(Dont) Let me Go

This is based on my dream that I had for 2 days and I absolutely loved it. 5% dream, 50% additional.
Sometimes you think you got someone wrapped around your finger, but instead, your the one thats being wrapped. Have you ever loved someone and had a thought or even a moment that they were the one? Bella has,


10. Chapter 10


I cant do this. I tried to push back but I couldn't, his hands were held on my cheeks but tightly, it didn't hurt, it didnt feel that bad either. Bella was right, he is a good kisser. God. What am I saying? I cant pull back, I took my hands and pinched him in the arms.

"Ow." He said.

"Stop it, why did you kiss me!" I asked.

"You should've known by now that I've had a crush on you since forever." He said.

"Uh, no?"


"Yeah," I replied, after every word i wacked him with my pillow."Because, you, are, dating, BELLA." I tried to keep my voice low but it became a whispering shout.

"Who the hell told you that?" He asked. Is he stupid or nah?

"Uh, you guys are dating, remember, sex every night? Makeout sessions every day?"

"Ha, no we're not, just because we kiss doesn't mean we're dating I didnt even ask her out yet and I never will."

"Well you cant just hurt her like that, just go out with her then." I explained.

"I cant and I wont." He said.

"Why not?" I asked.



"She's too clingy."

"Well why did you kiss her? Every day?"

"'Cause she's a good kisser."

"You're dumb as fuck, when you Makeout with someone and have sex with them, you guys are dating, haven't you seen the movies?"

"Well its not official until I ask."

There was a silent. I didn't want him to kiss me again. just, his logic was sort of right but then again dumb. Just crazy ass dumb.

"Just get out of this tent." I shooed.

"Bye." He waved and smiled. I cant believe Luke actually kissed me, I don't feel as worse. No, I do. Just, Bella and luke aren't dating, so by tomorrow.. she'll act like a couple and .. he'll be watching me and knowing that I still think of them as a couple, then break her heart... I cant date a best friend's ex. Not after knowing how much she was in love with him. Maybe... I could just set her up with Ash and I'll take Luke? What am I saying. Ugh. Complication!!!!!!

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