Taylor Ayers

‘I will be back as soon as possible.’ I nodded.
‘I just don’t want you to leave. But I know you have to.’ He tucked a strand of my wet hair behind my ear.
‘I will be back before you know it.’
‘Pinky promise?’ I asked. I stuck out my pinky.
‘Pinky promise.’ We linked pinkies and shook on it.
Taylor is a normal fifteen year old girl until her father turns her world upside down. With contracts, a relentless psychopathic general and a bodyguard who has many secrets. Will she be the person she is destined to be or will she be a rebel and defy the system her grandmother set out for her? Will she find love in her world which has been thrown in the bin and burned? She has to fight even harder than she did before to attempt to keep her life almost normal.


48. All Good Things Must Come to an End


All good things must come to an end


As the night was coming to a close and people started drifting back home Dad sent us off back to our rooms to get into our leaving outfits. I smiled pleasantly as we were driven away. I was in a mini skirt and a random button up plain white shirt which I used to wear for school. Chris was in his trousers and a white shirt like me.


We were sent onto a flight going to Honolulu.

‘Are you kidding?’ He shook his head.

‘Your grandmother also gave me a large villa here.’ 
‘As I said are you kidding? A villa in Honolulu? She gave you a villa?’

‘A very early wedding present.’

‘Man alive that woman has big expectations.’

‘Anyway. She left it to us.’

‘Oh yeah. We just got married. I forgot.’

 ‘You forgot you had just got married?’ I nodded. He kissed the top of my head. ‘That is hilarious.’

‘You find everything hilarious. Even those pictures of me where I am just looking normal.’

‘Because you were so cute as a child.’

‘Stop teasing me. I could call a divorce.’ There was a mother walking past with her two children. They were both screaming and kicking and the mother was shouting loudly at them.

‘If you ever want children I will kill you.’ He said absent-mindedly.

‘I completely agree.’ I said. We had only ever experienced Valentines and Cecily's cuteness from a distance. I did not want children after I had heard that in childbirth the pelvis breaks. Creeped me out and put me off children for life.


So the flight over to Honolulu was so long and tedious I felt like I had died and this was my journey to heaven. Chris was freaking out when we took off.

‘I would kiss you right now, but that might get a few frowns.’ He said.

‘Just so tired. How long are we out there for?’

‘Two weeks.’

‘I am going to sleep. Goodnight.’ We were in first class so there were no screaming children, but I could hear them behind us. I kissed Chris goodnight and then slowly fell into unconsciousness.


I was woken up by Chris who nudged me awake.

‘We are landing soon.’ I nodded and sat up.

‘Cheers.’ I yawned behind my hand.


We landed to blue skies and no clouds.

‘It is a bit like paradise.’

‘It is paradise because my paradise is with you.’ I went on tiptoe and kissed him. He put his arms around me and kissed me back. 

‘We need to get our bags.’ I whispered.

‘Oh yeah.’ Chris went to the conveyor belt and grabbed our bags once they had come through.

‘Double check that they are ours.’ He unzipped them and glanced inside and nodded.

‘They are ours.’ I took my bag and he took his. He took my hand as we walked through passport control.


Chris and I walked towards a dock where there was a speed boat.

‘Where are we going?’

‘The villa. It is on a small island off the coast.’ He grinned at me as he helped me onto the boat. It was white with the word DAUNTLESS on the side in black.


The villa was huge and had a private beach. It had loads of whites and creams everywhere and everything was just perfect. Chris laughed as he ran down to the beach.

‘Your grandmother is awesome!’ He shouted. I kicked off my shoes and followed him onto the beach. The sand was white like snow and glittered from time to time. Chris was stood by the sea. It was crystal blue and clear. I tasered him and then skipped off. He ran after me kicking up the sand as he went. I felt like I was finally being a child. There were no reporters and nobody watching and judging us.


The fridge was fully stocked to last us at least a month.

‘Your father is insanely clever when it come to this.’

‘Nah this looks more like Vanessa’s working.’ There was a large picture of Me, Cecily and Valentine lying together in a row above the fireplace. They were two which made me nineteen. Dad had wanted a whole family photo shoot after I had come home for the holidays. Chris was stood by the windows in black to keep up the bodyguard role. 

We had a mad panic when we could not find the bedrooms.

‘It is all on one floor. Who invented this place?’ Chris complained. ‘Wait wait. I found stairs. They are outside. It is two floors.’ I walked through the large french doors and up the metal stairs.


There was a long corridor with doors leading off it. I peeked into the first one which was designed for a girl.

‘There are names on the doors.’ Chris pointing out the obvious as always.

‘I knew that.’ I walked past Valentines, Dads and then found mine. I pushed the door open.


Inside was a large double bed, huge windows, chest of draws, a door leading into a bathroom. The whole room was creams and whites. Chris walked in after me.

‘Whoa. Your grandmother is on a roll.’ I checked the door again.

‘No crap. Really? Chrisor? I never knew she shipped us.’

‘Sounds like a car.’ Chris said quietly

‘Good point.’ I sat down on the edge of my bed.


