Obsession Game

This is the sequel to Living Through it all Every Little Secret. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs.


14. Crying Wolf

I woke up the next morning and noticed that I had arms wrapped around me, and that I was curled up against someone. I slowly raised my head and saw that Tyler was still here. I was glad that he was still here because it does get tiresome after a while waking up alone, even though I should be used to it by now. I rolled over ever so slightly because my phone was vibrating. Tyler just rolled over so his back was facing me. When I looked at my phone, I saw that it was Stefan.

“Hey Stefan.” I said softly.

“Hey Ry. I’m sorry if I woke you, but I wanted to check on you.” Stefan replied.

I was happy that he was checking on me, and I told him everything. He seemed shock that I let Tyler stay with me, but he also knew that Tyler wasn’t really at fault because Jules planted things in his head.

“Just please be careful Ryleigh. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Stefan said and I had to smile.

“I will Stefan and please keep Elena occupied, so she’s not thinking too much.” I said back.

I heard Stefan chuckle before saying, “I will.”

I giggled a bit, before we decided to hang up and try to enjoy our day of peace while we could. I decided to get up and shower while Tyler was still asleep. The shower is where I normally do my heavy thinking because I know that if I think anywhere else, I would probably break something. After I got out of the shower, I got dressed, and when I walked out, I saw that Tyler was awake.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked as Tyler stood up and stretched.

“I slept well. What about you?” Tyler asked as he looked over at me.

“I slept pretty good as well.” I replied with a smile.

Tyler smiled back, walked over to me, and hugged me. I hugged him back, and knew that something was off. I decided to ask the question that was on my mind.

“What’s wrong Tyler?” I asked as we pulled apart.

“I think that I should go see if Jules is still here because I think that she is.” Tyler replied as I sighed.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea Tyler.” I told him which made him sigh as well.

“I know Ry, but I think that something is off about everything, and I at least want her to explain why she did what she did.” Tyler said as we sat on my bed.

I finally agreed for Tyler to go see Jules, but I had to go too. Tyler wasn’t too happy about it, and to be honest, neither was I, but I wasn’t going to let him go alone because God knows what that woman would say to turn him against us, again. Tyler kept trying to talk me out of it, but I told him that I wasn’t going to let him go alone and why.

When we finally reached where Jules was, I instinctively grab Tyler’s arm, and cling to him. I may be a witch and all, but Jules did try to kill me, and almost turned Tyler against everyone, and I’m pretty sure that she scares me.

“Tyler, Ryleigh, hi.” Jules said as she noticed us.

“You’re still here.” Tyler said, and I was confused because I thought Mr. Martin told them to leave.

“Is that alright with you?” Jules asked as she looked from Tyler to me, and back to Tyler.

“That guy last night made it pretty clear that you needed to go.” Tyler replied.

“And we will soon. Ryleigh, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the other night. I was only trying to help Tyler and I guess I did it in the wrong way.” Jules said as she looked from Tyler to me.

I was shocked to say the least and I was also hesitant to accept her apology, but I did accept it because I knew that after today, she would be gone, and I wouldn’t have to see her ever again.

All of a sudden, Brady, Jules’ boyfriend, and another guy walk out from behind the trailer. Tyler and I look at them and I gripped Tyler’s arm because Brady still scares me after everything he did to Caroline and I.

“Listen. We kind of need your help with something.” Jules said as she looked between Tyler and I, and her boyfriend and the other guy.

I was confused, but when I looked around at the werewolves, I knew that it could either be about Katherine or the moonstone.

“We need you to help us find the moonstone.” Brady, Jules’ boyfriend, said as he looked between Tyler and I.

I wasn’t too shocked when he said that, but Tyler was when he said, “Somebody needs to explain to me, well us, what the big deal is about a rock.”

I was happy that Tyler wanted to include me in on everything, but I started to feel guilty because I was hiding things from Tyler. Maybe once everything is over and our lives go somewhat back to normal, then I might just tell Tyler everything that I know.

“That rock helps break the curse of the sun and the moon.” Stevie, the other guy, said, and I noticed that he couldn’t stop shaking.

“I don’t know what that means. Do you Ry?” Tyler said as he looked at me.

