Obsession Game

This is the sequel to Living Through it all Every Little Secret. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


4. Memory Lane

I woke up the next morning and noticed that Damon was gone. It felt odd sleeping next to him, but I felt safe at the same time. I got up, showered, changed clothes, and drove over to the boarding house because I heard a scream, and thought it was Elena.

“Stefan! What are you doing?!” I yelled as I pulled him away from Katherine. When I got there, I saw Katherine chained to a chair, with Stefan holding vervain to her cheek.

“I’m getting answers. You need to leave.” Stefan growled as he tried to push me out the basement door.

“No. I may hate her, but I’m not going to let you do this.” I growled back as I went to Katherine and tried to unchain her.

Katherine and Stefan went back to talking about their past, and that’s when I decided to leave. I felt bad for Katherine, but then again, I didn’t. I drove home and walked across the street to Elena’s for Jenna’s barbeque. I was greeted by Alaric, and I was really happy to see him.

“What’s going on with my favorite teacher?” I asked as we walked into the kitchen, where Jenna, Elena, and Damon were.

“I’m doing very well. What’s going on with my favorite student?” Alaric asked back. Alaric and I have this father-daughter bond, so I hope that no one thinks that we’re sleeping together.

“I’m doing really well, and I’m glad to see my friends.” I replied with a smile. Elena and Jenna smiled back, and I could tell that this is the family that I was meant to be a part of. Jenna and Elena left the kitchen, and I had to ask the one question I didn’t really want to ask.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as I walked over to Damon, who had a silver knife in his hand.

“I’m going to prove that the Lockwoods’ are werewolves; starting with Mason.” Damon whispered back, and I knew that this wouldn’t end well.

“Please Damon, don’t do anything stupid. What if he comes after you? He might even go after me. Then what?” I asked as I tried to keep myself calm. I knew that this was a long shot, but I had to see if what I was thinking was true.

“I’ll stop him before he lays a hand on you. I know what I’m doing. Trust me.” Damon replied as I gently touched my face before walking into the living room.

I followed after him and enjoyed myself until Mason and Damon were in the kitchen, together. I saw that their conversation was getting heated, so I decided to intervene.

“Are you guys coming to play or what?” I asked as innocently as I could. Damon saw right through me, but Mason fell right into it.

“Yeah Ryleigh, we’re on our way. Right Damon?” Mason asked as he turned to look at me, and then Damon.

“Right.” was all Damon said, and he said it with a fake smile.

Mason walked past me, and when I turned back to Damon, he was right in my face.

“I had it handled.” Damon said as he looked down at me.

“Maybe, but to me, it looked like it was getting pretty heated.” I said back with a laugh before walking off to join the others.

Hanging out with Jenna, Alaric, Mason, and Damon was pretty freaking cool. I had a blast and decided to head home. Mason offered to drive me, but I told him that I would rather walk since I lived right across the street. Mason chuckled before telling me that he was glad that Tyler had a friend like me. I thanked him and went home. After I changed, I went to see who was knocking on my door.

“Help me Ry.” ‘Elena whimpered as she held her side.

“Oh my God, what happened?” I asked as I brought ‘Elena’ inside my house.

‘Elena’ didn’t answer and when I was about to call Stefan, ‘Elena’ grabbed my hand.

“I’m really getting good at this.” Katherine said with a smirk.

“Why did you trick me?” I growled as I jerked my hand away from her.

“I just wanted to talk.” Katherine replied as she headed to my room. I followed her, but I watched her every move just to be safe.

“You have good taste.” Katherine said as she looked around my room, while I just stood there.

“Ok, you wanted to talk, so talk.” I growled.

“Oh, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.” Katherine giggled, which stopped when she saw my face.

Before Katherine could say a word, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and saw that it was Damon. I was happy to see him and let him in.

“I screwed up, Ry.” Damon said as he looked at me.

“What did you do?” I asked while trying to get Katherine out because we both knew that a huge fight would go down, and I didn’t want my house destroyed, again.

“I tried to kill a werewolf and it backfired.” Damon replied.

“What did I tell you? Damn it, Damon.” I growled as I tried not to slap him. I should’ve known that he would do something stupid.

I guess Katherine had left because when I went to my room, she wasn’t there. I didn’t notice that Damon followed me until I smacked his chest when I turned around.

“What is it with guys and hard chests?” I asked out loud, which made me blush when I realized what I just said.

Damon chuckled before replying, “Maybe it’s because we want to impress the girl.”

I giggled, but laughed. I decided to go to bed because today had been a very long day. Damon slept next to me, and that made me wonder what was going on between us. I have no idea, but now that Katherine could come and go as she pleased, I wonder what she’ll try to do now.


Ryleigh's outfit to Jenna's barbeque: http://www.polyvore.com/obsession_game_ch.4/set?id=94631898&lid=2660180

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