Chris cooked dinner that night and then we watched a film together. It might have been singing in the rain. I can’t really remember. We found a bottle of champagne and a set of chess. As I won more the level of champagne went down.


I woke up freezing cold at four in the morning tangled around Chris.

 ‘Cold.’ I whispered to myself. I disentangled myself from Chris and rummaged through a bag finding a thick jumper which I pulled on. I snuggled back under the covers and fell asleep.


Chris woke me up by getting up and checking the time. We were getting changed when he looked out of the window.

‘Did you check the weather before we left?’ He asked worriedly. I shook my head.

‘Why?’ I stood up quickly. The sky outside was cloudy and grey. I could hear the wind whistling past the house and the rain lashing against the windows. I flopped back against the pillows.

‘Well, at least we have these big pillows.’ He said with a smile on his face. I picked one up and threw it at him. He picked it up and threw it back.

‘Oh really?’ I heard my phone go off.

‘Parley!’ I shouted. He picked up all the pillows and made a pillow fort. It was my Dad.

‘Hey, Chris. Did you know we are now the Duke and Duchess of Helixin?’ He popped his head out of the top of his fort.


‘Weird.’ He had not brushed his hair yet and so it was all rumpled and curlier than normal and made him look adorable.


We made blanket forts for the rest of the day and then had pillow fights. There was an awful moment when the doorbell rang and we hid upstairs like three year olds who have to go home from a friends house.

‘Do you think they have gone?’ He whispered. There was a tapping from down the bottom of the corridor where you walked up to the second floor.

‘You go.’ I whispered.

‘Why me?’ He asked.

‘Because I am the princess.’

‘It is my house.’

‘Our house.’ I corrected. He pushed me out into the corridor. ‘Damn you.’ I crept along and looked out. Vanessa was stood there looking cold and annoyed. I let her in.

‘Did you get my text?’ She asked.

‘What the one about being a duchess. Yeah.’

‘Good. Now stay safe.’ She said walking back out into the wind.

‘You too!’ I shouted back to her.’ She waved a hand and walked back to the beach where my father was. He waved at me and then the waded back out to the sea plane there.


The two weeks went from bad to good. The rain cleared up two days later. We went scuba diving and canoeing. It was quite nice seeing as the sea was dead still. We just lay on the beach drying off after going for a swim. We even had sandcastle competitions against our ourselves. The pranking never ceased. I completely boobytrapped the bathroom where he was shaving and doing all that stuff he does. He went in completely unaware and then ran out screaming. I had got a large packet of fake spiders which I bought just before I left university and placed them in a bucket. Chris was terrified of spiders and it creeped the hell out of him. Ended up he put a smoke bomb (from where I don’t want to think about) under my side of the bed.


We left our corner of paradise to come back to the real world where stuff happens. There had been some tension between the Russians and the Americans which was unsettling Dad, a lot.


 ‘Taylor. Great to see you again. Do get inside. You must be freezing. Come in come in.’ Said an unusually jittery Vanessa. Mark hurried us in looking hassled. I could hear a deep voice coming from the library.

‘There was some sort of uprising. I am not sure your majesty what to do.’

‘Okay. Okay John. We will figure this out together.’

‘Ah Taylor. Good to meet you at last. I am the new PM. John St John. Good Honeymoon?’ I nodded. He took one of my hands in his own rather boney ones.

‘Good good. I had best be off then.’ He brushed past Chris without a second glance. Chris was back in his bodyguard attire with a blank look on his face.

‘Taylor did you have fun?’ I nodded.

‘Yeah. Thanks. Bad few first days.’ Chris had gone golden from all of the sun he had got. I had tanned just a bit. Valentine toddled up to me and hugged my legs.

‘Tay!’ He shouted. Cecily toddled up to me and hugged me too. I picked her up.

‘Whos a big girl?’ I asked.

‘Me!’ I grinned and put her down. Dylis had been jumping to be picked up. I sat down on the floor and let her lick her face.

‘Have you been a good girl? I missed you. Yes I did. Yes I did.’ I said to her as Valentine and Cecily patted her gently. Dilys was all skin and bones with very few muscles but she could run like the wind when she wanted to. ‘Shall I take you for a walk?’ I asked clipping her lead onto her collar.


Chris took my hand and we walked around the sun lit grounds with Dilys dancing around our feet.

‘I want to go back.’ He said taking my hand as we wandered through the maze.

‘Yeah. I wanted life to be the same when we got back. So much has changed since we have been away.’ I said as he kissed the top of my head.

‘The world has changed. It is not just us.’

‘I know.’We walked back to the palace in complete silence.


It was over dinner did I become more serious.

‘So what is this about an uprising?’ Tony looked slightly uncomfortable.

‘Some Russians in America decided to try and take a shot at the president. They were put on trial and found guilty. The Russians have started the threat of a nuclear war. We are caught right in the middle.’

‘We hope it won’t come to it but we are currently holding Russia's Nuclear weapons just solely for this purpose.’

‘We have shields around the whole country but we don’t know how long they will last.’ Dad said.

‘Great that is just great. May I get down from the table?’ I asked. My father nodded. I walked up to my rooms and sat down leaning against my sofa.

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