I shook my head no because I didn’t trust my voice. I knew that I would give myself away if I spoke.

“It’s an old curse placed on both vampires and werewolves.” Jules said as she started to explain everything to Tyler and myself.

“Vampires break the curse, they’re free to walk in the sunlight, but we’re stuck only at the full moon, aka werewolf Armageddon.” Stevie continued for Jules.

I couldn’t help but grip Tyler’s arm after Stevie said that because I knew that most of my friends are vampires, and I also knew that there was more to this statement.

“But if we break it, they’re stuck as night-walkers, and we can turn whenever we want.” Brady said with a smirk.

“Aka werewolf domination.” Stevie finished.

Tyler sighed and I knew that this conversation needed to end, but I was too scared to say anything.

“Tyler, if we can turn at will, that means we never have to turn at all, not if we don’t want to.” Jules said, while trying to convince Tyler.

“I’d never have to turn again?” Tyler questioned in shock.

I was still trying to figure out what in the hell they were talking about, but I know one thing, when this is over, I’m going to talk to Stefan and Damon about this.

“There’s more. Stevie?” Brady said as he turned to look at Stevie.

I knew there was more to this, and I was hoping that it wouldn’t involve Elena, but I’m not holding my breath since they want the moonstone.

“If those vamps are gearing up to break the curse, they must have also found the doppelganger.” Stevie said which proved my thoughts.

“The doppelganger?” Tyler asked confused.

I wasn’t confused because I knew exactly what they were talking about, but I didn’t want them to know that I know, so I acted like I was confused just like Tyler.

“Evil twin shadow person. We’re betting Mason’s hot, vampire chick Kathy knows all about it, so we need you to help us find Kathy. I…I have a picture. No one liked her. She was a vampire. Bad news.” Stevie started, and I knew exactly who he was talking about when he said the name Kathy.

Stevie was going through his phone trying to find a pic of Katherine and Mason, and I moved to stand next to Tyler instead of behind him. Tyler wrapped his arm around my waist, and I moved closer to him. Brady and Jules gave us a look, but I just ignored them because I knew that Tyler only did that to make sure that no one tried anything.

“Right… right here. The girl next to Mason.” Stevie finished as he showed Tyler and I a picture of Katherine and Mason.

Tyler was shocked because Katherine looks exactly like Elena, but I wasn’t shocked at all. I knew that before this day was done, I would have to explain everything to Tyler, and I hope that when I do, he doesn’t hate me for it.

“That’s Elena Gilbert.” Tyler said skeptically.

“You know her?” Jules asked.

“I’ve known her my whole life.” Tyler replied.

Brady and Jules exchanged looks with each other, and I knew that this wasn’t going to be good for anyone.

Tyler and I decided to head to the Grill, and I had no idea why. Tyler wouldn’t talk to me about why we were going there, but I was hoping that I would see Caroline because I missed her. She’s one of my best friends and I didn’t know what happened after I went home that night, and I was hoping to talk to her.

“Caroline.” Tyler said as we walked up to her.

“You stay away from me.” Caroline growled at Tyler, but was shocked to see me standing there.

“It’s important.” Tyler said as Caroline tried to walk off, but ended up knocking into Tyler.

Caroline dropped her bag on the floor, and everything spilled out. I helped Caroline and Tyler pick everything up, and Tyler picked up Caroline’s phone and put it in his pocket without me or Caroline noticing.

“Just stop it, Tyler, okay? You’re just… you’re just making it worse.” Caroline said as we finished picking everything up.

“Please, Caroline. I’m sorry about what happened, okay, but there’s so much we need to talk about.” Tyler said as we stood up.

“I said just leave me alone, and I can’t believe you Ryleigh. After everything he put us through that night and her you are with him. If you’re going to side with him, then you leave me alone as well.” Caroline said as she grabbed her bag and stormed off.

I was hurt that she said that, but I knew that she was just hurting, and I hope that after this we can get back to normal. I just watched as Tyler and Matt talked and I couldn’t help but notice the hostility between them. I wonder if what that’s all about, but I hope it’s not about Caroline.

