(Dont) Let me Go

This is based on my dream that I had for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. 5% dream, 50% additional.
Sometimes you think you got someone wrapped around your finger, but instead, your the one thats being wrapped. Have you ever loved someone and had a thought or even a moment that they were the one? Bella has,


6. Chapter 6


When the boys came it was 12PM. See? Late. it would be awkward if they were early.

"Hey." Ashton said.

"We brought breakfast." Luke stated.

"And a car." Calum smiled.

"Cool." I said.

"Who brings breakfast at 12 o clock?" Sammy walked out from the kitchen with her hands folded.

"Well, consider it lunch." Luke said.

"I smell pancakes." Nathalie smiled.

"It is." Ashton said.

"Yeah, pancakes for lunch." Sammy rolled her eyes.

"Seems good to me." Calum grinned.

When the boys and Nathalie finished eating, we put our stuff into the car.

"Who's driving?" I asked.

"I am." Ashton twirled the keys around his finger and hopped into the front seat.Once everyone got in Ashton made an announcement."Alright everyone, I don't know how long it will be or how to go I just know the address, so, Siri, work your magic."

Calum and Luke sat in the third row and me and the girls sat in the front, Sammy didnt like the hump so she decided to sit in the passenger's seat.It took at least 5 hours to get there.

"Damn." I said.

"No kidding." Sam said. Ashton looked tired, I felt bad. 5 hours isnt little.

"It's cool." Ashton said he suddenly looked energized again.

"Soo, what now?" Sam said with amazement and sarcasm.

"I don't know you choose what we do next." Ashton stared at her. I looked back and forth.

"There's nothing going on from that Friday night!" She laughed.

"What?" He asked.


"Alright.." I said.

"How about we just remake Truth or Dare?" He suggested.

"Cool." Nat smiled. She was leaning against Calum between his legs. There was three tents, one for girls and one for boys, the other one was just in case one gets invaded by ants.

"Sam you go first." Luke suggested.

"Uh okay dare."

"I DARE YOU TO CARTWHEEL OFF THE THE TREE." Ashton said really fast.

"Really man?" Luke said. Frowning.

"I don't know how to do a cartwheel that's something you should dare Nathalia."

"Alright, let's make a rule, if you don't do the dare, you will have to sleep naked in the third tent." Ashton said.

"Oh you would say that I bet you've done it before." Said Sammy. She got on the tree and cartwheeled off the branches and nearly fell off after her right arm missed the branch. Then she fell and .. landed .. into...... my BOYFRIEND'S ARMS!

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