Obsession Game

This is the sequel to Living Through it all Every Little Secret. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


20. The Last Day

I ended up sleeping in one of the guest rooms because I wasn’t ready to face Damon. After what he said yesterday, I’m not sure if I want to face him. I don’t get why he won’t be like Stefan and just try to get along with Elijah, but maybe he knows something that we don’t, but I highly doubt that. I met up with Elena, Stefan, and Elijah. I was happy to see them. Stefan hugged me and I hugged him back. I was glad that at least Stefan cared. I’m glad to have a friend like Stefan.

“Tonight is the full moon. We should assume that Klaus is prepared to break the curse.” Elijah said starting the conversation.

“Elena said that the Sun and the Moon curse is fake? That it’s actually just a curse placed on Klaus.” Stefan said.

“Klaus is a vampire born of a werewolf bloodline. The curse has kept his werewolf aspect from manifesting. But if he breaks it… He’ll be a true hybrid.” Elijah explained.

Before I could say anything, Damon walked into the room, which shocked me because I didn’t think that he actually cared.

“Then why are we letting him break the curse? We can kill him today. With Bonnie.” Damon said.

“Not happening Damon.” I growled.

“Damon.” Stefan said.

“No. Bonnie can’t use that much power without dying.” Elena said, and I agreed with her.

“I’ll write her a great eulogy.” Damon said which made me growl at him.

“It’s not an option, Damon.” Elena said as she grabbed my wrist to keep me calm.

“All right, how do we break this curse?” Stefan asked.

“Well, the ritual itself is relatively straightforward. The ingredients, so to speak, you already know.” Elijah replied.

“The moonstone.” Stefan said.

“A witch will channel the power of the full moon to release the spell that’s bound within the stone. After that, Klaus, being both werewolf and vampire, will sacrifice one of each.” Elijah explained.

I knew right then that I was glad that Tyler left town. I knew that if he hadn’t then Klaus would be using him, and I won’t let that happen. Now, for a vampire, I have no idea who he could use because almost everyone in this a vampire. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

“And where do I fit into it?” Elena asked.

“The final part of the ritual. Klaus must drink the blood of the doppelganger… To the point of your death.” Elijah replied.

All of us looked at each other, and Stefan and I held Elena’s hands for comfort. I think we all needed some type of comfort in all of this.

“And that’s where you come in.” Elena said as Elijah opened up some type of box.

“This is an elixir that I acquired some 500 years ago for Katerina. It possesses mystical properties of resuscitation.” Elijah explained as he showed us the elixir bottle.

“So I’ll be dead?” Elena asked.

“And then you won’t.” Elijah replied.

I was confused, but I knew that Elijah would explain.

“That’s your plan? A magical witch potion with no expiration? You want to come back to life, what about John’s ring?” Damon asked as he looked at Elena.

“Those rings only work on humans. The doppelganger’s a supernatural occurrence. Odds are, the ring won’t work.” Elijah replied.

“I’ll take those odds over your elixir. What if it doesn’t work, Elena?” Damon asked.

“Then I guess I’ll just be dead.” Elena replied.

Damon just looked at Elena like she was crazy. Then he looked at Stefan who just shrugged. Damon didn’t even spare me look before leaving the room. I was hurt by that, but Stefan hugged me to let me know that everything would be ok.

“Do we know if Klaus has everything he needs to do this? Does he have a werewolf?” Elena asked.

“Klaus has been waiting to break this curse for over a thousand years. If he doesn’t already have a werewolf, my guess is by tonight, he will.” Elijah replied.

That scared me even more. I’m just glad that Tyler wasn’t here because if he was, then I know Klaus would use him, and I don’t think that I could handle losing someone else that I love. Stefan went out to talk to Damon, and that gave me and Elena some alone time with Elijah.

“You’d think he’d understand why I’m willing to do this.” Elena said.

“Why are you?” Elijah asked.

“I’m the key to breaking the curse. Klaus is here because of me. If I don’t stop him, then he’s going to hurt people. It’s that simple.” Elena replied.

