Puppet master

Their world was at war. Many people took up weapons and tried to fight. A young girl picked up a small doll and everyone laughed.No-one knew puppet mastery since Gina the great. She just smiled then walked off. Oh and the cover was done by MissQuirky


3. Chapter 3


Her voice was hoarse from crying, her body was sore from the constant struggling and the continues torture. She sighed, then felt more tears stream down her face when she was sure she had run out of them. She hated feeling this weak and she hated showing them how weak she was. Her legs shook as she slowly stood and face the man in front of her. Her torn clothes hung loosely on her small frame and many patches were soaked with scarlet.

"I'm gonna ask again you little brat where are they?" He raised the curved blade that was slick with fresh blood.

"For the last time I have no fucking clue!" He brought the sword down and she cried out as it met her soft shoulder. He sliced her back over and over. As she screeched he would laugh and bring the sword down again and again, the wounds not cutting too deep.

"That's enough!" A loud voice was heard from the other side of the bars. The man stopped and turned.

"You never let me have any fun!" The man growled as the other came in.

"If I let you have your fun she would be dead before we could get any information out of her!" The other man let out a tooth grin 

"What I like violence!" She realized the man who had been torturing her had long canines and furry ears poking out of the top of his head. He was a werewolf! 

"Yeah and next thing you know you'll get fired!" The man who snapped back had blueish skin and leaves attached to his head like they grew there.So she was being held captive by a werewolf and a fairy, great!

"What do you...want..from me?" She managed to wheeze out as the men turned to stare at her bloodied face. The fairy knelt down and grabbed her chin to look deep into her eyes. He seemed to just stare into her soul looking for something. The werewolf just sat and crossed his legs while he watched his partner work. The fairy soon stood and shook his head

"She knows nothing" He reached up and undid her bindings and her limp body fell to the ground. The werewolf looked from her to the fairy and back.

"So you mean I hurt an innocent girl!" The fairy nodded and the werewolf's eyes grew wide then he rushed forward to help her up.

"I am so sorry! by the way my name is Har and this is Dace" Dace bowed and muttered an apology before leaving.

"And whats your name?" Har asked sweetly and she let out a small smile

"It's Cassandra" Then she blackened out  

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