After Tyler talked with Matt, we went back to Jules and the others, but I just stayed in the car because I didn’t want to know why we were back. I still can’t believe that Caroline is mad at me over nothing. I’m not siding with Tyler, but she won’t let him explain, so that’s her own fault. After what like forever, Tyler and Brady came over to the car, and we were headed to the Lake House.

“Why are we headed there?” I asked after Tyler explained where we were going.

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you don’t then you’ll have to deal with me.” Brady replied.

I just sat there in shock and so did Tyler. I just asked a simple question, but if he does try to hurt me, then he’ll pay dearly. I just sat there, and when we got to the Lake House, I was told to stay in the car. I didn’t listen and got out as soon as Brady went into the house after Elena. I heard grunting coming from the shed, so I headed there, and was shocked to see Tyler holding a gun and a stake on Stefan.

“What the hell Ty?” I asked as I went toward Stefan.

“Stay back Ry.” Tyler said as he tried to stop me from going to Stefan.

I continued towards Stefan and helped him get the bullet out as he talked to Tyler.

I must’ve missed part of their conversation because Tyler shouted, “Elena will be fine!”

Stefan looked up at Tyler and I looked between the two because I was confused as hell.

“They didn’t tell you that part, did they? Who are the liars now?” Stefan asked as Tyler and I looked at him.

“Tell me what?” “What happens to her?” Tyler and I asked at the same time.

“In order to break the curse, Elena has to die.” Stefan replied as he looked between the two of us.

Tyler and I were both speechless and I was trying so hard not to cry.  All of us went to help Elena, but Tyler and I stayed back. Stefan ripped out Brady’s heart, and I cringed because that still makes me sick. Stefan hugs Elena tight and I was happy that she was still alive. I can’t believe that Brady used us to get to Elena. I’m glad he’s dead, and if Jules knew, then she’s going to meet the same fate.

“Tyler? Ryleigh?” Elena asked as she looked at Tyler and I.

“I didn’t know what they were gonna do to you. I didn’t. I just… I don’t want to be like this anymore.” Tyler replied as he walks closer to Elena and Stefan.

Elena pulls away from Stefan and moves closer to Tyler. When she’s close enough, Elena pulls Tyler into a hug.

“I’m sorry, Elena.” Tyler said as he hugged her tight.

“It’s okay.” Elena said back as she hugged him just as tight.

Stefan and I hugged as well, but that’s to be expected because we’re like family. We were both grateful that everyone made it out alive, and I hope that this is the end of Jules and her gang of troublesome werewolves. After a few minutes, we all got into a group hug, and that made my night. Tyler drove me home, and I just knew in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong.

I took a shower, changed into my pajamas, and was in the kitchen, when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, and when I answered the door, I was shocked to see Tyler standing there with a duffle bag.

“I’m so sorry about this Ry, but I have to go.” Tyler said as we just looked at each other.

I couldn’t muster up any words to say to him because I was too busy trying not to cry. I think Tyler noticed because he said he was sorry again, and started walking away. He was about to get in the jeep, when I finally came to my senses.

“Tyler!” I yelled as I ran to him.

Tyler turns around and I jump straight into his arms. We hug each other tight, and I can’t help but let a few tears fall.

“Promise me that you will come back.” I said as Tyler slowly placed me on the ground.

“I promise you Ryleigh that I will be back.” Tyler said back as he hugged me one more time.

When we pulled apart, Tyler got in the jeep. I leaned into the window, so I could see Jules.

“You better take good care of him.” I said while trying to be threating.

“Don’t worry Ryleigh. I wouldn’t dare hurt him.” Jules said back, and I knew that she meant it.

I decided to do something that I haven’t even thought about since Tyler and I hooked up. I decided to kiss him, since it’ll be who knows how long before I see him again. I pull away from Tyler and watch as they drive off. I start to go inside after the jeep is out of sight, and I can’t help but cry. I’m going to miss him like crazy. I know I have to be strong, and put on a brave face, but I do know that everything happens for a reason. Right?


Ryleigh's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/obsession_game_ch14/set?id=169006759

Ryleigh's pajamas: http://www.polyvore.com/obsession_game_ch14/set?id=169007472

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