Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


13. By a miracle they are alive



By a miracle they are alive.


Two came back with a tray and placed it on my lap.

‘How is your head doing?’ He asked there was concern written all over his face. I gave him a smile to try and convince him that I was better than I actually was.

‘Better. I don’t feel the pain that much, just tired of being in bed all day.’ Two took the tray back.

‘Alright then. Let’s eat in the kitchen.’ He put the tray of food down on the floor and helped me up. I slowly got up to avoid a headrush and walked down to the kitchen. I passed a familiar corridor to my left but kept walking. I could explore it later.


The kitchen was an old victorian style kitchen with an aga, which is a type of oven which is always warm and nice to sit on, a large weathered looking wooden table with many chairs around it and the other normal things in a kitchen. I sat down in the nearest chair completely exhausted from just my short walk down to the kitchen. We ate lunch in silence that time just taking comfort from each others company and silence.


I got better and built up my strength. As the days turned to weeks Two and I grew closer. We had gotten used to the large country estate with the indoor and outdoor swimming pools and everything else. But it was all shattered one day when someone came through the front door. Two and I were making lunch and having a small food fight with the mayonnaise when a loud voice interrupted us.

‘And here in my family home is the kitchen.’ A japanese boy with long silky looking black hair which was tied in a ratty looking ponytail and a silk suit was stood in the doorway with a group of girls. They were all dressed in clothes which left nothing to the imagination and were draped around him. The boy in the doorway narrowed his eyes at Two.


‘Shinji? I thought you were dead.’ Two said quietly from beside me. The boy sneered as the colour drained from Two’s face.

‘We thought you had died. Father was so happy so was mother.’ Two’s eyes narrowed as he slipped an arm around my waist to pull me behind him.

‘Father is alive.’ The boy tutted.

‘Not your father. My father. Lord  John Baenziger.’

‘Yeah he is my father. I was born before you after all.’

‘You are not worthy of the title as son.’

‘Really? Am I so unworthy that I passed through school before you and now am protecting the princess and I am not even seventeen? I wonder what I am worthy of then?’ He had contempt in his voice now. The boy was eyeing me up. All I was wearing was some short shorts and a loose top over my two piece swimsuit with my hair piled in a messy bun.

‘Obviously not her. I’ll show you what a real man is like if you stay with me.’ He offered to me. I felt sick in my stomach when he said that.

‘No thanks. I would rather swim through cobra infested waters than sleep with a stuck up, ponce of a mutation as you.’ The boy made to slap me but Two got in his way.

‘Touch her and I will kill you.’ Looking closer at the boy he looked around my age but acted older and looked it but his face was fake and made up. He waved his hands in the air.

‘Ohhh. Christopher will kill me. Who even is she? Some tart you pulled off the streets?’ I felt rage now. Screw the sick feeling. I wanted to rip his head from his shoulders but then the voice of my father floated into my head.“Stay calm. Ignore them however much you want to beat them up until they are a bloody mess on the floor. We Ayers don’t do that but if they start a fight never be the one to finish it just get the second, third and fourth punches in and when they fall get the first, second and third kicks in.” It was after an incident at school where Dad had been called in because I had punched someone. In my defence they had been on my nerves all week and mum had just left. They said girls can’t punch so I punched him in the face and broke his nose. Back to the moment. Two’s face flushed gently and then he controlled himself and the flush went away but still left a pink tinge.

‘Well if she was just some tart off the street, which I assure you she is not, then the prince would be very worried about his daughter.’ He had some strange sense of calm when he was talking, it was like nothing bothered him.

‘She is not the princess.’ The other boy scoffed. Two had moved in front of me while he was talking. I maneuvered myself around him and stepped to be beside him.

‘I think I am. See I have the royal signet ring.’ My father had given it to me on my tenth birthday telling me to always wear it and so I did on my middle finger of my right hand. Never got into trouble for it though. It was a smallish diamond with the royal family crest on it set in a white gold band. Two glanced at my hand and then back up at his step brother.

‘Proof. Now leave us alone and I won’t hurt you.’

‘What if I don’t leave you alone.’ Two started to slowly move his hand towards the gun on the table in front of him. Once his hand reached the gun he answered back.

‘I’ll shoot you. And trust me I have been using a gun since you all pretended to die. That is a total of roughly nine years. Ten tomorrow. Want to try me?’ He raised the gun and clicked a bullet into the chamber. His step brother took a step back. I pulled out my gun from the waistband of my shorts and pointed it at him as well.

‘How long has she been behind a gun.’ Two shrugged.

‘I dunno but she is a crack shot. Better than me I must admit. Shot one of her best friends in the foot. I would not like to cross her.’ The boy started to back out of the room.

‘Tour is over girls. Get back to the Rolls.’ The girls sighed and walked back out. They were swinging their hips and also wearing platform knee high boots. I looked away as they walked off. Shinji looked longingly at them. I slapped him around the face once I was close enough.

‘Pervert.’ Shinji made to put his arms around my waist but stopped his self.

‘So if you really are the princess what is the palace like.’ I smiled.

‘Very nice and big. Get out.’

‘Make me.’

‘Fine I will.’ I threw my gun to Two who caught it one handed while eating his sandwich. Shinji offered me his hand. I took it and pulled it around behind him in a full nelson.

‘You son of a bit-’ Two threw me back my gun. I pushed it into Shinji’s spine.

‘Want to finish that sentence as I have a fully loaded and working gun pressed into your  spine?’ He shook his head.


I lead his outside and threw him into the dirt.

‘Stay out and never come back.’ He nodded and scrambled to his feet. His fine clothes had a layer of dirt on them and the girls were bending over him.

‘Are you okay?’ One simpered. Two was stood behind me. He had a bad look on his face.

‘It makes me sick just to see him again. I was so happy once they were dead. Now I know my father is alive I can go and confront him.’ I turned around once Shinji had left.

‘You are a Lord ?’ He nodded looking down.

‘That is what Three was so annoyed about. A rich sir taken into the service? Does not add up.’ I smiled.

‘A princess that can fire a gun is not normal.’

‘And get it right first time.’ Two added in as I laughed.

‘We are just different to other people. In other ways than being rich influential people in the government.’ Two glanced down at his hands.

‘When we were getting out of the country I used my own passport. Not yours. I could never even get hold of yours.’

‘I never saw my passport thinking about it now. Dad always kept them locked up. I thought that was what most people did.’ Two shook his head.

‘It sounds like you had a protected childhood. Unlike me.’ He hung his head.

‘Well we were interrupted in the middle of our mayonnaise fight.’ I said playfully as Two lifted his head. He had a large smile.

‘But I ate my sandwich.’ I shrugged.

‘I never ate my sandwich.’ Two had to think it over. His face lit up.

‘Awesome.’ Then it fell. ‘You have to go back to school soon.’ I shook my head.

‘Can’t I go to school here? I know russian, spanish, french and English.’ Two pondered. ‘Come on Two. Please.’

‘Let me think about it.’

‘Fine. But if I do go I want to be as normal as I can be.’ Chris nodded.

‘Will it still be the summer term?’ He nodded.

‘Can I go back to England until year 11.’

‘Yep. Because I want you to have to best education you can have.’ I walked off into the kitchen my heart singing. I would get to go another school and do what I want for once in my life. Dad had always made sure I was always safe so I could not be in the school play because people would come and see me. Nothing went right for me it seemed.




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