“You know there’s a possibility this elixir won’t work. I don’t want to mislead you.” Elijah said.

“I know the chance I’m taking.” Elena said back.

I knew that tonight was going to be hell, but I hope that we make it out alive. Before any of us could say anything else, we heard Jenna yelling at someone.

“Get out!” Jenna yelled.

“Jenna, Jenna!” Alaric yelled back.

“Get out!” Jenna yelled again as she aimed a crossbow at him.

“Jenna, put the crossbow down, okay? It’s me.” Alaric said as he tried to calm Jenna down.

“Stay away from me.” Jenna said.

“What’s going on?” Elena asked as we walked up.

“It’s me, Elena, Ryleigh, I swear, okay? He let me go. Klaus let me go.” Alaric replied.

“Prove it.” Damon said.

I growled at that because I knew that Alaric was telling the truth. Elena and I would’ve known the difference because we’ve already crossed passed with Alaric/Klaus.

“Okay, uh, first night you and I spent together, Jeremy walked in right when I was about to…” Alaric started.

“Okay, it’s him.” Jenna said while interrupting Alaric and lowering the crossbow.

“Why did he let you go?” Stefan asked and I was wondering the same thing.

“He wanted me to deliver a message. The sacrifice happens tonight.” Alaric replied.

We all looked at each other and I knew that this was going to complicate things even more. I didn’t get to hear anything else because my phone rung. It was the hospital letting me know that Carol Lockwood was in the hospital. I decided to go check on her. When I got there, I saw Tyler in the room. I was happy to see him, but I hope Klaus doesn’t know.

“Tyler?” Carol asked as she woke up.

“Mom.” Tyler said as he stepped closer to her.

“You’re back.” Carol said.

“I’m back.” Tyler said.

Carol finally noticed me at the door, and said, “What are you doing here, Ryleigh?”

“I’m on your emergency contact list. The hospital called me, and I rushed over here to check on you.” I replied with a small smile.

I hugged her before hugging Tyler.

“I’m glad you’re here.” I told him.

“I’m glad I’m here too. I missed you.” Tyler told me back.

I just hugged him tighter which told him that I missed him too. After talking for a while, Tyler and I decided to leave. I was happy that Tyler did come home, but I wish it was at a different time.

“What are you doing here?” Tyler asked as we ran into Jules.

“I should be asking you that. I told you not to come.” Jules replied and that pissed me off.

“She’s my mother. I had to.” Tyler growled.

“Now we have to get out of here; Lock ourselves up before tonight.” Jules said while leading us out of the hospital.

“Tyler? Ryleigh? Jules.” Caroline said as we met on the parking lot.

“I’ll give you a few minutes.” Jules said.

“Thank you.” Tyler said.

“Just a few, Tyler.” Jules said firmly.

“I got it.” Tyler said.

I decided to let Tyler and Caroline talk alone, so I went to talk to Jules.

“Thank you. It means a lot that you’re letting him do this.” I told her.

“I promised you that I would look after him, and I don’t break my promises.” Jules said.

I didn’t know what else to say, but I guess I didn’t have to say anything because Jules patted my arm, and walked off. I knew that pat meant that she cared for me, too, but I don’t know exactly. I decided to head back to Caroline and Tyler. Tyler was headed my way, and gave me one last hug before walking past me. I turned to look at him, and that’s when Caroline dropped to the ground, grabbing her head. When I turned to help her, Tyler dropped to the ground, holding his head. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t have a chance to move because someone grabbed me.

“Let go of me.” I growled as I tried to fight off my attacker.

My attacker must’ve thought something was funny because they put a rag over my mouth and nose. I knew exactly what they were trying to do, and I tried to fight it off, but the smell got too much for me, and I blacked out. I swear though, I thought that I heard one of the attackers say the name Klaus, but I’m not 100% sure. I guess I’ll know for sure when I wake up.

When I finally came to, I noticed that I was chained to the wall next to Tyler. I also noticed that Caroline and Tyler were awake.

