Forever or never?

Bailey is caught between two desicions: All Or None of one direction? She knows she cant keep the affairs secret, but she surprising had for so long. I mean, theres nothing wrong with sleeping with all five of them, right?


1. 1: Promise

Hi I'm bailey. I am 21 years old and just graduated from a 2 year college singing scholarship. I am very good friends with One Direction. Well, more than friends I guess you can say. I'm secretly dating all 5. How? Well your aboit to find out...

Baileys POV: Last night with Niall was so much fun. We partied so late I thought i was gonna barf. And afterwards we went back to Niall's place and played a few "games". I slept over of course and now i just woke up and im laying in his bed. "Hey Nialler" i said softly. He woke up and wrapped his strong, muscular arms around me. I never wanted to leave.

Nialls POV: Bailey looked so pretty hungover. She was so much fun to have with me. I reached up and stroked her beautiful sandy blonde hair and leaned in for a neck kiss. She returned the favor. "I never want you to leave boo" i whispered to her. "Why cant we just tell the boys? I want the whole world to know that i love you." "Babe, my ex will come after me if he finds out im dating someone." She said all whiney like. "But why cant we just tell the guys?" "They will all get jealous of us." I loved when she talked about us that way. I just smiled and planted a kiss on her lips. I breathed in her sent and pulled her on top of me.

Baileys POV: I felt so bad about what i said. But i just remember i have a brunch date with harry and 10:30 and its 9:45 right now. "Hey baby, i am so sorry but i have to go now. But ill text you kay?" "Why do you do this?" He complained. "Everytime we have a fun night you leave right away. Is there something bad that i do? Do i smell bad? Am i a bad kisser? Please tell me why." I sighed. I know theres only one way to get out of this. Lie. Theres just so many im keeping track of right now im to scared to create another one. "Ok. My mom has breast cancer and i need to meet her at the hospital. Right away." Crap, why cancer?! "Oh my god, bailey i am so sorry. I'll drive you over there right n-" "NO!!" I shouted "um i mean, no thanks i got it..." "Ok..? Well i guess you should go then. Bye love." He pulled me close and kissed me for a long time. I wished i could just cancel. Niall moved to my ear and then my neck. I rested my head on his shoulder. "Promise me, that tonight, you will show up at my house, and youll spend the whole night and day with me." But i had a party with Zayn! Sh*t!! "Uhh..ok..." I said nervously. "Promise?" I huffed a breath. "Promise."

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