Obsession Game

This is the sequel to Living Through it all Every Little Secret. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


19. Klaus

Elena had talked me into going home because she didn’t want to ruin what could possibly happen between me and Damon. I tried to talk her out of it, but she said that she needed to talk to Elijah alone. I guess I could see her point, and since I couldn’t talk her out of it, I grabbed my bags and went home. I was happy that I got to sleep in my own bed, but I’m not saying that I don’t like Damon’s bed, but you know the saying “There’s no place like home.”

When I finally fell asleep, I wasn’t asleep for very long, before my phone started to ring. I wasn’t too happy about that, but I knew that everybody would be blowing up my phone if something was wrong.

“Yes Elena.” I said as I answered my phone.

“I was wondering if you wanted to meet up with me and Elijah.” Elena said.

“I’m going to let you guys talk first and I’ll meet you guys later, if that’s ok.” I said because I knew that she really wanted to speak with Elijah alone.

“Oh, ok. That’s fine with me. I’ll let you know where to meet us.” Elena said back before hanging up.

I knew right then that she was trying to use me as a scape goat. I got news for her, she knew about Elijah’s 2nd death, so I hope he lets her have it. I’ll meet them whenever I feel like it because Elena needs to learn how to deal with problems by herself. Before I could fall back asleep, my phone rung, again. I growled before answering.

“What?” I growled.

“Woah! Someone’s in a bad mood.” Damon chuckled.

“Shut up Damon. What do you want?” I said back.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go with me and Andie to Alaric’s apartment.” Damon said.

Andie was Damon’s new play toy. I don’t know why he keeps her around, but I think that he keeps her around because she’s easy to compel. Andie doesn’t have vervain on her, and Damon knows that.

“Sure. Why not.” I said back.

“Good. I’ll see you in a bit.” Damon said back.

We hung up after that and I went to get dressed. I guess you could call me a bitch because I’m going with Damon and not Elena. Maybe it’s because Damon is real and not fake like Elena. Damon came to get me, and I could tell the moment I got in the car, that Andie did not like the fact that I was there.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Andie said as we got closer to Alaric’s door.

“Investigative journalism… we’re investigating.” Damon said back.

I rolled my eyes because both of them were getting on my nerves.

“Alaric, are you home? Andie--- Starr, Jenna’s friend.” Andie said as she knocked on the door.

Nobody answered the door, so Andie and Damon decided to open it. I was shocked to say the least when I saw who was standing on the other side.

“Thank God.” Katherine said as Andie and I entered the house.

“Wow! You were right. She looks exactly like Elena.” Andie said to Damon.

“Yep.” Damon said as he popped the ‘p’.

Damon tried to enter, but got stopped by the barrier.

“Thought you might be dead.” Damon said to Katherine.

“Unfortunately not.” Katherine said back.

I couldn’t take it anymore and hugged Katherine. Everyone was shocked, but Katherine hugged me back. I was happy that she was alive.

“What are you doing here?” Katherine asked everyone after she let go of me.

“We are here to rescue you.” Andie replied.

“No, sweetie. We are here to see if she deserves to be rescued.” Damon said correcting Andie.

“Right.” Andie said as she looked at Damon.

“They might be here just to see if you deserve to be rescued, but I’m here to see you and to rescue you.” I said as I looked at Katherine.

Katherine looked at me with a smile because she knew that I really wanted to rescue her. Andie and Damon shared a look before looking back at me. I knew that they didn’t like what I said to Katherine, but I didn’t care.

“I figured you still might be kicking. Alaric-Klaus was blending way too easily. Figured he probably had some coaching.” Damon said before pulling out a phial of vervain.

“Is that…” Katherine asked.

“Vervain? Your salvation.” Damon replied.

“It’s not going to undo anything.” Katherine said.

“There’s always a loophole. Did he tell you to stay in this apartment until he said it was ok to leave?” Damon asked.

Katherine didn’t answer and that gave Damon the answer he needed.

“You can’t say. Did he tell you to do absolutely everything he says until the end of time?” Damon asked.

“No.” Katherine replied.

“There’s your loophole. Drink this and it’ll prevent any further compulsion.” Damon said.

Katherine came closer to get the phial, but Damon pulled the phial away from her reach.

“Give it to me.” Katherine said.

“Answer one question first. You double-crossed us with Isobel, why?” Damon asked.

