand and started walking me towards music block.


The term flew by very quickly. Despite the weather getting colder Chris made me go out running more and more often. Soon it was the last day of the Autumn term. Chris was curled up like a cat sleeping when I crept into his room. I had a can of shaving cream Manwell had bought me. Manwell was my tutor from France and loved practical jokes so we got on really well. I shook it and squirted it thickly all over his pillow. Manwell stood by the door with his thumbs up grinning hard. I ran out of the room after locking the door for the nearby  bathroom. We found out it worked when we heard a loud shout from up the floor above.

‘TAYLOR! COME ON!’ I started laughing behind my book. Manwell and I were in the Library with all the Dystopian novels we could get our hands on. ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?’ He shouted. Manwell pushed me behind the bookcase. There was a large room behind it. I had found it when Dad had pointed out that there was a small window above the blue bathroom with no door. We had spent the next two days trying to find it ignoring the fact I had school. I went into the library and found it. It was our secret that nobody knew of. Apart from Manwell. Anyway. I heard Chris come thundering into the library as Manwell was stacking the books. I pressed my ear to the door.

‘Where is Taylor?’ He asked. I could hear the mischief in his voice.

‘Manwell has no idea where her majesty went. She need the toilet.’ The door was suddenly yanked open and and very angry Chris stood in the doorway. His face was covered in shaving foam.

‘I am so going to get you back.’ He said. He had the biggest grin on his face which made everything funnier. He wiped some foam off his face and wiped it all over my face which I had scrunched up.

‘Parle?’ I asked with my hands in the air. Chris had put the foam in my hair as well my face. I went to wash it all off before school.


‘Your majesty you are late! We have been waiting for you!’ Sam shouted as I walked up the steps to the airplane. I was still in my school uniform and had been having a tie fight with Chris. I walked past her. I tapped her shoulder.

‘Now we are waiting for you.’ She let out a frustrated growl.

‘Don’t make me angry Taylor.’


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