(Dont) Let me Go

This is based on my dream that I had for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. 5% dream, 50% additional.
Sometimes you think you got someone wrapped around your finger, but instead, your the one thats being wrapped. Have you ever loved someone and had a thought or even a moment that they were the one? Bella has,


11. Chapter 11


I woke up to see Sam, sitting on her legs next to me staring at me.

"Nice to see you actually woke up first." I said.

"Yeah well, we got a busy day, bestie." She nudged my elbow. I nodded my head slowly. What is she doing or trying to do?

"Anyways what'cha wanna do today?"

"I don't know okay? Ask Nat."

"Sure anything for you." She scooted over to Nathalie. I tried to sleep but I just ended up eavesdropping instead.

"Hey Nat what do you wanna do today?" She asked.. more plainly and less loudly than she asked me. Nat got up and stretched out her arms. She took 10 seconds then stared at Sam.

"I'm hungry." Nat said and got up and walked out of the tent. Sam stared back at me. And scooted over closer to me. Is she a dike?

"You know I think I'm a bit hungry to." I said and walked away slowly.. then faster.


Ugh. I think Bella is thinking Im weirder than usual now. What about Nathalia? She   just  made  an  excuse  that  she was  hungry,  does  she  know?? I'll ask her later.. I decided to go get food too, even though I wasn't that hungry.  Then the tent automatically unzipped. It was Luke.

"Hey." He smiled. It was a perfect one, I remember yesterday when at some point I forgot about the whole Bella 'dating' Luke thing and just had my fear of my lips hitting his piercing. But it was just me being paranoid because it wouldn't hurt me. I wanted to kiss him again, honestly. But I couldn't. That would be deep betrayal to Bella.

But how?

She's not even DATING him. But she does 'love' him.

"Hi." I waved.

"You know today we're playing a survival game, teams and I was wondering if you can be my partner?" He asked.I can't believe it. I wanted to say yes. Like YES. A million times. But I couldn't.I'll betray Bella. And I can't do that.

"Sure." I said. I didn't yes. Oh god I'm so dumb. What have I done...


I quickly got out of the tent. I scanned around to  find Bella. I spotted her eating a bag of chips next to Nat.I walked over there and a hand grabbed my waist. I turned around.


"What do you want?" I asked.

"You're a bit meaner than last time."

"I'm not mean, you're mean for CALLING ME MEAN." I jabbed him in the stomach.

"Oh yeah? At least I didn't sex with Nathalia." He walked away quickly.

"I didn't.. sleep.. with her.." I whispered.. I realized what he meant. He knows what happened last night. I quickly ran up to Ashton."Look I'm sorry I jabbed you in the stomach just please don't tell Bella."

"I wouldn't, I couldn't, I don't know about the whole  shouldn't thing, I wouldn't do that to her.." He walked away again. Maybe I should't be Luke's partner. I scanned the room again to find him.  He was talking to Calum. I ran up to him.

"Luke I really don't wanna be your partner." I said.

"You don't," Calum raised his eyebrow then pointed his head toward Bella,"or SHE doesn't?"

"Alright, she doesn't but just not until I work it out with her okay?"

I walked away before he could even reply. I didn't want to talk to him long otherwise Bella will have a thought.And HE might kiss me again. Then I'll be exposed...

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