“I didn’t think you could stand a chance against Klaus, so I was looking out for myself.” Katherine replied, but she glanced my way real quick, and that told me that she also meant me.

“And where did that get you? Here.” Damon said.

Damon then threw Katherine the phial, and I was happy that maybe now she could get out of here.

“Be careful with that. If he finds out you have that, you’re never getting out of here.” Damon said.

Katherine drunk the phial and then couched. I honestly bet that vervain burned her throat, but I think she also knew that if this works then she’ll get to get out of this bad situation.

“You owe me. And I will collect.” Damon said to Katherine.

Katherine just glared at Damon. I knew that she was regretting this.

“Come on.” Damon said talking to me and Andie.

“Nice to meet you.” Andie said before walking out the door.

“I hope I get to see you again soon.” I told Katherine before heading to the door.

“Be careful Ryleigh. If Klaus knows that we’re connected, then he might just use you to get to me.” Katherine told me.

“I will, and I’m not going to let that happen. Elena and I pulled the dagger out of Elijah. I’m hoping that he’ll still help us, and if not, then maybe he’ll help me.” I said to Katherine, but whispered the last part so only she could hear.

“Are you coming or not?” Andie asked as she stepped back into the apartment.

“I’m coming.” I growled before Katherine could say a word.

“Remember that I’m always watching over you.” Katherine whispered to me.

I nodded my head, gave Katherine a quick hug, and left with Andie and Damon.

Nobody said a word as Damon drove us back to my house. I was pissed off at Andie because she interrupted my conversation with Katherine. I haven’t seen her since she told me about what the others did to Elijah, and I really missed her. I guess you could say that I actually care for Katherine. She did save me when I was kid, so I guess we’re linked in some way. Damon and Andie dropped me off, and when I got inside my house, I saw that I had a text from Elena. She told me where to meet her and Elijah. I decided to go for run, and I ended up going to where Elena had told me to meet her and Elijah.

“Your phone will not stop its incessant buzzing. Answer it, please.” I heard Elijah tell Elena as he handed her the phone.

“Stefan… what’s wrong? No. No, no, no, no. Okay, I’ll be right there.” Elena said as she answered her phone.

Elena hung up her phone, and looked at Elijah before looking over at me with shock.

“Klaus went after Jenna. I have to go to her.” Elena told us.

“I’m afraid that wasn’t part of today’s arrangement.” Elijah said.

“She’s my family, Elijah. I have to. I’ll be back. You have my word.” Elena told him.

“That doesn’t mean anything to me until you live up to it.” Elijah said.

“Thank you.” Elena said before running off and leaving me with Elijah.

“Shall we?” Elijah asked as he motioned his hand toward the Lockwoods’.

I followed Elijah into the living room, and sat on the couch. Elijah stood by the fireplace. I was thinking about saying something to him, but then again, I don’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry for what they did to you.” I finally decided to say.

Elijah just stood there. I was hoping that I didn’t upset him, but I won’t know until I talk.

“If I would’ve known what they were going to do, then I would’ve stopped them.” I said with sincerity.

Elijah still didn’t say a word, but he did glance my way and gave me a slight smile. That told me that he believed me, and that made me feel much better. We sat there for I don’t know how long before Elena came back.

“Welcome back.” Elijah said as Elena walked into the room.

“Tell me. What is Klaus’ curse?” Elena asked.

“Please.” Elijah said as he motioned for Elena to sit down.

Elena sat next to me and Elijah sat next to her.

“My family was quite close, but Klaus and my father did not get on too well. When we became vampires, we discovered the truth. Klaus was not my father’s son. My mother had been unfaithful many years before. This was her darkest secret. Klaus is from a different bloodline. Of course, when my father discovered this, he hunted down and killed my mother’s lover and his entire family. Not realizing, of course, that he was igniting a war between species that rages until this day.” Elijah explained to us.

I was shocked to say the least, but I wasn’t surprised. I knew that there had to be something more to him wanting to break this curse, and the back story for it.

“A war between the species?” Elena asked confused.

“The vampires… and the werewolves.” Elijah replied.

Elena and I shared a look because we were both confused now.

“So Klaus’ real father was from a werewolf bloodline? What does that make Klaus? A werewolf? Or a vampire?” Elena asked, and I’m glad she asked because I was just fixing to ask those questions.

“He’s both. A hybrid would be deadlier than any werewolf or vampire. Nature would not stand for such an imbalance of power. Therefore the witches, the servants of nature, saw to it that my brother’s werewolf side would become dormant.” Elijah replied.