“Tyler? Ryleigh?” Caroline asked as she looked at us.

“You all right?” Tyler asked as he looked at us.

“Yeah. I think so. What about you Ry?” Caroline asked.

“I’m good except for a headache.” I replied.

Tyler and I watched as Caroline tried to break the chains. I knew that I couldn’t break the chains, but I was hoping that Tyler or Caroline could so we could get out of here.

“I already tried.” Tyler said while making Caroline stop trying to break the chains.

Caroline then tried to stand up, but ended up falling back down. I knew right then that whoever took us vervained her.

“Those witches vervained me.” Caroline said confirming my thoughts.

“Who were they?” Tyler asked.

“I think they’re with Klaus.” Caroline replied and that confirmed my earlier thoughts before I blacked out.

“Who the hell is Klaus?” Tyler asked as he looked from me to Caroline.

Neither of us answered right away.

“Tyler… You shouldn’t have come back here.” Caroline finally replied.

Tyler looked between Caroline and I and I knew that we would have to tell him everything. We explained everything that we knew. Tyler was confused at first, but I think he understood everything.

“The whole sun and moon curse is fake?” Tyler asked.

“That’s what Elena and Ryleigh learned. Klaus still needs to do the sacrifice, but it’s just not for that.” Caroline replied.

“And you think that’s why they grabbed us? For the sacrifice.” Tyler asked.

“Yes.” Caroline replied.

“Well, what about Ryleigh? Why would they grab her?” Tyler asked.

“I’ve been asking myself the same thing. I think it’s a choice for Stefan and Damon, but I’m not 100% sure.” I replied.

Tyler looked at me with concern, but I knew that I could hold my own against Klaus. Tyler decided not to push the topic any further, and I was ok with that.

“He’s going to kill us?” Tyler asked referring to himself and Caroline.

“I think so. Yes.” Caroline replied.

“This whole time I’ve been gone, Jules has been helping me to come to terms with what I am. How to deal with it. I guess none of it matters anymore.” Tyler said and that made me want to slap him.

“Why didn’t you say good-bye? You just left.” Caroline said.

I didn’t know that he left without saying good-bye to her, but he did say good-bye to me. I guess I’ll just stay out of the conversation and let them handle it.

“You want to talk about this now?” Tyler asked.

“Well, if we’re going to die, I might as well know the truth. Why did you leave me?” Caroline asked.

“I knew you hated me. I thought you deserved better than having someone like me in your life.” Tyler replied and that broke my heart.

“I was hurt. You know, you turned your back on me when I needed you. But… I could never hate you, Tyler.” Caroline said back.

Tyler just smiled and that made me smile as well. We heard the door of the tomb open, and saw Damon walk through.

“Damon?” Caroline and I questioned.

Damon went toward Caroline, and said, “You’re boyfriend’s outside with a rifle loaded with wooden bullets. You have some explaining to do.”

“What, Matt?” Caroline asked, and I was just as confused.

“Matt knows about you?” Tyler asked before I could.

“No, I…” Caroline started.

“Shh. Tomorrow’s problem.” Damon said before breaking her chains.

“Now, why are you in here with them?” Damon asked as he came toward me.

“I was with them when they got taken.” I replied.

“Well, we can’t have you missing as well, now can we.” Damon said as he broke my chains.

“Thanks Damon.” I told him as he helped me up.

Damon just shrugged it off, but Caroline and I both stopped because we were not leaving Tyler.

“Let me just get you both out of here.” Damon said.

“Wait, Damon. No! We’re not leaving without him.” Caroline said speaking for both of us.

“Ohhh. It’s getting dark soon.” Damon replied.

He then looked at Tyler before asking, “How fast can you get the hell away from here?”

“I need to get to my family’s cellar. I can lock myself up.” Tyler replied.

“I’ll help.” Caroline piped in.

I just stayed because I really didn’t want to know what Tyler looked like in full wolf form.

“Don’t make me regret this.” Damon said before breaking Tyler’s chains.

