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A The fault In Our Stars book review like no other, exploring the intelligently written, tear-triggering, thought-provoking book that we all love. It was instantly a New York Times bestseller.


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The Fault In Our Stars is an inspirational and thought-provoking book about two teenagers- Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters- whose extraordinary journey will stay in your hearts forever. Although the book ran the risk of being another depressing cancer story, John green has mixed sad elements in with humour, so you can laugh before the tissues inevitably come to wipe away the tears.


It’s simply sensational. The Fault In Our Stars is almost faultless, down to the last 316th page. This brilliant book is award-winning author, John Green’s, most ambitious book yet, seeking (and succeeding!) to explore the funny, thrilling and heartbreaking business of being alive and in love. Therefore, is it any surprise that it immediately became a number one New York Times bestseller?!


Nevertheless, Hazel and Augustus’ life is not only “one sick love story”. John Green, the author, also wants to depict the importance of life. Life’s value. Life’s significance. The necessity of making the most of your life, no matter how long, or short, it is.


This unforgettable book is packed with everything needed for a riveting read: further vocabulary, plot twists, meaningful messages and metaphors and topics so philosophical, even Augustus would struggle to analyse them.


Furthermore, John Green’s analyses of people’s urge to leave a mark on the world is also touched upon. He states that it is better to be loved deeply than to be loved widely, which is one of the key things that Augustus must come to terms with during his struggle with cancer.


Yet not just the dying part of cancer, but furthermore what happens to those left behind when a loved one dies, as well as coping with the suffering that life inflicts. Hence, Augustus fears the tragic reality of a young person with cancer struggling to overcome the eternal worry: inevitable death; the fear of of being utterly and eternally forgotten.


Therefore, I believe that this book is best suited to teens and young adults. Not only is it a gripping whirlwind of a book about love and loss, but it also has positive messages and undertones that will inspire youth throughout their lives. Markus Zusak- the bestselling author of The Book Thief- clearly thought this too: after writing his own book about happiness amid suffering and death, he felt that teenagers would “laugh, cry, and then come back for more”, after reading John Green’s award-winning book.


Some people think that The Fault In Our stars ‘romanticises’ cancer. Although this is somewhat true and Augustus appearing as the perfect, gorgeous guy is a bit unrealistic, it’s what gives the story  that amazing magical feeling. Without the plot twist that is Augustus Waters, the book would be 316 pages of hazel sniffling on her bed reading An Imperial Affliction. How could John Green highlight key issues in today’s society and portray his inspiring messages if this were the case? 


To conclude, I recommend that you read The fault In Our Stars for an intelligently written, thought-provoking, tear-triggering read that is likely to stay in your hearts forever.


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