Elena and I were completely shocked by that. I hope that we can stop Klaus from breaking this curse because if not, then I think that we all better run for our lives.

“That’s the curse that Klaus wants to break?” Elena and I asked at the same time.

Elena and I looked at each other and giggled. We were shocked that we were both thinking the same thing.

“He wants to trigger that part of him that’s a werewolf. If allowed, Klaus would sire his own bloodline. He’d build his own race. Endangering not just vampires, but everyone.” Elijah said.

“But you helped him?” Elena asked.

“I helped him because I loved him. That’s changed, now he must die.” Elijah replied.

I felt bad for Elijah because I mean, this is his brother we’re talking about after all. I just hope that he doesn’t back out of killing Klaus. I guess we’ll know whenever we get to that point.

“We have the dagger now. We can stop him.” Elena said.

“When a werewolf is wounded by silver, it heals. An Original can’t be killed by anything but white oak ash on a silver dagger. So you see the conundrum. The dagger does not work.” Elijah said.

“What, are you saying that Klaus can’t be killed?” Elena asked, and I was thinking the same thing.

“There’s only one way to kill any supernatural species… at the hands of the servants of nature themselves.” Elijah replied.

“A witch if they can channel that much power. But it would kill them.” Elena said back.

“The curse must be broken during the full moon. When Klaus is in transition. That’s when he’ll be at his most vulnerable. A witch with enough power… can kill Klaus.” Elijah said.

“What if I told you that I knew a witch that could channel that much power?” Elena asked, and I knew exactly who she was talking about.

“Then I would tell you there’s one more think that you should know.” Elijah replied.

“You found a way to save the life of the doppelganger?” Elena asked after Elijah told us more of his story.

“Yes, Elena. I did. But unfortunately, Katerina took matters into her own hands first. I believe you already know how that played out.” Elijah replied.

I knew what he was talking about. Katherine told Elena and I her whole story a while back. I hope that Elena doesn’t decide to do that, but I know that Stefan wouldn’t let her do it anyway.

“You cared about her, didn’t you?” Elena asked, and I was wondering the same thing.

“It’s a common mistake, I’m told. And it’s one I won’t make again.” Elijah replied.

Elijah gave Elena her jacket and we all left. We went back to the Salvatore house, and I wasn’t expecting what we were going to walk in on. When we entered the library, Stefan and Damon were fighting.

“Stop!” Elena yelled.

Stefan and Damon pulled apart, and we all looked at each other.

“Now you’ve invited him in?” Damon asked with an attitude.

“Cool it Damon.” I growled.

“Elijah and I have renewed the terms of our deal.” Elena replied to Damon.

Elena knew that I was getting pissed off, so she was trying to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.

“Really?” Damon asked.

“The two of you will come to no harm at my hands. I only ask for one thing in return.” Elijah said.

“What?” Damon asked.

I almost attacked Damon because he was starting to get on my nerves. I guess Elena noticed because she grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I squeezed her hand back to let her know that I was ok.

“An apology.” Elijah replied.

“A what?” Damon asked.

“I’m sorry for the part that I played in your death. I was protecting Elena. I will always protect Elena.” Stefan said as he stepped closer to us.

“I understand.” Elijah said.

We all looked at Damon, and I was hoping that he would be like Stefan, but who knows with Damon.

“The sacrifice is going to happen, Damon. Bonnie will be able to kill Klaus without hurting herself and Elijah knows how to save my life. I told you I’d find another way. And I did.” Elena said.

“Is that true?” Damon asked as he looked at Elijah.

“It is.” Elijah replied.

“And you’re trusting him?” Damon asked as he looked between Elena and I.

I have no clue why Damon looked at both of us, when his question was really directed at just Elena. But I know what my answer would be, so I decided to answer with Elena.

“I am.” Elena and I both replied.

“You can all go to hell.” Damon said before walking out of the room.

“He’s angry with me right now. But he’ll come around.” Stefan said as he saw the hurt look on my face.

“Perhaps.” Elijah replied.

Stefan came over to me and gave me a hug. I was so overwhelmed that Damon just told me that I could go to hell for trusting Elijah. He has no right to talk to me that way because he lied to me about everything. I may not be the brightest person in our group, but I am one of the smartest, and I’m with Elena on this one. We may not agree on much, but when it comes to Bonnie, we’ll always agree. 


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