(Dont) Let me Go

This is based on my dream that I had for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. 5% dream, 50% additional.
Sometimes you think you got someone wrapped around your finger, but instead, your the one thats being wrapped. Have you ever loved someone and had a thought or even a moment that they were the one? Bella has,


2. Chapter 2


Luke and I pretty much are one of those couples who kiss each other every single moment. Day to night.It was life. I loved it. I loved it a lot. His kisses weren't passionate, they started rough and ended with ripped up beds. I loved the way he kisses me every night pinning me down and taking off his shirt first or if it was buttoned I would've unbutton it for him. Life was good.


It was only like.. 1 more week until summer. I was in 10th grade. Nat Sam and I were all prepared to go to USC. Sam doesn't want to go to USC because she's afraid Nat isnt gonna 'make it' which sucked because I had faith. Nat is my best friend and hers to but Sam is always doubting her. I walked to school alone today 'cause I had to study, yes, study and walking, I looked up and saw Luke with his friends, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. Nat and Calum were dating, they have this 2 and a half year relationship, creepy, but true. Then i saw Nat and Sam hanging out. I felt a little bad 'cause I wasn't there. Anyways, today is Friday, that means, weekend, study 'til brain damage.


Lunch.. am I hungry? No. I went to a tree and I saw Nat alone. I felt bad. I walked up to her and boom, Calum came and they started making out. Wow, right in front of me, but sometimes.. i do do the same with her and Sammie. .. okay maybe all the time. Nat pulled out of him and smiled in his eyes. He turned to me.

"Oh hey Bella." He said.

"Uh hey." I waved.

"I'll leave you to alone."

"Okay." She smiled. And stared at him. He stared at her back but confusedly.


"Can I have a loan?" She said like he was the stupid one. He reached into his pocket and gave her a pile of what I saw was one's. He was sweet. I loved it. Errr. You didn't read that...


"Hey Nathalie, hey Bella." Sammie walked up to me and Nat.

"Hi." I said.

"Anyways, I was thinking, maybe we can go to my house and hang."

"Can Calum come?" Nat asked.

"Um.." She stared at me, I nodded."Sure."

"Cant." I said.

"You're always studying!" Sammie complained.

"Look, I really like Luke and I just can't lose him."

"You're blowing us all off including luke, what if he breaks up with you?"

"He's not that kind of boyfriend and I cant tell him either 'cause I don't want him thinking that my parents dont like him"

"Let's go Nat, make sure to text Calum to bring Ashton." Sammie grabbed Nat's arm and walked off.

"Sure." She said softly. I walked home.I wasn't blowing them off, I hang out with them 24/7. Just not at this point, geez.


Luke: Hey Bella, can you come over, Im bored and I really need you.

Ermm. Urge. Maybe Sammie was right, I need a break.

Sure, I'll be right there smiling emoji

Luke: Cool overgrinning emoji

I put away my books and put on shorts and a purple t-shirt and tucked it in. I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes then walked over to his house.

"Hey Luke." I waved. He looked bummed.

"What's wrong?" I held his cheeks. They were soft and warm, no wait, not soft, I felt wet marks."We're you crying?"

"Uh no."

"Then why do you seemed sad, babe?"

He stared at me.. Then quickly he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I stared at him and kissed him back but on the lips. Then the same routine happened again. I really did love him but I don't know what's going on. I wish he'd tell me.

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