When we finally made it out of the tomb, Caroline went to check on Matt. I just stayed by Tyler, but that didn’t last long because he started growling and holding his chest. We were almost to the cellar when Tyler dropped to the ground. Damon pushed me closer to Matt. I watched as Tyler went to attack Caroline, but Damon pushed her out of the way. I didn’t really see what exactly happened after that except that Damon shoved Tyler off of him, grabbed me, and rushed off.

I didn’t understand why we were back at Alaric’s apartment until Damon walked in and stood behind a man. I went in and stood next to Katherine. She looked at me, but I just shook my head, which told her that I had no idea what was going on.

“I wasn’t aware that you’d been invited in.” the man said from where he was sitting.

“I’ve come here to tell you that you have to postpone the ritual.” Damon told the man.

I was completely confused by this. Why would he tell a complete stranger about the ritual? Unless, this man is Klaus. I hope I’m wrong.

“Didn’t we already have this conversation?” the man asked.

“Yeah, but that was before I rescued your werewolf and vampire and killed your witch.” Damon replied.

I hope Damon knows what he’s doing because even I can tell that this man is getting mad.

“Excuse me?” the man asked as he got up and faced Damon.

I scooted closer to Katherine. I knew that this could downhill fast, and I also knew that Katherine would get me out of there if she had to.

“And you can kill me for it. I don’t care. It was all…me.” Damon said.

I didn’t know if he was being serious or if he was just being stupid. I hope it’s the latter.

“Katerina, give us a moment.” the man told Katherine.

Katherine looked from the man to Damon, and then to me. She tried to guide me with her, but the man lightly grabbed my wrist.

“And who might you be love?” the man asked.

“Leave her out of this. This is between you and me.” Damon growled.

I just shook my head at Damon before saying, “My name is Ryleigh.”

“Ryleigh. That’s a beautiful name, love. The name’s Klaus.” the man said.

I couldn’t believe that Damon brought me here knowing that this man was Klaus. If I wasn’t terrified before, I am now.

“I guess by your reaction that you’ve heard of me.” Klaus said with a smirk.

I didn’t know if I should nod or say something. I decided that since I didn’t trust my voice that I would just nod my head. Before I knew what was happening, Klaus was leading me over to chair that he was sitting in.

“Why don’t you sit here and warm up? I bet you’re freezing.” Klaus said as he sat me in the chair.

“Thank you.” I whispered because I just couldn’t find my voice.

“No problem love.” Klaus said back before going back to Damon.

“Now back to you. I’ve heard of you. The crazy, impulsive vampire in love with his brother’s girl, even though you have a girl who cares for you deeply. I knew one of you would try to stop me. It was just a 50/50 guess on who.” Klaus said.

I heard movement, and when I glanced up from the fire, I saw Klaus walk closer to Damon with something. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but I did hear someone scream in pain. I knew exactly who that was, and I also knew that Tyler would be crushed when he finds out.

“The nice thing about werewolves is they tend to travel in packs. Need a closer look?” Klaus asked as he handed Damon the phone.

 “Jules.” was all Damon said.

“When you spend a thousand years trying to break a curse… You learn a thing or two. First rule… always have a backup. Backup werewolf. Backup witch.” Klaus said with a smirk.

“Backup vampire.” Damon said, and I knew that he was wondering where Klaus was going to get a backup vampire, just like I was.

“I’ve got that covered, too.” Klaus said, and I did not like the way he said it.

Before I knew what was happening, Klaus knocked Damon unconscious. I didn’t even know that he did it or that he left. I just stayed where I was because I was too in shock to move.

I didn’t listen to what Damon and Katherine were talking about because I was too busy trying to figure out everything. Why didn’t Damon tell me that we were coming to see Klaus? Why didn’t Klaus hurt me? I spared a glance at Damon and Katherine and I knew that something was wrong because Katherine was giving me a sad smile, but Damon was just giving me a sad look. I will find out what’s really going on, and when I do, it won’t be pretty.


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