Puppet master

Their world was at war. Many people took up weapons and tried to fight. A young girl picked up a small doll and everyone laughed.No-one knew puppet mastery since Gina the great. She just smiled then walked off. Oh and the cover was done by MissQuirky


1. Chapter 1


Rain painted the street a dull and wet grey as storm clouds covered the normally bright blue sky. People hurried down streets wrapped up as the fat wet drops threatened to soak them to the skin. Cars with blaring headlights whizzed past causing puddles to turn into tiny tsunamis soaking anyone who got too close. Many people rushed into shops or cars. But not Cassandra who just walked soaked down the street watching the people walk past wrapped up warm in big coats and scarfs. She only had long torn trousers, a thin tank top with a thin leather jacket and a pair of trainers. She pulled the jacket tighter around her small frame as the water trickled down and completely soaked her through.

She finally reached the abandoned apartment block and jumped over the fence then made her way inside. She shared the apartment block with three other teenagers. All of them had lost their parents due to the war between the Galacticas and the Universaries. The Universaries were made up of Humans, Angels, Werewolves, Vampires and Fairies were as the Galacticas were made up of weird aliens from outer space. There were many worlds that the  Universaries controlled and Cassandra and the other kids lived on the planet Cro the poorest out of the thirteen the Universaries controlled.

"Hey guys I'm back and I managed to get some food!" She heard the shuffling of feet then she saw the familiar ginger spiky hair and bright brown eyes of Leon. He smiled when he saw Cassandra and ran forward to envelope her in a huge hug. Then she soon saw the gold hair and green eyes of Miranda who came in and sat down on the broken sofa in the corner of the room.

"Where's Jaran?" Leon let go of her and looked at Miranda 

"Um...well you know how he's a you know..." That's when it hit her. He had gone out to hunt as he was a vampire. Leon was an Angel and Miranda was the same were as Cassandra was a plain old Human. Leon and Miranda were brother and sister and the only living relatives of their family left. Cassandra never knew her family as she was raised by a man called Goen who had lived on the street so she knew how to survive on her own but then she had found the others down a street and had taken them under her wing even though Jaran was the oldest he had lost his family when he was 14 . Soon she felt the wind and cold air rush by her shoulder and could tell that Jaran was back. He was leaning against the wall his pitch black hair stuck to his forehead and his deep brown eyes still had the blood lust look  and she could tell that he hand't fed.

"Jaran did you manage to find an animal?" He looked up at her then shook his head. He hadn't fed in about a week and she could tell that it was starting to wear on him as he was getting slower and weaker. She huffed then threw the bag of food she had brought back at Leon then told Jaran to follow her into a different room. He silently followed. She turned to face him and placed her hands on her hips

"You need blood" His eyes darkened at the word and she shook her head

"See you get crazy over the word because your so thirsty!" He turned his head to the side clearly  disappointed in himself.

"How about mine?" His head snapped back at the question worry filling his eyes as he took a few steps forward and took her hands in his

"I could never hurt you" She huffed at his response as that was what he would always say

"Yet you would drink form a complete stranger you don't know what they could have in their systems!" He let a small smile play at his lips

"Yeah but I don't know them so I don't have to worry about hurting them" She pulled her hands out of his and placed them back on her hips  

"Your getting too weak soon you wont be able to move! you need blood and I'm offering mine!" He growled at her response

"I'm not drinking your blood!" He screamed at her. He turned to leave so to get his attention she took the small knife out of her pocket and slid it across her palm letting the blood flow free. His head lifted at the smell and he turned to see Cassandra with her hand out palm up with a small pool of blood forming and he couldn't hold back even though he tried with all his strength but the smell with too much for his senses and he lurched forward his teeth sinking deep into the wound. Cassandra let out a small squeak and let Jaran feed until he was full. He looked up at her face to see her looking at his concern  written in her features. He pulled his fangs out gently then ripped a piece of his shirt off and wrapped it around her hand. 

"That was stupid I could have drained you" He rested his head in her palm on the wound.

"Yes but I know you wouldn't were friends" He sighed at the word friends sometimes he wanted more. He had known her for 5 years now since she found them in that ally when they were 15 and since then they haven't gone anywhere without the others. He looked up into her emerald orbs and raised a hand to stroke her short white and purple hair.

"Yeah were friends" He lowered his hand and lead her back into the other room to see Leon and Miranda both asleep on their mattresses.

"You need your sleep" she nodded then headed over to her mattress and soon he could hear her soft snores. He looked out the grimy window at the front of the apartment building hoping that tomorrow might be the day their lives change. He couldn't have been more right. 

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